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Collection Update and New Gets!

Hey guys sorry for posting so often lately :0 BUT I have gotten a few new things today, and will also be showing updated pics of my collection since I probably won't be adding to my collection until this christmas sadly so no more posts from me for a while haha but here is a preview of it so far :)

((the mew face is there to cover the one shelf cause all I have there are some pullip dolls, THEYRE NOT POKEMON RELATED))

I ordered from pokemoncenter yesterday and it arrived today!!

I love these oversized pokedolls so so much, sadly poor lil delphox has some trouble sitting up haha but these pokedolls are LOVELY :3

I bought some pokemon cards as well just cause I had a few extra bucks, I heard this series was easy to get rares from so I thought I'd pick up a few and test my luck

MAN DID I GET LUCKY I haven't opened a pack of cards since I was like 10 haha so getting these, especially the kyurem, was a really really nice surprise! I'll probably pick up a few extra packs the next time I go out, I really wanna get the whole radiant collection set o3o

I've been building up my collection over the last few months, and it has definitley grown by a lot thanks to the comm, I've gotten tons of good stuff from the people here THANK Y'ALL MUCH

Here is my display case at the moment! I really wanna buy a few shelves cause I'm really starting to run out of space lmao

Let's start at the the bottom, I wanted to make this box eventually just all pokedolls but at the moment I am storing a few other plushies in here just cause I don't have room anywhere else T.T

Eevee/halloween theme :3

MY PRIZED MEW BABIES I'm really looking forward the new mew plushies coming out in february T3T

These are just come extra that are too big for the case haha

THANKS EVERYONE FOR LOOKIN also I have lots of jakks plush that I no longer want and I've been thinking about getting sales permission so I could sell some, I'm too busy at the moment but in the future look out for a sales post maybe!! Thanks you guys for looking, I hope you all are doing well xoxo -Maya
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