March 1st, 2010

Wants List ;D

Hi everyone, i'm looking for the following pokedolls, i'm only looking for those with hang and tush tags ( I'm fine with both american and japanese releases ^.^ ) :

Munchlax Pokedoll
Lapras Pokedoll
Manaphy Pokedoll
Giratina Altered Form
Any Eeveelutions ( Looking for japanese release only )


     I realized that I posted a comment on a post but I didn't post a introduction! I came across this community a few weeks ago while looking for something for my girlfriend, I found it through one of the stores that you have linked here. I came across it again the other night while I was looking for an item. Since my searches always lead back here I figured I should just join. 
     I've been collecting Pokemon items on and off over the past decade, but through moving and collecting other items I've misplaced or lost a lot of items. My girlfriend has got me back in to collecting a lot more Pokemon items as I've picked her up a couple here and there every holiday or special occasion and I tend to order a couple for myself when I do. I showed her the community today and she shouldn't be too far behind on joining.
     My plan is to focus on collecting Gengar items, he's been my favorite Pokemon since I was 12 so it's hard to not shake the nostalgia of the character and getting new items with him on them. Blastoise, Squirtle, Vaporeon, Zangoose, Darkrai and Piplup will probably be secondary focuses. So if anyone has any Gengar items they'd like to get rid of you can send them my way! 

Looking forward to having another cash sinkhole.
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....and now- For the REST of The story.... Pt1.......


I just wanted to give a small intro post- (ive been trying to create this post for a bit and keep restarting  V_V;)

I LOVE Zukan. I got my first ones today and I must say i am very pleased! even though there is damage to some and missing pieces on others they are wonderful! I'm looking for A LOT of sets- so if you have anything for sale- please feel free to let me know! 

KIDS- I have never seen/held one- but I am waiting for my first to arrive via mail! I am looking to have a large collection of these- if you have some to sell- feel free to let me know as well!

Cards- I have a bunch of these- I am planning more on playing than collecting but i have a lot of neat cards- I think if I end up selling anything on here it would probably be cards. *shrug*

Plushes- I own a few MISC pillow pokemon and beanies. (KFC BEANIES AND AVON PILLOW POKEMON)  

Chupa chups- I dont have any- ive never seen them in person but i'm trying to find out more info on them! i saw the cutest espeon and umbreon listed- they looked awesome!

TFG- I own what I consider alot of TFG-  i have at least 52 different tfg- many with multiples. i'm still looking for a bunch more tho! ^_^

I guess you would call this a side collection? but i'm after most things MEW... and some things Togepi- KIDS AND ZUKAN ESPECIALLY!

I dont know if that helps anyone at all- but thats a brief intro- I'll be working on a better collection post with lots of pics after I move (in a month)  but feel free to message me. ^_^

I have a lot of other intrests like tomys, jakks, and XXL TOMYS ^_^ but I am not looking to get as many as I would be with the zukan.... (I have a grand plan for those)

Thanks for Reading!
Mareep pokedoll

(no subject)

Even though I had placed a higher max than what we raised, so in the case we were outbid I would offer some more on my side

We still lost ;_; Sorry guys, maybe next time? Third time's the charm?
Young Justice Robin

Collection Weeding Sales

I've weeded my collection a bit, and have up for sale some new stuff along with the remainder of my Pokemon sale items. Under the cut you'll find Oddish bellplush, charms, lots of fire Pokemon stuff up for offers, several zukan, lots of figures, plush, a beautiful clock, and a HUGE stamper lot.

NOTE: Saki and Bamboo Bandit are NOT part of my collection weeding, and are merely here as mascots for my sales. :D

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Slightly worried...

Has anyone heard from str8jacketloon lately? I don't mean to be a bother, but I purchased quite a few Jakks figures from her back on January 27th and still haven't seen any sign of them. Solved~

On a lighter note, and to make this more Pokemon-related, does anybody have either of the Mime Jr battrio coins yet? I'd really love to buy those. I see battrios go around $1 or $2 quite often, so I'd offer a max of $5 each.

(no subject)

So yesterday another member had mentioned Nintendo world is having a heartgold/soulsilver launch party?

I was wondering if anyone had any more info such as times and events at the store, since I'm only an hour away and I would love to go! I hope I don't need to have my copy reserved there, since I have already paid in full at my nearby gamestop!

