November 3rd, 2010


General Question

Does anyone actually buy Pokedolls from ebay or do some of you go to the Nintendo World Store to get them? How much are you willing to pay for them off of ebay? Right now I have no problem going to the NWS when I want, but I'll be moving soon and I wonder if in the future I'll want to buy new releases and whatnot.

Unrelated, but here's some stuff I made.

Mareep Pillow~~

Baby Drifloon

A bad picture of the Drifloon hat I made.

lol awkward Floony.

Pretty awful unfinished Darkrai for my host family. sewing supplies where I lived in Japan were lacking.

Phanpy pincushion

Gengar hat... I couldn't get smile right.

Working on a Chikorita and more hats.

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Need to earn some moneys to buy a rather pricey gift for my lovely parents this Christmas~ <3



Got some new things added to my sales today!
Charms , Gyarados and Slowpoke items, Stickers , Zukan, and more !

Might even put my Magikarp collection up for sale too...; __;  I'm not sure yet though fff.
Would anyone even be interested in it? ;A;


(Click on banner for sales~)

Cute Lil Robot
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final GA payment due!

buttribbons   tissuepaperpet   kyogres   senshi_of_ruin   queenofnarnia   cuddlefist   mewveechu   darkangellilith   kazmalop   renaissanced   larvitarscar   trickery   chibi_flare   dannydisco   distant_cry   poptartdino   euripus   anodyne_geno   pancakemonkey   sweetlemon911   6_05   eins_zwei_nein   theevilpotato   bladespark   anthonyjg10 you want your kids?  Then send me your money :p  that's right, I'm finally ready to send these guys out.  SO here's what you do.  Send $2.37 to  Please make the subject  KidsGA Final Payment: your username here.  Please put the kids you won in the note's body!  It will save me A LOT of work <3  I believe some of you have pending orders with me. Please let me know if this is you BEFORE you send me a payment so I can give you a more accurate total!

if you could please edit the spreadsheet (some have not edited to say they paid shipping from Japan to me.  If you have not paid this, please do so.  I will be double checking the list before I send things out so don't try to slip by =p) to say that you've paid it would help quite a bit.  the $2.37 is basically me charging you for a bubble mailer+fees since I sold off extra kids. woo exciting! 

Ok, that's all for now!
zekrom a&#39;walkin


EDIT: i realized this was more important than my new toy so i'm putting it on top.

many of our oldies will jump out of their seats, but guess what's back!


yes! it's true!!!! all your pokemon merch news all in one place again, not scattered haphazardly around in info posts by me and nanoplasm and other folks! HURRAY!!!! we missed you kats! be sure to say so too! :D he contacted me a few days ago to let me know he was coming back. he's had a rough couple of years so be sure to support him and let him know how much we LOVE his blog! if you are new and never got to know AAPF, let's just see from the oldies' reactions how loved it is, you will come to love it too :D


PLAMO TIME!!!!!!!!!! i've been waiting so long for this!! zekrom was very complicated to build, but my old hobby in high school was building gundams - i've built more than 30 or 40 or something in my high school days! but i hadn't done a plamo since. i helped a bit with a zoroark this summer and realized, i just had to do zekrom!!

so here we go!!

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i'm ending halloween voting tomorrow! dun dun dun!

thanks for reading!
Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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Okay awesome. T-J box came in today. :D It looks like everything is in pretty decent condition, some do still have hang tags too.

Invoice is under the cut, this includes original price, shipping to me, AND shipping to you! It's all in one payment since I took so long to get it to you guys. c:

There were slight discounts but the shipping to me ate up most of it. XD

I have not had a chance to run to the PO just yet, but hopefully next week I should be able to. They're going to hate me. I have so many decently sized boxes with this GA. |D

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COMMING TOMY FIGURES and needed tomy figures for my partys. HELP ME PLEASE

hello pokemon collectors!
soon i will get 21 Tomy figures !!!...20 came from japan to usa an soon my father will bring them from usa to moscow and 1 i have already bought on ebay.
so here are the following tomys from japan:

and the tomy from ebay:

im trying to finish my dream party teams but i cant. Some of them arent tomys. So here they are:
1st party:

 (dont have)           (soon)                (soon)       (dont have)           (have)                (dont have)

2nd party:

(soon)                  (soon)              (soon)              (dont have)      (dont have)       (soon)

3rd party:

  (dont have)     (dont have)      (dont have)      (dont have)             (have)           (dont have)
for now thats all.

WANTED realy needed :

so if anybody could help me finishing my tomy partys please write to me
thank you!!!!
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Group Buy!

Okay guys, after years of merely watching other people host group auctions/group buys, I've finally decided to host one myself! Since this is my first one, please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong or weirdly! And if this auction is already happening, I'll gladly take this post down and delete it (I didn't see it in the comm yet and I think it was recently listed, though).

