November 7th, 2010

How much is this worth + TINY meet update (CAKE)

first of all, how much are these worth and does anyone want some? my friend has three packages shes considering to sell to me and if anyone wants to make an offer ill talk to her. shes also willing to sell some individually CX

now then for the meet, a bunch of my friends from ny will be there too CX so just a warning. at Nintendo world theres gonna be this Mario party? lets see if any of us can get free cake CX
i also decided ill be wearing my shiny umbreon cosplay..or at least the hat lol so just say hi to the dude with the shiny umbreon hat hanging with a bunch of freaks lol
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absol website update

My Web site was updated.
It is possible to exchange it even by the item  without the reserve. (A part of items cannot be exchanged. )
△=no reserve. ◎=two or more reserves.

※ It doesn't sell it. It basically becomes only an exchange.
Please send mail from the mail form that exists in the blog.

I am looking for mainly goods of overseas [absol], [maightyena], and [eevees].
※Sentences not translated into English are most.




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Spoink Question

Hello! I'm new here. I'm a big Spoink fan. I would do an intro post sometime soon.

In the meantime, could I just ask a quick question? Hope it's OK!

What Spoink plushes are out there? I have only seen a Hasbro (?) one. If anybody has information do let me know. I want to start a collection.

Thank you!
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Noragami - Punk Yato
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Long time no see! 8D
Right now, I have put away my collections because I have 0 room for anymore but we're in the process of looking for a new house SO I should be back in full swing whenever that happens.

But for now I have two questions for the community:

1) Has anyone seen lucid_dr34ming? If I don't get in contact with her soon, I'm going to have to give her a negative. :/ She got back to me in September but haven't heard anything since...

2) I don't want to fall too behind with my cards so do you have some I need?
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I am the absolute worst.

Okay, so for those that are awaiting packages from me from that big ol' Zukan GA, please bare with me.

I have been outta internet and am currently outta car, and having to borrow the parents. Almost all of them are packaged and ready to go, I just haven't been able to run to the post. They will ALL be sent out by Thursday, and that is an absolute promise! I once again sincerely apologize to all of you, and thank you for being patient.

Sorry for the short, boring post. Everyone T_T

[pkmn] pokefriends~!

Multi-purpose post

 First off, to all the members who participated in the Arceus Plate zukan GA....

WE WON!!! :D Congrats to everyone! As soon as I get the invoice I'll have the totals up for you~

I also have a nice collection update for all of you~!

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And to end things, I've added some new stuff to my sales post! So please check it out! 


(no subject)

So, I've been making little cutesy charms recently, for keychains or necklaces or whatever, and I was wondering what people here would be interested in? Or is it just something you collect/Always wished there was more to collect of? DO TELL

Personally, Mewtwo. He needs more love (I know he got his own movie, hush you. Yeah. YOU) and I am eager to see Bachuru merch and hope there will be little figures (maybe a tiny plush!) coming out.

Poll #1641909 Pokemon Wants?

What Pokemon would you want most, either actual merch or customs?

Starters (Which?)
Eevelutions (Which?)
Legendaries (Which?)
Any of a certain type ie Fire types (Which?)
Trainers! (Which?)
Other (Do tell!)

And to make this post not entirely boring... Two babbies I made yesterday!

Mewtwo: ...You alright?
Totodile: *ROLLS*
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i'm new to the community, collecting and i guess this is my intro post + some other things? xP

i'm gabi. i'm from florida and i really like ghost and psychic type pokemon. my favorite is gengar and pretty much always has been; it's just one of those things! my pokemon collection is minimal and is basically just leftovers from childhood that i'd like to add onto and revive.

well, i hope i get to know some of you because this seems like a good community :)

edit: sorry for my failure of a cut! fixed.

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