And hey, who else is going? I love meeting new people and geeking out 8D! I've only been a member here for a short time, but I've had a love affair with pokemon for over 10 years XD;

I hope this sort of thing is allowed, maybe they'll have some special merch, but I'm probably just getting my hopes up!
*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

Wish List <3

Hai gais! XD

I put together a small gallery wish list of Pokemon merchandise I'm looking for. I am pretty much looking for anything Eevolution, so even if it's not pictured, please show me what you've got. ^^

Pokemon Wish List

I don't know if I'm allowed to trade, since I don't have a seller's post permit yet, but if it's alright, I'm always looking to trade. If not, then trading will just have to wait until I'm allowed, lol. Not allowed yet; I got it. No big deal. :3

Shipping would be to US 92126, and I have PayPal, of course. ^^

PS - I'm slowly but surely digging my collection out of the many boxes crowding my house. I hope to post it very soon. ♥
In the mist

Lil wants list again!!!

I missed such a beautiful sales post. ;o; LOL, ohwell. Hey there community, just another lil wants list again, hopefully something pops up this time.

I'm still looking for:

Shaymin kids (Any Forme)
Shaymin TOMY (Any Forme)
Shaymin Cellphone Straps (Any Forme)
Shaymin Zukan
Any Shaymin Flats

Lati@s Cellphone Straps
Latias Attack Kid
Clear Lati Kids
Lati Flats (I have all English Cards, except for Lat@s *)

Thanks Community, hopes everyone has a awesome day. :D
Custom Ambipom

Not my RGBY... but it's just as good... if not better~

A friend of mine is moving somewhere... and he has this massive collection of Japanese Pokemon stuff. He doesn't want to take a lot of stuff with him though. All of this stuff was free. I had to pay for the Celebi disc and the Japanese Gamecube though. At $70 though... that's not a bad price at all.

So if you can't see what is all here:

Gamecube Demo Disc (has Berry Glitch patch and gives away Shiny Zigzagoon)

Japanese Gamecube
Celebi Bonus Disc
Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
XD Gale of Darkness
Neo 2 Premium File (TCG Folder)
A Pokewalker (He has HeartGold but wasn't interested in it)
GCN to GBA Cable

Not too bad eh? :P
Zearzen and Lugia

Lugia Action Figure

I'm delurking to beg you fine people, we're talking hands and knees and groveling here, for aid in locating my grail.

Way back when, either just before or during the release of the Pokemon 2000 movie, a Lugia Action Figure was released. I distinctly remember it was on the larger side of these kinds of toys, that it had fully pose-able wings (the images I saw even had them folded to the Lugia's side) and that my mum down right refused to ever indulge my pleading for one.

Obviously this is quite a while back and now that I can finally get myself this figure which has haunted my dreams for ten bleeding years... I can't find it anywhere.

Help please?

Repainting Lugia/Ho-oh preorder figures

Hello everyone!  This is my first time using live journal.  I'll save a complete intro for a later time, but right now, I was wondering if anyone with experience in repainting figures would be able to offer advice or help.  I recently got my lugia/ho-oh preorder figures, but their paint job is pretty poor, so I was hoping to repaint them shiny.  I have seen other people post pictures of their repainted work, which looks incredible, but noticed they were usually zukan.  I wanted to know if the lugia/ho-oh kaiyodo figures are made of a material completely different from "zukan" and how this will affect in repainting them (and btw, what does zukan mean? are zukans made of PVC?).  The lugia/ho-oh figures don't feel as if they're made from PVC, but I may be wrong about this.  Also, I have never painted a figure before in my life, so any help or wisdom is greatly appreciated.

Shiny Umbreon

Hi guys!=3
I did last weekend shiny Umbreon with hands... Here he is!=3

Yeah... This is he...o.o Scary, is he?=3 I think so...o.o
It's 13cm broad and 8cm long... It's bigger, than my hand!X3 Yeah, yeah... Anyways...^^'
Here photos of hes sides:

His eyes scareds me!o.o I can't believe that I did something too scared!*hides*
So, that's he!=3 Hope no one won't try run away...o.o
You loved my Espeon draw, don't you?!=3 Well, I have draw more!X3(Really I maybe do 1-6 picture on the day...o.o) Here is my Leafeon picture!=3

Here!=3 Hmm... Maybe one my the best Leafeon picture...o.o I worked it something like... 1-3h!83 Anywys... That's all for now!^^
Dewott - Happy

Group Buy time

I cave. Seriously.

Basically, if you feel like checking eBay, all of the canvas 'vees just jumped up from $35 for the less popular ones, all the way up to $45+ for the popular ones (seriously, check out Vap's prices).

