November 2nd, 2010


Shipping update, and Umbreons for offer!

All packages have been mailed except if you paid with an e-check, and except for origamigryphon's soundtrack. These will go out later this week!

In the meantime, I have two rare umbreons up for offer:


On the left is a MWT canvas umbreon in perfect condition, and on the right is a Yutakayumi custom.

More details are below the cut!

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Going offline - will respond to comments later!
Canalave CUTIES!

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i have added many holiday items to sunyshore for your enjoyment :D tins, stickers, charms, pins and more!

before you ask, yes i will combine! but only if your order is "processing". and it won't be for long (unless you ordered a tabunne plush which isn't out yet), because i am getting down to work today! XD

click to see all new items at once:

thanks all!
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 -pokes down finished ga- its been hanging on for 2 days XD

So here are my most recent gets :3
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and what I really wanted to post,Sales Update xD I added everything from my jakks and other stuff post.

Hey kneesocks I finally got your shipping total ^_^; I can't message you so I have to post it here, for your ludicolo's it will be 2.37 to
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Nintendo World Re-opens?

So the interwebs tell me that Nintendo World Store re-opened today at 9am. 

Furthermore they are having a grand re-opening on Sunday. I was planning a trip there in the immediate future, either this week or next.

They are not answering the phones this morning, which is understandable.

I am trying to determine if they will be putting out new poke merch now, or wait until the big party on Sunday.

I live about an hour away, if anyone has any additional info, please to share.

If my calls ever get through I will update with any info I can gleam.

Thanks for reading.
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Auction/Offers reminder!

Just a reminder that I have these gorgeous pencil cases up for auction until Saturday, November 6 at 11:59 EST:

And these lovely Pokedoll charms are also up for offer!

You can visit the auction/offers page by clicking either picture, or by clicking here! (Shameless plug: Link also leads to a sales post :D)

I'm also waiting on Tin GA payment #2 from a few of you!
ambertdd Paid!
caffwin Paid!
kiiyame Paid!
kylie_fanatic Paid!

Info can be found on the same link as the auction page :) Thanks to everyone who participated!

Things have been a little hectic for me lately (just quit my job, screw you verbally abusive boss 8D), so if you feel I've made an error, or have a question about an order you placed recently please do let me know and I will address it as soon as possible! I'm aware that I've been all over the place the last few days, so I am trying very hard to place pkmncollectors as my top priority.

Absol spirt

One of those boring intro topics

Hi everyone! I've been stalking around here on and off for quite some time, and finally found the join button (Live Journal and I don't get along too well).
In any case, my name is Stephanie and mostly I collect plushies though I want to add some kids and Zukans eventually.

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Mostly I try to collect my favorites, but it's slow going it seems.
As far as my grail... I really want the complete canvas collection of Eeveelutions but they are so very expensive when they show up it seems.

ultimate grail get of a lifetime!

Hello all! I know I posted not too long ago about my Croagunk Statue, but I just got a chance to pick this baby up today! After a long while of searching and a nice bid war, I managed to get MY SUPER ULTIMATE PLUSH GRAIL xD I was about to settle and buy that TOMY version but I saw this for auction and had to have it. GUESS WHAT? :o Espeon KID for size ref LOLOL. Both the Statue and this cost me over $700 USD LOL

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Hey guys C: Just wanted to post a quick sales reminder - I have a bunch of random stuff including a Pikachu+Hoppip plush and a talking Chikorita, both with no offers yet! Click HERE to check them out :D I love trades so don't hesitate to make offers!

Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

SlothyShroom Website Launch! And new Gets~

Hey all!
Its about time I released my collection website!!!!! 

I introduce you to my collection website-SlothyShroom!!!

It has taken me many months to FINALLY get it up and running and its still under construction as I still need to add Japanese text for all the items! But for now, I think is finally appropriate for a proper debut! This website showcases bio's of all my pokemon, (yes my pokemon have names and personalities)

My team's collections!

As well as featuring my side collections for these Pokemon and their evolutions:

Here you will find my entire collection, complete with pictures, pokemon info and detailed descriptions of each item.
Along with my sewing status which features who's under the needle, trade lists and terms, want list and much more! I hope this site will help those who collect the same pokemon as me, as well as give people some idea of what kind of merchandise is out there!

I want to be the queen when it comes to having the biggest Slakoth+Vigoroth+Slaking collection and Shroomish+Breloom collection out there!
I'll do my best to live up to the name SlothyShroom!!!

I hope everyone enjoys my site! It will be updated frequently, as well as my sewing status! Be sure to visit often! 

And if you would like to affliate with me please link your website in the comments! I'd love to trade! <333

I also thought It would be cool to show off some of my newest gets!
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anyone interested in doing a thinkchip GO?

So, this would be my first time doing anything GA/GB/GO related :o But first, would there be any interest in all of these thinkchips? The BIN is pretty expensive >.> so I'm thinking if maybe we price each thinkchip $6.25, then we can do a "Make an Offer" for $100+s&h.
To make this happen, there needs to be interest and dedicated buyers! I would be claiming Graveler if this happens, all the others would be available to everyone else (including the stadium if they'd like, just expect more shipping) :3  If this is not allowed, please tell me~
Just to reassure everyone, I have sales permission granted by lineaalba as of February 2010. Annd, here is my feedback page :)

Official Pokemon of The Week!

Of the Week... Yeah... Sorry guys, real life caught up with me with illness and exams and whatnot. But now I can finally bring back this popular segment!


So which Pokemon is featured this week? Pokemon #316 and #317, Gulpin and Swalot!


For those of you who don't remember or don't know how this works, search your collections for any Gulpin or Swalot items that may have snuck in, and post them up for all to see! Any Gulpin or Swalot collectors get to show off there prized possesions!
switchblade! I choose you!--by me

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I finally got something that I'd been waiting on for quite some time, so it's time for a collection update!

I sure hope there's some other manga collectors in this group. What I got to round out my collection was Diamond and Pearl Adventure! volume 8, the last volume. It's an incredible story and something more of you should be reading.

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So that's my manga collection! At least what I have on my shelves. There's more that I have in another room in a box, but they're single issues so it's easier to sort them that way, but harder to photograph them.

So what's that? A lot of new manga? Let me share some of my favorite moments!

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And that's my manga presentation! I hope you enjoyed, and that you're interested in reading some!