November 4th, 2010

About the price of plushies in NW store

 I have recently watched the video of the reopening, and had a glimpse of those plushies such as Suicune, Entei, Raikou, etc. Have someone here been to the NW store or could easily go there? I want to know the average prices for those plushies. By the way, are there more varieties there?

Collection Weeding Sales Reminer!

Hey guys~ I am giving another reminder to my collection weeding sales! I lowered all prices by quite a bit, as I am desperate to give them new homes or else they'll simply be donated. I would love for other collectors to own them, and I would like to say that I'm also going to be offering them all at an OBO too, so offer away! :D

Still included are plushes like Chikorita and Zouras with tags, the Rayquaza lot has seperated, and I would really like to give the custom Chiraamy Pokedoll by slothyshroom a good home. <3


As for shipping, I was unable to make it to the post office and the soonest I can get there is by next Thursday, since my work hours won't give me a day off until then and the post offiece closes as soon as I get off work. :C I appreciate the patience but I will keep you guys updated!


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Leafeon Pokedoll

Hey all!~
Happy early (very, very early...:D) Holidays! :3

Now, speaking of Holidays, I'm looking for a Leafeon Pokedoll (with paper tag) for a Christmas present. I've looked on eBay, and found one with the paper tag, but I think I'd have better luck on here. :D So if anyone could help me find one, that would be appreciated.

Note that I might not be able to purchase it right away, so if someone is selling one, could they possibly hold it until after Thanksgiving? If not, I understand. 


Thanks for reading!~

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Jasmine &amp; Steelix

Couple of wants

Hello everyone. What with Christmas coming up, I'm on the hunt for the talking Meowth and Psyduck figurines. I'd prefer they be in working condition, but I'm not expecting batteries to be included. If anyone could link me to sales posts - be it their own or someone else's, I'd appreciate it. <3

Also, I'm looking to price out some of the HG/SS legendary two-parter cards. Let me know if you've got any of those as well please~
Edit: Suppose it might help if I listed the ones I have. So far, there's only two in my collection:
Raikou/Entei bottom from HG/SS Unleashed:
Rayquaza/Deoxys top from HG/SS Undaunted:
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Big Eevee Sales Update!

I have added in loads of new items to my sales post!
Which include Meiji wooden plates of pokemon(mews and veelutions! included),mini models(silver and golds ones plus other colors!)over 200+ mini models mostly all 1st gen pokemon ,VHS Pokemon Videos,Pokemon toy lot,plastic figures and other items ^_^!

Click Banner to Visit my Sales!

Thanks for visiting ^^
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Pokedoll Collection SIte Update!

Hey all!

I've finally managed to get my collection site, Amity Square, all up to date! I wanted to try and get it sorted before the new Isshu dolls start coming out ^_^ (So excited for them!) ! I've added 3 new Plush plush, and have updated my wanted and coming soon pages <3 Please take a look! I'm looking for ways to improve my site, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know :) My website is at - I'd love to share links with more people too!

I'm also happy to try and answer any questions anyone might have about my site, or Pokedolls in general - I'd be happy to try and answer! ^_^

I also wanted to share something I won yesterday on Yahoo Japan - it's the first time I've ever seen one so I'm really excited about it! *__* I'll be adding it to Amity Square as soon as it arrives (a sneak peek is hiding under the cut though!)
Collapse )

I've got photos I've taken for a sale post - just need to sort the post out, expect a kid and plush-ful post soon!

Happy Collecting Everyone!~
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Wanted: Eevee Johto Charm/ possible GB

Hey guys!

I promised my dad's girlfriend I would get her an Eevee charm for her keys, but I've yet to find one or have missed them in sales posts. Does anyone have one they'd like to sell?

If not, would anyone be interested in a Group Buy for a set of Johto Eeveelution charms? I figure they'd be about $8.50 a piece plus any shipping from me to you. Obviously I'd be claiming the Eevee charm, but the rest would be up for grabs! Let me know~

Happy Collecting everyone! :D
Xeno lick

small figures!

Sorry to post again so soon, but I was wondering if anyone had any small figures for sale? Im not too fussed about which pokemon, Im looking for them to be kid size or smaller and I dont mind if they are keyrings/charms - In fact, I would prefer this!

I dont mind where you ship from and photos would be awesome (Or a link to your sales page) I can pay right away with paypal and Im in the UK.

Thanks guys!
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Dewott - Happy
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Dragon pin set up for offer

I discovered this set a little ways back, and will be taking offers on all of them:

These are Pokemon Ranger pins from the Pokemon Center, made in 2006 and are, to the best of my knowledge, extremely rare. They are gorgeous and well made, as one would expect from Pokemon Center merch! They're made of a thick black plastic/resin and are quite heavy for their size. Each one sports two pin clasps on the back. They also seem to be from the US, so I'm not sure if they originally came from the US Pokemon Center, or from Nintendo World.

I'd like offers to start at around $10, but please don't be offended if I don't accept an offer. If there is already an offer made on a pin you'd like to offer on, please reply to it :)

I was originally intending on keeping Flygon, but some financial issues have come up, so he is also up for offer. I ship from Canada, so if you need a shipping quote please ask me before you make an offer!

Apologies for anyone who purchased something from me in the last little while, as nothing has been shipped yet :( Feel free to ask me about the status of your order, I'll do anything possible to help <3
DENTO! is beautiful

kids for sale!

sunyshore updates!

you like kids???? YES???? you do!!! come take! i can combine orders if yours is still "processing"! so go check! get a 2.50$ combined shipping refund! but hurry since all paid for orders that i got the stock for (all but 3) will be going out tomorrow otherwise.

so we have, the NEW BW KIDS!!! yes, only 7 in this first set. and the distribution in the boxes was basically, 5473854385784375893475843 zekrom/reshiram, and 1-2 starters etc. each. so if what you want is GONE, just COMMENT here complaining, and i'll make some late-night/early-morning bike rides to the seven 7/11s near my house (you think i'm kidding) and try to get more if i can.

random assortment!

super cheap SPARKLY MOVIE KIDS!!! 1.50-2.50$ ONLY!! please take away!

also added these lovely things!

so in other tabunne news, you guys are NUTS, CRAZY, INSANE...

for tabunne!!

a few of those are still up for grabs on sunyshore as well :)

this is my last sales update until the pokedolls and wave 3 of pokecen plush come out in 15 days. sweet week of relaxation! but i'd look out around the 15thish for those preorders :D