jaydee93 (jaydee93) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Little Update and 20th Anniversary Thoughts

Hey everybody!

I thought I'd give everybody a little update on the status of the Pokemon Kids Store I've been working on! It's moving along a bit slower than expected since I'm not back in school, but I hope to be able to have it up an running by November. I'll keep the comm updated slowly as things start to progress! :)

Now onto the real topic at hand! With the 20th anniversary comming up early next year...

(Image off google; if it's your let me know and I'll replace it immediately)

What does everybody think about the Merch that will be released? I'd love to hear all sorts of speculation on the topic; it would be nice to see what merch everybody would like to see, as well as any ideas or leads that people have on the topic! I don't think we've really had such an important milestone such as this one since the comm's become as large as it is!

Leave any comments below, I'll definately read them all :) Who knows, maybe the pokemon company might even get a look at our ideas if we're lucky!

All the best guys,

Jaydee <3
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