February 27th, 2010


Gauging interest in Farfetch'd UFO

Well, as you all obviously know, HeartGold and SoulSilver come out in about two weeks...
And let's just say Uncle Sam hit us hard this year for taxes, so I'm quite worried about being able to get them! I've decided to part with some things that I wasn't going to before, but nothing out of my main collection...being my main collection was bought pretty much entirely by my husband, he forbids me from selling it off. <3

Most of the things will appear in my next sales post [coming soon!] but I have heard that my Farfetch'd UFO is quite rare in comparison to a lot of the rest of my collection, and I though I might sell or auction him.

How much does he generally go for, or what is a usual starting bid? He's in pretty dang good condition, though his eyes are slightly yellowed from age [I'll take pics if you want 'em tomorrow, it's night here and the lighting is horrible] and when I got him, I had to "repair" his little forehead "V" as it was peeling a little. Like I said, pics available upon request.

Any help would be appreciated!
Luxio Pokedoll

PokePlushProject website

Hi guys! Just a few announcements for the PokePlushProject.

*The website is no more, so please update your links for now directly to the flickr gallery, until the redirect is set up.

***** http://www.flickr.com/photos/pokeplushproject/collections/ *****

*Suithekune and Rikufied are now on board the PPP along with me and Rentorar!
*Please submit any plushies that are not in the galleries to pokeplushproject(at)yahoo. Thank you for your continued contributions!

Small Sales,Need Clean out!

Gonna try clean out my sales ^^,So I want this all gone feel free to haggle but know that i may decline.Thank you! for reading
new stuff be eeveelution and canine amada stickers and a lot of random figures.

-Quick Rules-
*I accept Paypal n CCard Payments.
*I only hold stuff for 24hrs.
*No trades for now.
*I do ship WorldWide.
*Please try pay immediately,or if there some delay please tell me.
*Dont send payments as Gifts/or owed money.
*Thats all :3 thanks you all~

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We Won!! :D

 Good news everyone, we won the plush GA that rentorar and I were running! The best news is that we won for around half of our total bids, so you'll be paying about half of what you bid before fees and shipping!~ Expect totals for the first payment when we get our invoice!

Thank you so much everyone - thanks to you, I got my collection grail of Porygon2! <3 <3 I'm so happy right now!~ Without you, it wouldn't have been possible! <3

(Very) Happy Collecting everyone!~

Bulbasaur &amp; Totodile

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I always check out the toy aisles of any store I go to, today I ran to KMart & checked their aisles because they have been putting their Pokemon in the clearance aisle. Imagine my surprise when I saw boxes of these figures being sold there. Yeah, they're the figures that should accompany the games & the boxes even say 'Not for resale'
clannad ☆ ryou

Y!J questions


After being disappointed at losing ALL Eeveelution Pokedoll auctions in Ebay I thought that it would be easier to get them from Yahoo!Japan. In Ebay the winning prices seem quite high, which is a bit surprising since in Y!J auctions many things seem to end with no bids at all (or at least some I've seen). Also, the shipping costs in Ebay auctions are ridiculous..

However, I have absolutely none experience of Y!J and shopping services. After some research I am leaning towards Crescent Shop, but really don't know if that's the best option out there. I would like to hear about your experiences, especially about Crescent Shop.

Also, I'm a bit confused at the costs of using a shopping service like Crescent Shop. How much will there be costs besides the actual bid price? I have no idea how much the shipping costs and such would be.

I want my Pokédolls and Canvas plushes, haha :P And Y!J has many other Eeveelution stuff too.


Also, I've bought a lot of stuff since joining the comm and my collection is slowly starting to grow. I'll probably be doing a collection update with pictures and all after a few weeks :3

question on zukan

i have been collecting zukan for about a year now and have got  quite a few but they are all diamond and pearl and very common but now i have them all and i can not find any others. Does anyone know a shop or site apart from this community that sells rare zukan for reasonable prices thanks.
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A want! Just the one~

My first *proper* collection of Jirachi stuff is coming along nicely, thanks to the members of this community! I'm waiting on a couple of things in the post and while I wait, I'd like to ask anyone here if they have a mountain Jirachi zukan they'd be willing to part with, and what they'd want for it~?

Thanks for looking!

Shiny Kids Reminder

IMG_1982.jpg picture by smithcollection

This is a reminder for the offers/auction I have on for these three shiny kids. They're all in excellent condition and Mudkip has no bids!

I've decided to end the offers on Friday the 5th of March at 10PM GMT.

Click the picture to go!