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Hai there! Re-introduction, Gets + Collection pictures! [Warning: Lots of pictures!]

Hi there everyone! I used to be in the community before but I was sort of in the shadows buying from all you and I really didn't have much to show off in my collection but I have returned to show off a few gets and my collection so far!

Let me tell you something about myself first, introductions are necessary yes?
You all can call me Missy or Ink, I am 22 years old and have always loved pokemon since I was a young child. Pokemon first came into my life with the anime of course, I used to fantasize every day on becoming a pokemon trainer and going off to adventure with all these wonderful creatures. My first game was Pokemon Gold and from then on I was hooked. I used to collect tons of pokemon cards and all the merchandise that would release but sadly these were lost eventually because of parents. I remember having a binder full of cards I had collected which is funny because to this day I still don't understand TCG games, I guess I always liked the art on them. Pokemon had never left my life and to this day I still love to fantasize and collect what I can. I'm an artist on a few sites and draw pokemon here and there.

My favorites have always changed around so far but my ultimate favorite had been Raichu for the longest time that is until Sylveon was born. I felt so guilty in loving that pink furball which was obvious bait for girls like me but I couldn't help how adorable its ribbons and face was. I ultimately fell in love with Sylveon/Ninfia as it claimed number one spot, but fret not Raichu is still in that number 2 slot. I couldn't forget about that loveable pudge ball.

My collection is still a bit small but I hope to really add onto it and make it grow. So far my collection is just limited to pokemon I really care for or love. It's not just exclusively to Raichu and Sylveon but I will hopefully have a big collection to those two. I love to collect plushies the most because something about a soft cute face really makes me happy although posters and cute knick knacks might be a thing soon enough.

SO enough with the chatting, let me show you my gets first!

I had bought a few things from skdarkdragon such as the new Kuttari plush and the new Raichu Pokecenter plush.

under shot of the cute charmanders

sadly I can't open these guys because they're a christmas gift to my girlfriend but they sure are cute

look at those faces

ahh I absolutely love my Raichu Kuttari plush

Lookit this adorable tag <33

I can't handle how adorable he is

AHHH I absolutely love this new pokemon center raichu <3 He is so soft, way softer than my other plushies and I just love how he feels and holding him. He has the cutest face too.

what a cute backside

I absolutely adore him. Mi dulce nino <3

Now for my collection all together <3
It's not as big as I want it to be but I hope to have it grow soon enough.

the full racks

Sylveon wears an adorable friendship chain bracelet around her neck and the pouch in front of her is filled with colorful rocks and a shell from a beach I went to with my girlfriend awhile ago. These were gifts of when we went to mexico as friends like 5 years ago and she has been in my life for 10 years. Sylveon, the raichu keychain and the one behind him were all gifts from her. I bought a bootleg espeon because it was so cute and it was one of my first pokemon plush purchases. The cyndaquil was received from a friend on my birthday and was bought on amazon, I'm not sure if it's legit or not. Now 2015 pokemon center raichu is added to this rack!

My girlfriend had won the pikachu plush at a local dave and busters and although I didn't really like pikachu nor did she we still grabbed it because duh pokemon. She gifted it to me and I am happy to still hold it in my collection. It's joined by a dragon plush I had gotten from my first visit to magiquest and now my new Raichu Kuttari plush!

I have emerald, white, both pokemon stadiums, hey you pikachu, and pokemon snap. I used to have plenty of more other games but sadly they got lost in time and I hope to someday replenish my videogame collection.

I had received this after pre-ordering X and Y, I absolutely love this poster and enjoy looking at it every so often. Even guests are amazed at how far pokemon has come. I've had a lot of people who had just stopped at generation one really comment on how much they love this poster. It's one of my favorite things that I own.

I was given this one although I didn't get ORAS just yet. Last roommate left it behind and it was given to me so yay.

I seriously love Kalos to death and really enjoyed the map and landscapes the games brought out. I seriously enjoy how well this map is made too and sadly I had to wrinkle it up during the move so there are some folded lines on it but I still absolutely love it.

Thank you so much for checking my pictures out, excuse the camera quality. I hope to really grow my collection and stay as active as I can in the community.
I'll eventually make a wants post soon when I find the time and money so keep an eye out~i

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