November 8th, 2010

lovely arbok<3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

con swag, sales update, and collection website!

Hi guys :D I thought I would share with you some stuff that I grabbed at Nekocon this past weekend! Most of it is going up for sale, so I have updated my sales as well.

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I also present to you my collection website, Snake Ghosty. Here I have my collections of Arbok and Drifblim, plus other random Pokemon that I love. I still have some flats and wants to add, but everything such as plush and figures are all there. Feel free to link my website to yours, and I'll return the favor!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a lovely evening. ♥


larvitarscar IS OUR WINNER!

you ought to check out their entire photostory! notice our winner used no photoshop! it's good to see plain old photos taking the gold!

CONGRATS! :D You win a Pokedoll or something equivalent!

EVERYONE'S ENTRIES WERE AMAZING :D Thank you all so much for making the community's Halloween spectacularly spirited!! Stay tuned for our Annual Winter Contest, too!

Haven't posted in a while...

Hi guys, just wanted to make a post since I haven't in a looongg time...

Okay, so my b-day is in 2 mere weeks, so I'll probs have a looooooonnnggg wanted list, since I get so much monay on my
b-day XD  But here is a warmup of a few things I may want....

o  Jirachi TOMY
o European Darkrai candy toy (I've wanted it for a while)
o Shaymin land forme pokedoll (if I can find it lower than $30 > <;;)

So... If any o' you nice people have got any o' these items plz tell meh ^  ^
Btw... I got this Mew bootleg a while back :)

Thank you in advance~ <33
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Shipments made!

Alrighty..everyone who has paid has had their items shipped! (except for  sneadres per request =D)

I also owe 2 of you a small refund for over calculating shipping! Everyone else's just equaled thirty cents or less gain or loss.Paypal was more on some than I thought and less for others. I don't get it...but anyway. Hope you enjoy all the money you are getting from this community Paypal! XD

The 2 who will be receiving a refund will be little_ledyba and sneadres (I'll let you know how much after it is shipped, it doesn't weigh as much as I had thought)
So you two keep an eye out on Paypal for your refunds!!!

To make this post less boring and dull... check this out!
SO CUTE OMG!!! @___@ I want to animate Pikachu!
I also can't wait for BW episodes to air in America. Hurry up!! =)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for the purchases! $30 has been donated to my local animal shelter. Thanks a bunch everyone!
Feedback here please!
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Finally, finally, FINALLY!!

Only about 4-5 of my MOST RECENT sales did not go out today because I ran out of time to pack them, but those will go out TOMORROW.
You should all have your items sometime this week or early next week, unless you are international.
Once again, I am SO sorry about this terrible mess :( and I hope no one is too sore with me.. You have my word that when I feel comfortable opening up sales again, this will never happen again. Thanks so much to those who have been so kind, patient, and understanding,. it's really meant a lot.

Commission customers:
I have not yet finished anyone's commissions, but all 3 are about halfway done. I do not have any progress pictures at this time, but I am working on that. For your patience and understanding, I will include a little something extra in each of your packages. I expect to have these finished by mid-week next week at the latest, and shipped out by next weekend. Thank you all for your patience thus far, it is very appreciated.

In other news.. have a small collection update:

Horribly blurry phone pictures because my camera got stolen ahoy!

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That's about it for now, thanks for looking :>

Collection Update

I just got back from SugoiCon yesterday... Splurged about $100 on mostly Pokemon stuff, got a few nice things to show for it. c:

Sorry for bad photo quality; still am stuck using my DSi for photos due to most of our computers lacking an easy to use SD card slot. D:

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Feeling nostalgic

I was watching the second pokemon film earlier today, and well.... I want like a billion Ancient mew cards. I got rid of all my cards years ago, so... if anyone is selling, I'm looking to buy any and all ancient mew cards that people have out there.

Amazing TCG get ^^

So... I have an amazing get to share with all of you today. As always, it is TCG related... ><;; But this should be pretty nostalgic for those of you that started collecting Pokemon in the beginning...

Sealed First Edition Shadowless Base Set Booster Boxes... That's a mouthful ><;; But yep, these are ours! Can't believe we actually got them. ^^ These are boxes of the very first print of the Pokemon TCG ever. Ever! And yes... we have two. ^^

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There are five of each for sale -- I'll be putting these in my sales post as well... so here we go!

Picture of the actual boxes.

And finally, a link to my sales post --

Thanks for reading!  ^^