EDIT: I have changed some things about the GB, mostly claim prices!

In an effort to actually make sure this GB happens, I've changed a few things! Small plush (ie the Gengar, small Pikachu, small Squirtle, etc.) are $5 each to claim. The medium-sized plush are $9 each to claim, and the two big plush (the big Squirtle and Piplup) are $12 each to claim. Any of the figures/Pokéballs/etc will be $2 each to claim.

Obviously, this will add up to more than the BIN price of $100 plus the $15 shipping if everything gets claimed. If more than $115 of stuff gets claimed, people will get discounts. Fair enough?

I'll be claiming only two, the Seel and the Spheal, both for $5 each, but I will go higher if needed. That leaves the rest for anybody else who wants to claim them!

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Also, the seller is also selling a similar lot of plushies for the same price. I didn't see any I wanted, but if anybody else wants to run a group buy/group auction for the sister lot here is the link.
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First Gen5 update/Long awaited get/Shipping Update

Sooo! I have some pretty amazing items I've gotten lately. This is a very special update as it includes my very first Generation 5 gets! It also has an item that I've been wondering about for awhile now, and is now a mystery solved! So please click to cut to see my new additions! :D


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And now for those of you waiting on packages from me!

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Star Driver - &gt;.&lt;
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REMINDER: spooky shiny bell plush auction!

My auction for these OOAK bell plushies ends on tomorrow, November 4 at 6 PM CST! Kokoromori is at its starting bid and Haunter is at under $20, so you still have a chance to snag them at a great price! :D I've also added updated pictures of Shandera and Zoroa in natural lighting- check it out before the auction is over and these guys are gone forever! Click the picture to go to the post~

First Collection Post!!

Well my friends it has taken me along time to get everything somewhat in order! I just started back to collecting Pokemon and my Vileplume and Gloom and all grass pokemon! im so happy to have found this community and Hope you all like my collection. And there is a list of my wants in case someone has something I must have lol!!!

Lots of pic!!

This is my entire Collection from a far. Collapse )
Xeno lick

Cheap Tiny sales!

Cheap sales under the cut - mainly small items and 3 old hasbro beanies!

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Also, I will open 3 slots for artwork commissions. Each pokemon is drawn on bristol and coloured with prismacolours. Here is an example of the last set I did on DA:

Artwork commissions are $5 and postage will depend on where you are in the world!
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Intro post! (my title is so original! :D)

Hello ~

This had to be done months ago D:
I have been buying things from members here since april I think and thanks to that my collection really grew a lot.
Well my name is Itza I live in Chile. I'm 20. For now I'm studying design and that's about it C: Forgive my horrible english please D: .
When i was a child (like 10  years) I used to be a tcg collector (because the artwork is soooo pretty ;__;)  but since the store who brought them here is closed now I don't have where to buy them now ;__;. I played the games since pokemon silver and finally with RSE I could have them for a game boy  advance. I think it was one of the happiest moment in my life xD.  Since then I have been trying to collect  pokemon merchandise but here is very difficult to find any legit, so I have to bought them mostly from internet.orz.

I collect pokedolls overall but I like to buy any cute plushie that pops up on here xD
My favourite pokemon is altaria and swablu, but sadly I don't have anything of them ;_______;.
Other favs are misdreavus/mismagius, shaymin, vaporeon, leafeon, espeon, snorunt, flygon,  rotom, rankurusu, shandera, burunkeru (male plis) and meraruba <3

To make this post a bit less boring I have some pics of my collection

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Pokemon Time candy tin auction

Hi there, pokemon collectors! 

In September I went to Japan (Nishinomiya if you're curious where) to visit my brother, sister-in-law and baby niece :D of course it was soo much fun, and being so close to Osaka I dragged my brother to the pokemon center! Too bad the trip was too early for the new revamped center, the current locaton is such a pain in the butt to get to! lol  ANYWAY I will make post about my pokecen trip later, the point of this post is to put these up for auction!

These tins are seriously the cutest things I've ever seen. I missed out on the eeveelution tins so I haven't seen them until now. You'll get to see which one I got and kept when I make my collection update later this week. :)

(click for larger picture. sales permission given to me by lineaalba on 1/2/2010 my feedback thread is here Normal pkmncollectors bidding rules apply, no sniping and no backing out of bids.)  I accept paypal only and ship from the US.

I wanted to put these up for auction sooner, but life has been really hectic since I came back from my trip. The candy is still in the tins, you can eat it at your own digression.  Each tin comes with the cut plastic wrapper. They all start at $4. Auction ends Sunday November 7th at 12 pm (noon) PST That way I can ship them first thing Monday morning.

Thanks for reading! :D

PS: I've also updated my sales! Please take a look!