March 6th, 2010

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quick question + upcoming HGSS tcg info

Only 8 more days til HeartGold & SoulSilver come out! Woohoo! :D

Okay, so, I saw these lovely HGSS Spring 2010 tins

in Walmart a couple days ago going for ~$10 and have been debating going back for one (gah, if only I could do all 3!). Bulbapedia says all the booster packs are from the HGSS set, but I've heard conflicting reports elsewhere. Can anybody who's bought one of these tins verify for me please? Thank you!

Also, I was wandering around Bulbapedia & the Pokemon site & stumbled upon some interesting little info I may totally be over-reading. They mention this being the "first expansion" in the HGSS line and link to this upcoming set, Unleashed (technically already out in Japan as Reviving Legends), supposed to be releasing in English on May 12th 2010. Now, would that count as official confirmation that there are more Johto-era sets on their way to the rest of the world, or am I just waay too eager for more Generation II stuff overseas? :D 

Anyways, sorry for such boring postness! To spice up this post a little, after some internet skulking and lurking I found this handy little HGSS card list. It has checkboxes for all the cards in the set, along with a separate box to check for Reverse Holo versions of the cards. I'm finding it useful for keeping track of which ones I've discovered so far...brings me back to the days when the cards' sets were listed in each TCG rule book & everyone wanted to see everyone else's books. :3

Santos of Saturday wishes you a great day! :D
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Quickie customs auction reminder!

Sorry for the boring post, but my two custom slot auctions ends in a little over two hours at noon EST today - if my math is right, that should be 5:00 pm GMT. THE AUCTION IS NOW OVER THANKS FOR PLAYING Maybe have peek at my card clearance while you're at it! I'm going to try to ship this weekend since I have a ton of packages ready to go now.

Click the fake cut to go straight to the auctions and sales!

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Oh, trainer_irene , I'm almost done your trade. Sorry for the delay - I had to do a big advertisement for an event at my school that ate my whole week! I'm on spring break now, so I have time to get way more done.
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Zorua and Zoroark Pre-Orders

Hi Everyone^^
I just wanted to say before I start that I am doing a whole Collection overhaul so I currently don't know when I can do my Collection update, stay tuned^^

I was just wondering first of all if anyone on this Community will be doing a Pre-Order's for both Zorua and Zoroark Zukans aswell as the keychains?
If not currently will anyone be in the future?

Secondly, apparantly Takara Tomy Zorua and Zoroark Plushes have been confirmed?
If so, when are they coming out and does anyone know when they will be first showed to the Public?

Any help would be appreciated^^
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Is this normal for Y!Japan?

Hey guys, I was looking at the items page on my shopping mall Japan account recently and I realised that one of my items has been "stored in Japan" for 50 days now! Is this normal?? I mean how long does it take for a few figures to be sent to America from Japan? It seems ridiculous to me but I just don't have enough experience with the thing to know whether or not it's normal.
I've definitely paid by the way lol! I'm just waiting and waiting and waiting now! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Anyone interested?

EDIT: I just got back from a thrift store and found soo many things. Main question!!!
What are these figures? They seem to be in good condition, Mewtwo is in alot better condition though? 

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Well I found these at a Garage Sale today, and I don't need them besides the Ponyta. Was wondering if anyone would like to add one to their collection? You pay nothing, I'll ship out with my own money.
I just want these to go to good homes, Since I don't want to keep them! And I know some people would like these to add to their collections. So please if you are interested leave a comment saying which one('s) you want.
and then I'll pm you for your address.
If this isn't allowed then please delete :)
There's an Electabuzz, Charizard, Pidgey, Golbat & Aerodactyl!

Click the picture to make it bigger!
ALL: Taken!
Thank you guys :D! I'm glad they are going to good homes :)
Thank you!
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collection update :D

i haven't posted one of these in a while ^_^

i've had LOTS of things arriving in the post (it's driving my parents crazy xD) so here is my up to date collection ^_^

Warning this post is image heavy!

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:D please let me know if you have anything for sale that may interest me ( i'm currently low on funds so i'd be uber greatful if anyone who does offer me stuff could hold it untill friday :D )
<<< link to my wants ^_^
thanks again ^_^

Sales reminder and feedback thread

Hello all! Long time no post, I promise soon I will have a nice collection update <3

Just a little sales reminder, nearly everything is still for sale (sorry I have nothing new though, australia is boring!)

Also I now have a feedback thread! So if you have bought something from me, or I've purchased something from you and it went well please leave feedback here!
Unfortunately I have to track down everyone I've bought from, I never wrote down usernames (me so stupid haha). So if I have bought something from you, and you would like feedback, please post here or I will try and find you~

next post shall be much more interesting
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Feedback maybe?

So I kinda want/need sales permission xD, but I have no feedback to show for it.
Yes, it is ONE OF /THOSE/ POSTS.

If I've bought anything from you then please leave me feedback here...if you don't remember what I've bought from you feel free to ask 8D
Alternatively, I've just begun writing down the members I've purchased from so I'll be tracking your threads down to leave some feedback xD

Awesome, thank you =3
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Not Sure How New These Are...

But my boyfriend and I went to Gamestop because I finally convinced him it would be a good idea to get a DS and play Pokemon. I'm proud to say HG will be his very first Pokemon game!

While at the store getting his preorder, I saw a cute little HGSS DS accessory kit.

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Everyone Else Is Doing It...So Why Not!

So yea, everyone seems to be asking about references so I might as well do it since I forget to leave people/people forget to leave me some XD

I can't 100% remember EVERYONE I bought from but I know recently (like minimum last few weeks) I got things from (either sales/trades/buys):

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So yea thats all I can remember right now XD but if I bought something off your or vise-versa and you want me to leave you feedback feel free to post and let me know. 

My feedback post is here:

I will be more than happy to leave you some if you can do the same.

I am also still in the buying mood cause I let my good, hard earned money burn a hole in my pocket X_X

So here again are some things I am on the look out for:

Right now I am looking for these Wants:

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Feel free to pimp out your sales post and link me to it or feel free to let me know what Squirtle Line Stuff you have Big or Small!

Thanks again for everything guys!

Plush Plush Plush (ILU!!!)

First up, I finished the two pokedoll slots I auctioned off.

025-2.jpg picture by Twilmer

For more individual pics of these two, see:

Also, remember I am looking for Togekiss retsuden and t-shirt! If anyone sees, PLEASE let me know <3


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GA lost

Sorry guys, we lost this GA :C I threw in some extra money towards the end but someone sniped it at the last second, of course xD Ah well, better luck next time! Thank you to everyone who participated!
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Been awhile

I got a very awaited package today from shootthetanks and I've decided to make a Photostory of the opening!
Thank you SO much sweetie! Unfortunately, the balloon is so big that it kicked out my Spiritomb section so my tombs are homeless at the moment. ;~; But anyway, let's begin~

Warning: Very Image Heavy

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