February 28th, 2010


Information of new item

Good evening.

The new item of Umbreon and Espeon comes out.
The stamp of Umbreon and Espeon is unusual. I am very glad to be finally put on the market by the new item.
I want for September to come early. These Halloween plush2010 is very cute.

Stamp Retsuden DPseries9  Sale in April
Plusle,Minun,Metagross,Torterra and more

Halloween plush2010 September
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Drifloon in a jar.

Holy Grail Spotted!

Hello, I'm Kaitlyn! Nice to meet all of you. :)

I'll have to make a proper introduction later since I have an urgent request to make...

Since I'm a major Drifloon collector, I search Yahoo!Japan everyday for the infamous 'Airgurumi Drifloon Plush.'  Well, today I actually saw it on there! My only problem is I literally have no idea how I could even get it... Money is not an issue, but I'm not really comfortable with the concept of middlemen and all that. :\ However, I'm not totally against using middlemen if that's my only option... If anyone could recommend extremely reliable ones, then I'd be very appreciative.

So this is my request...

If anyone out there is experienced with Yahoo!Japan and is willing to try and win it for me, I will be forever in your debt! I will pay the end price of it plus whatever you'd like for your time. So, if anyone can do this please let me know. ^^;

PS: Didn't post the link since it warns against that in the rules, but I will send the link to anyone willing to help. Thanks for understanding.

Infinite thanks! - Kaitlyn.

PS: I'm seriously considering using SMJ.. Since that seems like the best way to go.

Mini Sales Post

Ok, so here is a very small sales post, just to do some collection weeding. I got this silicon pokewalker case sometime back last year and haven't used it at all. I guess i won't have any use for it, so can someone please give it a better home ? ;D Shipping to anywhere in the world will be $9( fixed ). So, please do send me your offers ;)

Mareep pokedoll

(no subject)

This GA with some rare Johto items ends today! Go bid! :D

Click the picture to get to that GA!




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Photostory, Quick Sales, and Commissions?

This post is pretty image heavy. Dial up users be warned!

So, I recently finished a custom plush, and I decided to make my first ever photostory! I apoligize, it's pretty bad, but I had fun making it, so that's all that counts.

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EDIT: Concerning Plush Commissions-
I am planning on opening TWO slots. I will be making a SEPERATE post with rules later tonight or tomorrow. Be on the lookout!

All packages have been shipped! If you've recieved something from me, link me to your feedback? Mine can be found here.

Shameless Sales Plug is Shameless.

Have a great day everyone!
Terezi eyes
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a sneasel hoodie

um, hello. this is my first post, i hope i'm not breaking any rules.

i made it for the hg/ss release party at nintendo world in nyc. not the best but my first attempt at something like this xD done in a day

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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(no subject)

hey all :D today was super epic and some members and myself went on an epic pokemon merchandise journey, finding never before seen EEVEELUTIONS goods, JOHTO goods, SUNYSHORE GYM fun things (okay so i only i care about that maybe XD), and more!! but more on that tomorrow ... i will be sending this christmas stuff to the winners this week, so i need to start collecting payments!

send to heerosferret (at) yahoo.co.jp please!

mommymoose (christmas turtwig): 27$ + 13.50$ s/h = 40.50$
gonbe563 (christmas card): 11$ + 3.50$ s/h = 14.50$
grrrowly (small notepad) 10$ + 4.50$ s/h = 14.50$
99reddrifloons (sticker sheet, christmas plate): 32$ + 30$ + 15.50 s/h = 77.50PAID
jedi_amara (large bag): 40$ + 6.50$ s/h = 46.50$PAID
baby_london (christmas chimchar): 20$ + 13.50$ s/h = 23.50$PAID

thanks guys!

Drifloon Canvas Plush Woes

Well hi, first post! ^-^

I have bought a Drifloon Canvas Plush from 2 different ebay users, one claimed to not actually own one and the other user deleted their ebay account and my Drifloon wasnt seen since...
I'll hopefully be getting the money back soon thanks to paypal but ive given up with ebay, does anyone know anywhere else I can find this elusive plush, its kinda my grail. >.<

Just as a sidenote, everyone has such big collections, I'm in awe! I may be jealous too... XD
gumshoe whut?

