November 6th, 2010

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Final GA payments owed!

 Okay, so let's be honest for a second.  I suck.  I suck really hard and I'm sorry.  I finally have weighed and packed every single GA from the last 3 GAs except for 3 people that need boxes.  I've been busy with school and being sick, but it's all done.  So these are all for payments for shipping from me to you.  

All payments can be made to whalesales (at) with your username in the subject and note of the payment.

Notebook GA can be found here

(if spreadsheet doesnt work try )

Misc Item GA held with Lonepichu

meijiatron - $3.33
jesslyra - $3.52
Folvey - $2.94
tagami_yami - $2.94
pokezombie - $2.94
lumpyspaceking - $2.94
starlighteevee - $2.94
nagineko - $2.94
kiiyame - $2.94
rythen - $3.65
roxyryoko - $3.30
monoicamalice - $2.59

Pikachu World Keychain GA

sakura_hana510 - $2.59
joltzapuire - $2.59
irethsune - $2.59
mana_mihara - $2.59

jedi_amara - $3.52

Need to find boxes for

Big apology in need and commission slot.

I haven't shipped items from my sales post yet because my computer died. I've been without a computer aside from the 30 minute slots on school computers for awhile. Luckily my computer is finally fixed and I can now access things like normal,which includes paypal with your addresses and item needs! So everything will be shipped on Monday and Tuesday :D sorry for the delay x.x

While my computer may be fixed, it has sucked my funds dry since I had to pay for repairs and updating myself, plus I had to make sure my files were still intact, so pricy pricy. As such, I have one last thing I need to get; a new battery. Problem is, I can't afford it at the moment (don't worry, I have money put away to ship ;D so this doesn't effect that).

So I have no choice but to hold a commission slot auction. The auction will be for one plushie! I'd prefer to work with Gen 5, but I can do anything, examples under the cut :D

also, tothose who have a commission from me, your plush is about 25-50% done. Most are heads or bodies and a few are peices cut out and stored in a ziplock baggy. Yes. I have about nine heads, three bodies, and about 6 other parts just laying around the room XD sorry for the delay with finishing, but I have finally got my grove back and they should hopefully all be done by the end of the month *knock on wood*


Price starts at 50.00

Auction is here:

yes, this is my custom's post for November :)
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Big sales event and gets!

Sorry to post again in 12 hours but I got my package today!
First, my gets ^______^ eeeeee!
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I love 'em all so much. But where to put them?                           
Squirtle sunbathing and Eevee pushing a cart! Say it with me "awwwww"

And now onto...

I can combine shipping if you are bidding on
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wee for magnets!

so, i went around for over an hour looking for more kids :( and no luck beyond one single mijumaru. but i will keep looking for mijumarus and yanappus and stock them if i can. i wish the box distribution wasn't so bad ._.

so i didn't think i'd have any more to sell, but i found these awesome things while out! so have at them! they are anime-style magnets, each an inch+ tall, except the pokeballs which are only a centimeter. check under the cut for more info!

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if you thought that was boring, have a nice picture of the pokedolls coming out in 15 days! you know i'll have pick up orders! :D


also, halloween contest voting IS OVER, i will announce the winner later as it deserves its own post, not tacked on to one of mine. XD
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(no subject)

I don't remember who, but someone ran a kids GA a while ago. I made both payments on an Eevee kid and haven't heard anything since, and have obviously not received it. If you ran it, can you please tell me what's going on?

EDIT: It was run by rere515 - has anyone heard anything?
(Original post here.

And can anyone tell me what I should do?


Also, I'm considering opening up commissions for latch hooks for the holiday season, making them over Thanksgiving break and the first week of December. Please let me know if you're interested. :)

Here are some samples here. :D


Hi this is ogoediamond. I'm a new seller on this community.
Here is my feedback page if anyone was wondering. feedback

I have received permission for selling on November 5, 2010.
I received the permission from denkimouse.



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All the merchandise prices may change to lower prices if they are not in that good of a condition.

Thank you very much for looking :D
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Custom slot auction.. shipping update

Woohoo! My PayPal card has been restored, so I can ship everything on Monday  \o/
Thanks to everyone for your patience!

Anyways.. My commission list has been significantly reduced, so I am opening 2 more slots;
1 bellplush @$15
1 minky 'pokedoll' plush @ $50
Bidding will end Wednesday November 10 at 6pm EST

More examples of my work can be found under the cut.

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Pokemon Time Tin question

Sorry all I ever do is ask questions @___@ As soon as I have time I'll be doing a collection update I accidentally a lot of kids again.

A friend of mine wants a tin to hold her DS games in, and was looking at Pokemon Time tins since they seem big enough to hold like 6 DS games, BUT.

Apparently they have plastic on the inside?? To keep you from eating all the candy at once I guess.

Is the plastic removable? It looks like it is, but since neither of us has ever seen one of the tins in person we have no idea.

(also if it IS removable and you have a cubone tin for less than hardrock-pokemon is selling them for, get in contact with me. I'm willing to act as a middleman for my friend if there's a cheaper price around)
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LF Pikachu Glasses Case!