I really just want Jolteon to complete my set of the first three evos, and I am feeling this might be my last chance not to pay a billion dollars for one, so it's that time again:

Each plush will be $31.50, plus shipping from me to you (I live in Canada), and whatever paypal fees apply.

If you have a question, please ask me before making a claim, and be prepared to pay ASAP. If I can get claims on all of them, I'll buy it outright, but I will need immediate payment once I buy them, as this is a lot of money 8D;

Aaand go! Make claims :)

Claimed thus far:
Jolteon - dewott
Vaporeon - sapphire_kun
Leafeon, Glaceon - shinji_wolf
Umbreon - ghostmiller2
Espeon - viscuslunasol
Flareon - blue_drag0nfly
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Haruhi &quot;Huh?&quot;

Quick Question/Concern

HI Everybody!! Hope all is going well in the world of collecting! ^-^ I've recently had a question/concern that has been really buggin me, soooo here it goes!
For those of you who preordered HG/SS from Gamestop, wasn't the original preorder price $34.99? I'm asking because this weekend I went to pay what I though was the rest of my money on both, but the lady said I still had some left over to pay after that. I was really confused and thought that it was bad calculations on my part, so I just paid her and let it go. But something in the back of my mind won't let me REALLY let it go. Between January(when I 1st reserved, 22nd) and this past saturday, I have put $40.00 on both heart gold and soul silver. I thought that that would be it, a combined $80.00, but that wasn't the case I suppose. Today I went on the website and the price was now $39.99! From what I remember, Pokemon DS/gameboy games were always $34.99 even when they 1st came out. So am I crazy or has the price been $39.99 all along? And even if it was $34.99 since I preordered, shouldn't my price still be $34.99 for both, because the website says, preorder and get the low price guarantee. 

If this seems off topic in any way, please feel free to delete it. I was only asking because I know that some of you guys have preorderd and already paid. Thanks for all your help!! ^-^  

Thanks for your help everyone!! :D It seems that the price was indeed $34.99 until they decided to charge $5.00 extra for the pokewalker....T-T These are surely going down as the most money I have ever spent on pokemon games. XD If you have more input, PLEASE feel free to do so! :D 
Thanks again!
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Hoppip friends

Floaroma Sale ending soon!


*I'll be shipping out this Saturday (hopefully :3)
*EVERY order over $5 gets freebie(s) for these next few days! (And as always, cute stickers on the packaging x3)
*Feel free to request a poke drawing on your package in the order comment~!

Customs, Plush, & Questions

Alright, I know I haven't been around too much, but that's due to this really nasty virus that I'm having issues with, [I was without internet most of the weekend =TAT;= ]; it made me loose a lot of images...sales, collection, and photostories. Yeah, I f'ed it up pretty darn bad to loose all my files =^^;= so I've got a request:

*Those of you whom I recently did customs for, would you be willing to take a couple of images of the customs I sent you? I ask because when I go to craft shows, I use the images as a profile. So, I would need ottershark, raifreak, __sasami__, unknownrevenge, and suppis_teshi. If you guys are able, please let me know.

Next, I'd like to ask the attention of plush makers. For some time I've wanted to make one of my jakks wingull plush shiny colors. The problem being that I'm not too confident in my sewing enough to do the job. Soooo, I want to know if anyone on the community is willing to tackle this little project, or if someone can point me to someone who would be able to do it. [If anyone is curious, the only difference between wingull and shiny wingull is that shiny wingull has green stripes instead of blue, so it's not like it's a major alteration =0.0= ]

Also, I had gotten a little behind in my customs due to recent events and me not having as much time on my hands as I used to due to my full-time job. I wanted to let saffysaf, and vulgarkyo know that they are the last ones left on the list to be completed. saffysaf, I've tried sending you messages, but I'm not sure they've been reaching you, so please contact me soon so we may discuss your wigglytuff plush. _nofuturenohope, your vaporeon is done, but with the recent fiasco of my laptops, I was unable to tell you in a timely manner =^^;= I appologize, [you'll receive a shipping invoice soon =0w0= ]

Any questions or concerns that anyone has for me, let me know =^^=

Grail get and minor grail get! <3

Well, a few weeks ago I finally got my 1/1 scale Chikorita. My husband won him for less than forty dollars off of y!japan, and he was my V-day gift, and as such, was promptly named Romeo.
I did a cute photostory when he got here, but my new camera ate it. D: So when my minor grail got here today, I decided to make sure I did it the right way, the safe way. The using-my-DSi way. XD

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