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sad is happy for deep people

Sepia Graffitti sales + Amiibo Pick-ups!

Hello there! Old memeber and long-time lurker here. It's been what, 6 years? I feel so old now >.> Anwyays, hi! Don't be freaked out tha tthis random stranger is here to sell stuff- I jsut haven't been very active for a while now. I bring a small selection of fine pokegoods for your perusal, since I'm outta space and money is nice.


-- I ship from NSW, Australia!
    Prices start at $4US in Aus, $12.50 US International non-tracked

-- Paypal only thank you

-- Payment is expected within 48 hours. If you need more time, please ask to arrange something with me! IF you do not and fail to pay, the item will go to next in line

-- Immedtate buyers will take priority over quotes - sorry!

-- No holds!

-- Haggling welcome - haggle like the wind!

-- I SHIP FROM AUSTRALIA. Shipping is really expensive! You've been warned! Twice!

-- All prices are USD unless otherwise stated

Shiny Mega Rayquaza $65 shipped - tag unattached but available
Talky Tepig - voice box damaged  - $20
Talky Emolga - $35
I love Eevee Flareon - $30

Sleepy Raichu - $20
Sleepy Vaporeon - $20
Come with unattatched tags

"Sepia Graffitti" collection
Drawstring Pouch - $12
Note Pad - $9

Eevee Lace Bracelet - $10

Super rare! - Gold + Silver Sticker pad -chock full of awesome stickers:

Includes diary stickers, sticker puzzle, stickers for GBC, make-your-own battle scenes....SO. MUCH. STUFF.

Amiibo Pick-ups!

I also have some slots for amiibo pick-ups if anyone is still serarching, since I live in Australia and we have amiibos like WOAH. So many. All here.
All are $15 each, and shipping is $12  for the first 2, then $25 for 3+ (all US prices)

slot 1:
slot 2:
slot 3:
slot 4:
slot 5:

Slot 1:
slot 2:

Slot 1
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

There are plenty of other amiibos available (like Pikachu!) PM me with who you're after!
Tags: emolga, flareon, greninja, jigglypuff, lucario, raichu, rayquaza, vaporeon
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