espen (umbreonpng) wrote in pkmncollectors,

reshiram doll - real or fake??

hi there guys!! soo i have another question today...... and its about the reshiram doll from banpresto im thinking about buying!

SO ive seen a few of them floating around ebay (of course) and ive noticed the ones from china and hong kong lack the lines/details on the tail and the claws and things seem very blue.

there are SOME that do have the details on the tail, and the colors look more natural.

but ive seen some that have the details and natural colors but are from hong kong or china or new york (where a lot of bootleggers set up shops). sometimes the eyes look.... off

the one im looking at is the second one shown. the eyes on it dont look off like the third one.

is it an authentic one or a fake one??? or is it too hard to tell? what do the authentic ones look like??

any help is greatly appreciated!!! thank you!! ^^
Tags: reshiram

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