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brand new sales

Hello everyone! I have some new sales to post today. They include the some XY Get Collection figures, stickers, pins, and more!

Sale rules:
- Granted sales permission by lineaalba in 2009
- My Feedback
- Payment is via PayPal
- All prices are in USD
- Prices do not include fees or shipping
- I will hold up to 24 hours for a committed buyer
- I'm willing to haggle

Shipping Info:
- I ship from the US worldwide
- Excluding things shipped in envelopes, everything will be shipped with tracking! This includes shipping overseas
- Shipping starts at $2.50 for US shipping and $6.50 for overseas shipping
- I am not responsible for any packages once they leave my hands, proof of shipment will be provided if necessary

XY Get Collection figures - $5 each
Sold: Zekrom, Lugia, Palkia, Dialga
no titleno title
Primal Groudon, Mega Rayquaza pins - $4 each
no titleno title
Sealed NA Greninja Amiibo - $19
no title
Jolteon holographic sticker - $3
Mega Beedrill sticker - $3

Sealed Japanese Mega Gengar Tomy figure - $8

Piplup, Shaymin Sky, Giratina Origin (Platinum) - $15 each

Samurott, Grotle - $4
Emboar, Samurrot MC+ - $6
Chespin, Froakie, Meowth, Latias Tomy figures - $5
Luxray - $6

Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Darkrai, Cresselia - $7 each

Zekrom Tomy figure - $5
Clear Zekrom Tomy figure - $7

Manaphy strap - $5

Zekrom lightup keychain figure - $5

Wall badges - $2 each

2009 Ho-Oh dex charm - $9

Limited edition Shaymin battrio - $5

Red VS Green card sleeves - $1 each (30 in stock)

Pan stickers - $1 each

B&W handkercheif - $10

Sealed blind bag mega badges - $5 each

Shiny Entei 3D puzzle - $10

Mega Charizard X PokeCen Japanese plush - $29

Terrakion MPC - $8
Tags: arceus, charizard, dialga, giratina, greninja, groudon, latias, latios, palkia, piplup, plush, rayquaza, reshiram, sales, shaymin, tomy, zekrom
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