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Ultimate grail get + small wants + figure ID?

Hello community! I've got two chou get wants and a few possible keshipoke wants! I really want to complete these two sets; now that I've completed the Tomy set. I'm thinking of only collecting Giratina for now since he's my top priority over Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia.

Silver Origin Chou Get (Tail up - Ambertdd)
Silver Altered1 Chou get (Slightly turned - ?)
Giratina Altered1 Keshipoke (Ambertdd)
Giratina Altered1 Keshipoke (Ambertdd)
Giratina Altered1 Clear AND non-clear Keshipoke (duskfox @ weebly)
Giratina Altered1 Keshipoke (ambertdd)

GRAIL GET!! I am super happy about FINALLY getting this! I even got it MIP which makes it so much better. I've got both Giratina, Dialga, AND Palkia. Set complete! Unless there's an Arceus one? Either way, I'm super pumped to be getting this package from FJ within the month.

Lastly; what is this figure? I got it in a lot I bought on eBay, but I can't find anything on it. Is it a legit figure or a really weird looking booty? I thought it was a kid figure, but apparently not.

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Tags: giratina, lucario, wants
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