It's been a while since I've ventured onto LJ, but I come to the community today on a very specific mission.  I found out yesterday that I need glasses and I'm on the lookout for a certain item that I will be needing very shortly :(  I'm searching for the Walky Pikachu Glasses Case from last spring's promotion:

(Image stolen from Brianjapan/Hardrock Pokemon)

I know Brianjapan has it in stock, but seeing as I'm going to be using it every day as opposed to keeping it pristine as a collector's item, I don't need it in original packaging or mint condition or anything like that.  Anyone seen one around or have one for sale??

I know "looking for" posts can be rather annoying.. thanks guys for dealing with this ♥  Hopefully someone can help me out!
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Pokecen buys, collection update and auction reminder

Hi again pkmncollectors!! 

I recently got a chance to visit Japan I was there right after B/W game came out! It was fun to see all the posters around :)

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And finally I wanted to remind everyone that my pokemon time candy tin auctions are ending tomorrow (Sunday) at 12 noon PST. The grass pokes are feeling unloved!

I also forgot a couple of things to post when I updated my sales the other day so they are up now! Sales post here!

Herro! Mini Update and Questions.

Hello people! Long time no see :D! I’ve been really inactive recently due to lack of funds and applications for colleges and haven’t been on the community too much. Plus, I can’t find my camera and so I can’t take pictures with anything other them my webcam :(.

I’ve noticed a huge influx in new members on the community and to you I say welcome :3! I hope I get to meet you all once my life settles down a bit. I’m planning on doing a big re-intro post and collection update once I can be more active. For the time being you can check out my website that is being updated: Cuddle's Pokemon Ranch

I am here though because I had a question about a few things:

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larvitarscar's collection: part VI

hi everybody!

here is the latest installment of my pokemon/sylvanian families series. up til now we never did find out what's the deal with buneary and the wedding dress...will this episode finally answer the question?

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Curtain call.

Finally, I'd like to thank everybody for being so supportive of my pokemon/sylvanian families series! I love to read everyone's feedback and it's a pleasure sharing. As a big thank you, I'd let you readers decide who buneary will walk down the aisle with in next season's wedding story arch! (the series shall be on winter break. =D) do leave some suggestions and I'd do a poll or something sometime if the response is good!

(if you're a new reader, my old entries can be found here.)

Thanks for reading!

First Sales Post Jitters!

 What's up, y'all?  I finally stopped procrastinating, bought me some mailers and a scale, and took some pictures!  It's time for my first sales post!  Granted, it's not very big, but I'm hoping you might find something you like. :D  I'm kind of between grant checks right now and I'd like some spending money for more Kips, you all know how that goes.

Without further ado, check out the goodies behind the cut!  And please tell me if there is anything I need to work on or change!

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2011 Calendar from McDonald's

Hey everyone!
today I went to the McDonald's (to download Kumasyun)
found out that the calendar is also on sale~

the calendar also comes with a sheet with 200 stickers and a LARGE poster.
I only bought a few extras, pm me if you are interested, all taken!

more pictures here

official site here

Also, new happy meal toys will come out in 12/17!
pretty sure it's all BW :)

Uh. Midnight collection epiphany. o____o


I need this flying banana-tree dinosaur in my life. However, it being near Christmas, and myself being a starving college student (/cough) I don't necessarily want to start shelling out a ton of dough at the moment for anything.

(Also, deciding to suddenly love Raikou to bits has been expensive. Stupid amazingly awesome legendaries.)

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GB last payment! Auction reminder! Sales update! Custom hat makers wanted!

hello hello hello :B

WELL First of all when I post, I multitask.

Secondly, when I post, I MULTITASK GOOD.

Thirdly, remember these bad boys?

Welp, they arrived!
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I have also put the spare ho-oh in my sales, in which all four categories have been completely updated! :D Have a lot of new things in and reduced prices! <3 Come check it out at the trouble with Gibles!


And also due to a lot of crazy things going on, never managed to post a reminder for this before now, so just letting you guys know I've extended the aerodactyl BK plush auction to Sunday, 7th November at 2am GMT. That's three hours from now! Come check it out if you're a hardcore aero collector:

click the picture to be transported! Just scroll down the post to find it <3

ALSO If you've been eyeing up the aero auction or anything in my sales but don't have the money, my WANTS have been updated! :D

click angry gible to AGAIN be transported!

I will happily buy, trade or discount auctions for any items on this list! ESPECIALLY gible ones! :D Come check it out! <3

FINALLY, as it's my birthday coming up, I thought I'd treat myself to a little something, and after seeingsoulsilver_iv 's lugia hat at the londonEXPO meet, I'd really love a gible hat for myself to wear at cons and such!

SO, Can you make custom pokemon hats? Do you need some money? if so, link me some examples and prices and I'll let ya know if I'm interested! <3 I can't wait to see what some of you guys can do! :D

I'm really sorry for the long and boring post! </3 Thank you for bearing with me anyways and take care my most beloved community :D I WUB U <3333

also, PS to anyone that has commisioned me: I am giving you individual updates on your pieces right now! I'm sorry these are taking so long, I really underestimated how long they would take and for that I apologise </3 Thank you SO MUCH for being so patient! :D Much loves <333