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Back from Vienna - gets, including food :3

Hi there! I back from my vacation.
And I was obviously hunting for pokemon merchandise there ^^
I even found something for my main collections:


I visited two big fleamarkets and found quite a lot of cards :D I think the artwork on the tin with the armaldo is beautiful. I'm a fan of armaldo, too. I even got my first lamin cards.
The new booster packs are from Toys'R'Us ^^ I got paranoid because I thought that the ones with a shiny Rayquaza on the front might be sold out once I get back home. My pulls weren't too bad though, I got a holo fullart Metagross, holo fullart Porygon Z and a badass holo Gyarados.

These chou get and zukan figures are from the fleamarkets, too. Dialga is so cute :D Rayquaza is a bootie, though.

Here is my favorite find: a polish metal tazo of Salamence! <3 It has Shelgon on the backside.
Salamence's attak is "silly smile" while Shelgon will attak with a "double blade" XD (Thank you ku_bek for the translation!)
Silly smile... Just what were they thinking when they gave him that attack? o.O
The other tazo I got shows Absol on both sides :3

I also found a cute little japanese supermarket that had some pokemon food.
I got the last package of "xy - the movie" gum and some curry.
The gum features a shiny Mega Rayquaza, yay! :D
I have tried out the curry paste so far. It was as delicious as an instant food can be ^^

They had three different types of curry packages. I took the ones that featured Noivern and Yveltal.
The third one featured the starters from the sixth generation.

Each of the curry boxes came with two stickers that were on top of each other. That's why two of them are on the piece of cardboard.
I even pulled the Noivern and the sleeping Eevee/Sylveon stickers out of the package with the Noivern XD
I'm very happy with all these stickers <3 Eevee, Charmander, Sylveon are among my favorites, too. And the best thing: I was hoping for a Noivern sticker :D

That's it for today! My next post will probably include some community gets and an update to my TCG trade/sales post, so stay tuned :)
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