(no subject)

Does anyone know what this plush usually goes for? It's the Kawaii Nuigurumi plush.

I've been after this guy for so long, but I've only ever seen him pop up for sale once, in an Eeveelution plush lot on Y!J. I regret not GAing that so bad. ;n; I figure it must be rare, but there are also other Eevee plush that don't appear often that aren't ridiculously expensive.. so.. maybe it won't put a huge blow on my wallet? 8D; (Thank you that_zorua  for selling this plush to me! I can't believe that I am finally going to have this cutie in my collection! <33)

Also, I'm interested in searching for Mega Block Pokemon (for Leafeon) so uh... what would the proper search term on Y!J be? XD (Thank you ambertdd !)

Aaand my new Leafeon kid finally came in last week! ;u; <333

/boring post

Eeveelution collection!~^^~

Hi guys!=3
I am new in here, pkmncollectors, and I wish to get many new friends from here!^^ Anyways.... I have been only like 2 or 4 days in livejournal, so I am new still!
Anyways... I wana show my little Eeveelution collection!=3 Hope I get more new figures and kids, when I am here....^^' So... I will looking your sales!X3 Anyways... Here we go!=3

Here is my Eeveelution figures:

Yeah... Here my figures!=3 My favorites are Espeon(little), Flareon and Leafeon!^^ You see my pink Umbreon? Poor him... I maybe like more that black one, but pink one is still cute!(and rare?)~^^~ I want so much the newest tomy Eevees!=3 But Leafeon I have arealy... Well, there is my Eeveelution figures!=3

Next kids:

Yeah, I don't have so much Eeveelution kids...o.o But I wish to get more them!=3 Flareon attack kid, newest Vaporeon kid and Espeon kid are my favorites!=3 I need Umbreon(s), Leafeon(s) and Glaceon(s)...^^' And more Flareons and Espeons to!=3

Here is, wut(my way to say "What") I have made:

Here are theys, wut I have made!=3 I doing right now shiny Umbreon, who needs painting...^^' I can show it, when It's ready!=3

Here's my another Eeveelution items and cards(without plushes):

This isn't the best one photo...o.o But you mabe see my zukans!X3

Well, there was all, wut I have now...^^' Little collection...o.o And by the way, I have collect theys Eeveelutions only 2 years! So thats why I won't have so much...=3 But... That's all for now!X3

There is picture, wut I drew one week ago!X3
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Pachirisu collection!

I have a bunch more stuff coming in but I figured since I said I was gonna update, I'll update! The pictures are a little bit outdated, and very large... beware :3

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Also and I know you knew it was coming.. I have some cards I need to get rid of. I'm currently hiding my stash in the piano bench, along with my pictures of Bill Murray I cut out of the newspaper and laminated. >_>; Anyway hhheeeere are the card sales.
There are some LEGENDS too!

And I have a canker sore and it really hurts! >O< bye! Enjoy your Sunday!
Pokemon- Sleepy/Ded Tentacruel


Still need a lot of payments for the 151 Badge GA! I went ahead and paid for everything and the box has already passed through customs in Japan and is on its way to the US! I'll just include the international shipping cost with the shipping to you since I'm still trying to figure out how many people it's being divided by. XD I've also won a couple lots recently that have some good stuff in them. :D They haven't arrived at T-J yet, but there's some good stuff like zukan pieces including the full Squirtle line. 8D

PLEASE include your username in your payment and mention if you were involved in the Megablok GA, this will make things easier for everyone when it comes time for the final payment.

Send payments to t-hardin(at)comcast.net

kakuna 2
total: 2
Discounted Total: $1.18

jigglypuff 4
wigglytuff 4
kadabra 4
total: 12
Discounted Total: $5.62

vileplume 5
abra 3
horsea 2
staryu 2
total: 12
Discounted Total: $5.67
dragon shoe
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Final Judge TFG reminder

This is the final reminder for the Judge TFG auction. It's at just $12 currently and ends in less than 4 hours (like 3 and a half by the time I post this - 12PM AEST). Bid, dammit! xD And remember - no sniping. If you're going to bid you should probably do that now.

