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Eeveelution Auctions

Hi there

After some digging, I have found a large number of items I would like to rehome. Since I have been on a hiatus to collecting for a while, the below items are either for auction, or for sale at around the price I originally bought them.

I have other items: Figures, Charms, Keychains etc in my sales post: HERE. Due to the higher shipping costs, it might be worth while to see if there are other items for combined shipping.

Before, you look at the thread, please be aware that I am from Canada and its one of the countries where shipping can be expensive. So please inquire about shipping costs before bidding (anyone who fail to do so and cancel a bid will receive a negative feedback).

1) Sales permission granted on 05/22/11 by dakajojo.
2) Feedback: HERE

3) I ship from Canada from a dog/cat free ( I have tortoises), smoke free home *please inquire about shipping*
4) Unless we have worked together (buy/sell) many times in the past, I will
ONLY be shipping with tracking. So this way, both you and I are protected. *please inquire about shipping*
5) I accept PayPal only
6) I will only hold an item for at most 48 hours
7) Bids will increase at increments of at least $1
8) No deleting or editing bids. Anyone who does so will receive a negative feedback
9) No Sniping bids, any bids placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction will automatically expend the auction by another 5 minutes (stops when we have 5 minutes of no activity)
10) Last but not least, all forum rules apply.

Auction will end Sunday, September 27th, 2015. At 10:00pm EST.
Countdown: HERE

Before you look further, again: *please inquire about shipping* :)


Eeveelution Binder: $40
Eeveelution Booklet?: $5 <-by Artist Toko Asari--pics of the inside at bottom of page.
Eeveelution Round Charm Strap: $50 (forgot this, so its one of the last posts)
Eevee figure: Free
Eevee New Pokedoll Charm set: $10
Eevee Round Charm: $15
Eevee 2008 Charm: $10

Jolteon + Eevee Keychain: $30
Jolteon Megablok: $20
Jolteon Round Charm: $20
Jolteon 2008 Charm: $15
Jolteon 2012 Charm: $5

Vaporeon Pokebox Charm: $20

Flareon + Eevee Keychain: $30
Flareon Megablok: $20
Flareon Pin: $20
Flareon 2008 Charm: $15
Flareon 2012 Charm: $5
Flareon Pokebox Charm: $20

Espeon Round Charm: $20
Espeon 2008 Charm: $15
Espeon V Trainer: $20

Umbreon Candy Tin: $20
Umbreon Chou: $5
Umbreon Keshipoke: $20
Umbreon Tomy Keychain: $30
Umbreon Swing Charm: $100
Umbreon Round Charm: $20
Umbreon 2008 Charm: $15
Umbreon 2012 Charm: $5
Umbreon Pokebox: $15
Umbreon Phone Strap: $300 *this was one of my grails, and I have seen only 1 other posted online in someone's collection*
Umbreon Pokedoll charm set (including pokedoll tag, grimer, gengar): $500 *my all time grail at the time*
Umbreon Kids: Free

Leafeon 2012 Charm: $5

*all cards are mint-NM condition, unless otherwise stated*
Eevee set: $10

Jolteon Set: $30 *slight frays on back of Jolteon star--see last pic*

Flareon Set: $35

Vaporeon Star: $25 *slight frays on back--see last pic*

Espeon Set: $125

Umbreon Set: $175

Leafeon Set: $5

*Left one is of Jolteon star, right one is of Vaporeon Star*

Eeveelution Booklet: (If anyone can tell me what it actually is, that would be lovely. I am leaning towards it as a custom?)

Tags: eevee, eeveelution, espeon, flareon, jolteon, leafeon, umbreon, vaporeon
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