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★Praise be to Arceus★

Hello Pkmncollectors community! It's wonderful to be here.
Until very recently, I'd say... the last year or so, I wasn't much of a collector.
That all changed when I got my first Arceus figure in a San Francisco shop...
And it all went downhill from there. Please, pray for my poor wallet!

My collection has been rather stagnant as of late. Thanks to this website, I've found many Japanese dealers selling more Arceus merch for WAY CHEAP. Cheap in comparison to say, Pokevault or ebay... but with no chance of bootlegs/making me pay $14 for a very tiny keychain. Also, members from this website as well! I'd like to thank Splash and Poke-Zula for helping me get a bunch of new figures!

I can't wait to add them to the pantheon~
Here's what I currently have:

- Pocket Monsters Soft Vinyl Figure DX Arceus (biggest)
- 2009 Arceus 7/11 Lottery Figure (2nd biggest)
- Takara Tomy ShoPro Arceus Soft Vinyl Figure (the first - 3rd biggest)
- Arceus Kid 'Pose B'
- HG/SS Arceus Promo Figure
- 1/40 Pokemon Nintendo Gashapon Figure Zukan Special Series Arceus (normal)
- Arceus Pokemon Action Figure by Jakks Pacific
- Monster Collection Hyper Size MHP-10 Arceus
- Generation 4. GOD pokemon plastic action figure Arceus (newest)

Coming soon...
- Pokemon center "Wakuwaku Get Kuji 2015"~Legend & Illusion Pokemon~Arceus Figure (pearly)
- Gizamimi Pichu & Arceus - Pokemon Diamond & Pearl DX Soft Vinyl Figure (pearly)
- Pokemon Center Arceus DP Shoulder Strap Charm figure Mascot Lanyard Pack
- Pokemon P-7 Moncolle plus Arceus

Newest addition (smolceus)

Oh, and, if anyone could help me find a Pearly Arceus Zukan that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount of money (I looked and one came up as like 15,000,000 yen??????????) -- I'd love to have one. I know a few have been sold here in the past, looking at google images.
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