Will you see one pop up again? Who knows! Gogogo! And it might not be a bad idea to combine with other TFG in my sales, eh! /plug

(Other than that - still looking for Raikou TFG. Also does anyone know what a good price range would be for the Darkrai promo figure? Do they ever pop up on the comm? Should I resort to YJ?)

201Özil &lt;3 :D

payments from ottershark ~

hey everyone ~ i'm checking to see if ottershark owes anyone any payments that i might have missed.

if he does owe anyone please comment here or send me a PM letting me know and i'll get that sent in on his behalf asap.

a now ex-friend of his decided it would be funny to hack his e-mail, get his passwords to pretty much anything that was registered with it and delete those accounts. hopefully he'll get what's coming to him :]

so yeah, if you could let me know! that would be awesome ^___^ thanks!

Zorua Custom, Questions, and Plush Mountain!

Wow. Today sure does seem to be the day for plushies and customs. ^^' Anyway, I finally finished my Zorua that I'd been working on and decided to show her off. Took me a bit longer then I thought though. (3-day cram session. XD 18+ hours!!! >_<) So, without further ado, let me present you with my zorua! (Anyone know the japanese word for "illusion"? That what I want to name her. ^^')


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Ok, now for some quick Q's.
1) Any advice on making more pointed muzzles on plush? Her face came out a little squished. XD
2) I'm trying to make some tye-dye pokemon curtains with white silhouettes, but I can't think of how to do it where it will work. And with curtains costing $40-60 I don't want to ruin them! ideas?

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(no subject)

Hi collectors :D I'm looking for a few things myself and also for a friend whose birthday is soon-ish.

Right now I'd like to buy items of Rotom, Landmin, Zubat, Zigzagoon, Delibird and Totodile.
My friend particularly likes Sneasel, Wartortle, Furret and Machoke.

Plush and figures (especially Kids, eee ♥) would be awesome, but I'll gladly take a look at everything else too. It doesn't matter to me whether you link me to sales posts or mention specific items in a comment, I'll highly appreciate it either way!
Thank you very much in advance <3

Identify help + sales

 Hello :) I should have the next shipping totals for the Shaymin + mug etc. GA very soon, but until then..

What are these? They are both sitting in my cupboard unloved and would like a new home, but I don't know what to price them as.
If you have any offers feel free!
They both have a few marks and the paint is rubbing away in some parts (They are 10 years old!)


I have a few new thingies, including some movie zukan and WAPS. Click the banner! 
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Hola :]

Hola, pkmncollectors.

My name is Ricky and I'm new here. Hopefully I can become a good member and a good friend to everyone here. My favorite Pokemon [as weird as it sounds] are ones with big bushy tails, like Pachirisu, Zangoose and Skuntank. Another set of Pokemon that I really like are the Legendary beast. And then there are the random ones like Porygons, Rotom and Castform.

But my main focus in collecting are going to be on Pachirisu, Zangoose and Skuntank, even though there isn't much on the latter two. My collection is very small and random, mainly because I am barely starting to collect and since I really have not focussed in on expanding it. But, with the help of someone very important in my life, I am starting to focus on a Pachirisu, Zangoose and Skuntank collection, hopefully being able to help with them with their collection on the way.

I most likely will not be able to buy much, and most likely will not sell, because I'm still in high school and I do not have a steady income. But, hopefully, once I move to college and get a nice job, I will be able to be more active in those areas of this community. But for now, I will be just getting aquainted with this community, hopefully learning a lot about collecting and getting tips.

Anyways, this is my [small] collection:

My Banpresto Sleeping Pachirisu, BK Pachirisu Hand holder, Pachirisu lv. 23 DP promo, Kyogre figure, Mini Mespirit plus [found on the floor at the mall xD], Charizard plush, and even though they aren't Pokemon, my huge Mario plush and my mini Mario and Yoshi plushes

My U-Mate Castform/PokeBall plush and my PreRelease Rotom sleeves.

Well, I hope I fit in here and make some good friends. :]