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Articuno Collection update and awesome pokedoll find! :D

I'll be going back to uni tomorrow and so will be saying goodbye to my Pokemon collection till Christmas, so I thought I'd share one last collection update of all the new stuff I've bought for my Articuno collection! :) I didn't have time to take individual photos of every item, but here is a picture of everything together! :)

My newest items are the legendary cry promotion items! :) I got the notepad (which is hidden behind Banpresto Articuno plush), the mug, and the tin (which I was thrilled to see had an Articuno cookie in it! :D)! I won't be buying the iPhone case because it's quite pricey and I don't even have an iPhone, but it does irritate me not having it because I am a completionist when it comes to collecting haha! XD

I've also received lots of new flats from several sellers on the comm! :) I really wish I had more room as flats are so tricky to display when you are limited with space! XD

My Articunos also share their space with my Swablu/Altarias, so here is a picture of everyone together! :) I had to rehome the Swablu/Altaria plushes to make space for the new items, but luckily I had plenty of space for them as I have just bought a shoe display thing from costco and re-shaped it! XD

Here my plush are int their new home! :D It's much better than having them all piled on top of each other! XD I tried to arrange all the pokedolls into colours, but as you can see that went a bit wrong with purple as I only really had Mewtwo for that space! XD Sigh if only I had the Butterfree pokedoll... ;) I will be rearranging the bottom few shelves when my new plush arrive! :) I'd quite like to have a kuttari shelf with all the Eeveelutions in and also a section with black pokedolls (like Weavile, Zoroark, etc).

Also I have to share my latest pokedoll get! :)

Magikarp!!!! XD I love how cute this little guy is! :D I was lucky enough to find him on eBay but when I bought him I noticed something different about his tush tag...

2002? O_o All the other Magikarp pokedolls I've seen have later dates on their tush tags, so I was really worried that I'd bought a bootleg! :/ But luckily someone pointed out to me that 2002 was the original release date of the Magikarp pokedoll, so hooray he's real! XD

Thanks for looking at my collection update! :D As always I'm looking for any Articunos on my wants list, and maybe even some that aren't! ;) My wants list can be found here please let me know if you have anything on it for sale! XD
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