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A very spoopy update!


As you might of guess I've been flipping out over all the new Golbat themed merch out this halloween, including those adorable sleeping bag ones wHICH I PREORDERD THE CRUD OUT OF <3

I did however get a very spoopy delivery from sunnyshore thismorning :3

I pretty much ordered everything that was Golbat inspired, thanks so much to sunnyshore for putting up individual items like the charms and strap so I didn't have to buy a whole set or the blind bags to get the Golbat ones! :D

The tiny bits! I love the strap the most out of these *V* It's bigger than I thought! <3

Very pricey but very very worth it earings, I can't think of any other time Zubat will have it's own earing LOL. The quality is amazing and they're so dinky and cute! These are actually ideal for me because I have 1 of my ears stretched so I'm only able to wear 1 earing :D

I love the huge tags with awesome art on them, HECK YEAH GOLBAT PIKA YOU TAKE THE FRONT STAGE YOU DESERVE IT <333333

And finally a photo of my new getting fitting in nicely at home :3
I'm so happy with this new merch, it's been such a long time since the gen 1 bats got any new merch love so today was a great day! <3
Thanks so much for taking a peek guys! C:

And finally, I don't think I'm overly fussed on the Joltik and Pumpkin pika in this set, if anyone would like them they would be $15 each shipped world wide or $25 together, if you're in the UK and would like them they would be cheaper for shipping, do ask! The set originally cost me $40 from sunnyshore.

I  was granted sales permission on 3/12/12 by entirelycliched. Feedback here.

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