November 5th, 2010

kids sales post

hi community! hope everybody enjoyed their halloween. =D

i have added a whole bunch of kids to my shop, which include eeveelutions, gengar/gastly, houndour/houndoom, azumarill, milotic, growlithe and a whole lot more. i am also releasing my wailord tomy and skymin clear kid for offers! some of the lots have been repriced as well.

(step this way to larvitarscar's shop!)

also, here's a sneak peek at my growing megablok collection. i have some more on their way, but right now i'm feeling uber happy that i managed to complete the eeveelution line. they look really cute in block form! =D i'm kinda sad that a larvitar megablok doesn't exist, though.

have a great weekend guys!

Zukans for dinosaurs

Hi everyone,

I need to make a move on a rather expensive, limited-edition dinosaur figure so, I'm putting up a batch of zukans for offers from my collection. This time, I have these zukans up for offers:

Zukan (Current high offer):
Blastoise line ($45)
Bronzong line ($8)
Fossils ($35)
Roaring Dialga ($25)
Flygon line ($70)
Johto starters ($6)
Togekiss line ($12)
Pikachu/Pichu and Piplup ($7)
Vileplume line ($32)
Venusaur line ($105)
Cradily ($77)

Several are still mint in their unopened bags!

Here's what I am willing to part with:
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i want your kids!

 hello everyone, i've been looking for some cute things recently and i was wondering if anyone had any pichu bro's merch they were selling or if they had the following kids:
nidoran(F), squirtle(one of the newer versions), kecleon, or a large variety of kids i could look through in a sales post :3
thanks fo rthe help! oh and if i don't purchase from you please don't feel bad :/ my parents don't rly want me spending tons on pokemon since i'm goign to college next yr  so i'm only going to buy something if i'm rly interestedXD


i need some extra cash so id thought id post my salez~ some prices were lowered i still have some dragon eggs that need be gone and some huge tiger/leapard plush that take up to much space a few tomys, jakks, and a blaziken that shoots fireballs

SO HERE IT IS! (clicky on the picture)~

also! dont forget to look out for a custom post in the near future! i will be auctioning off some pretty whistles with fine sound and a leafeon that can never learn grasswhistle ;__; he is a very nice sculpture but he has no voice! ><; such a sad tale

thanks for looking! bye bye!

Final Payments for Offers

So guys, referring to my offers post (Here) with some of these items..

If you guys participated in that offers post, final shipping payments are up! I know I said that I would accept initial payments until the 22nd, and shipping totals wouldn't be up until after the 22nd, but I looked at my schedule later down, and I saw that due to my quarter schedule and the courses I'm taking, I'm going to be extremely jammed with exams, and at that point, it'd be near finals week and I definitely would have to postpone shipping until after. Since I didn't want to keep you guys waiting too long, I took some of my free time between classes to calculate totals!

Some of you did NOT include a zip code so I couldn't calculate your shipping total, so at the moment, your column is filled with the weight of your items. Some of you did not pay your first total but did put your zip code down, so I just added the two totals together so just pay the second total that is listed.

I am going to TRY to ship these out in consistent waves, but it will most likely be random shipping times. When I do ship your items, I will either reply to one of your comments on the community, PM you, or e-mail you. I know at the moment that I have one set shipping date: Monday, November 8.

*****This means, if you get your payment in before I go to sleep on Sunday night/Monday morning (I usually go to sleep around 3-4AM PST for your reference), I will be able to ship out your package on Monday. So if you want your package shipped soon, get your payments in!******

Here's the spreadsheet: CLICK ME

Please send payment to asininity AT live DOT com with your username and what you bought in the note or the title.

Thanks everyone! :)

Items shipped + nyc meet + gonna be away DX

okay well all items that have been bought has been shipped. i apologize for the delay, but i had to go away for a bit last second.

i will be at the nintendo world store at opening time hopefully ^^ so if you see a short dude wearing bright purple socks and carrying a gengar bag thatll be me!
id like to hear what pokedolls people want to buy out of the ones from the store <3 im gonna stock up my sales post so please leave requests and ill see what i can do ^^

as well as that, i will be making ALL owed payments as soon as i get my internet fixed which will hopefully be sometime before the 15th if not on the 15th im sorry, but id rather not make any payments over public wifi DX
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Bids and Wants

I want Skitty stuff. She is my new love at the moment =) Anyone have any they are willing to trade or sell? Let me know. I am very picky about my Skitty merch. Just warning ya ;)

And I have some stuff up for bids! They will end Sunday night or if I get a good offer. All standard community rules apply. So play nice!

Go crazy with ya bad selves! Any questions? Hit me up yo!

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Eeveelution Charm GB- Payments Needed!

We've got enough people, so now it's payment time on the Eeveelution Johto charm group buy!

Each charm is $8.50 (includes price and shipping to me)
Shipping from me will be in a small bubblemailer and will be $2 flat in the US or $2.50 for International.
If it's okay with everyone, I'm going to just have you all pay once and I'll ship 'em out when I get them instead of making you all do another round of payments!

Please note that the first total is if you live in the US and the second is if you're international. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

Claims are as follows:
Eevee: pogaf ($8.50) PAID
Espeon/Umbreon: 99reddrifloons  $19.88 (I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE)
Flareon: first_mate_kate  $11.12 (US) or 11.64 (International) PAID
Jolteon: rika24  $11.12 (US) or 11.64 (International) PAID
Vaporeon: pokeranger9494  $11.12 (US) or 11.64 (International) PAID

Please send payment to digitalturtles(at)

Once I have all payments, I'll go ahead and purchase the charms!

Good places to Buy Pokemon Merch in NYC?

I'm not sure if this kind of post is allowed, if it isn't I'll gladly delete it. It's Pokemon, my question is where are some good places to buy Pokemon stuff in New York City? Aside from Nintendo World and Toys R US what are some other places? I'm going to try to go to as many places as I can during the 5 days I'll be there. But anyway, if you see someone wandering around NW with a Shinx or Mijumaru backpack(Or just a Pokemon plush in general >_>), that would be me. xD So I'll be doing a collection update when I get back(hopefully with loads of new stuff :D)
And now to keep this post interesting, have a picture of the Pikachu balloon I got for my birthday:

Various Plush GA--Payment 1 / Collection Update :3

Hey guys! Remember this GA? :3 Well our invoice came in! We won the auction for about half of our bids--but shipping pretty much balanced it out XD There will be two payments total for this GA. :3 Half down, half to go!

First payment-- Bid + Shipping::

monicamalice -  US:: $9.22--- International:: $9.31  PAID
stormfaerie - US:: $12.49--- International:: $12.62  PAID
paperoid - US:: $10.41--- International:: $10.52  PAID
misterdeluxe - US:: $17.47--- International:: $17.60
kokicola - US:: $9.22--- International:: $9.31 
habslove - US:: $9.22--- International:: $9.31  PAID
roxiexcore - US:: $34.05--- International:: $34.70 PAID

Please send your totals to becky_1229[at] --- Be sure to include in the memo field your LJ username as well as 'Various Plush GA--Payment 1'

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Oh and all orders from my Sales were sent out yesterday :3 This includes all trades!