November 9th, 2010

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Auction for giant Poliwhirl Plush!

Hey everyone! Today I bring you guys a giant Poliwhirl plush for auction. :O

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Poliwhirl was once a part of my collection with many other plush, but I am running out of room, so I have no choice but to find a better home for him!

He is super cute, huge, and in like-new condition! As in, no visible stains, and is pretty much flawless, and he comes with his hang tag as you can see in the photo. His tush tag at the back has been snipped off, however. I have a Jolteon pokedoll on top of him for reference, but I'm pretty sure he's about 2" tall, and then some if you include his feet.

This plush is actually quite light for how big he is, but I estimate shipping to be around $25 to the US and $35 overseas. If it's any less I'll refund you~

Please start bidding at $25! This will be a 3-day auction and will end on Friday night at 12:00am midnight PST. :)

Pillow, Eevee

Anyone with Ninjask stuffs!

Hey peeps!!!

In the few months I've been collecting I have really fell for Ninjask....

I know theres not much merch to do with him but that int gonna stop me from trying lol

I got a Ninjask keshipoke coming from the lovely hitosyura :)

But apart from that I am stumped at what is actually available, because so little info is available.....

So what I'm really asking is if anyone has any Ninjask stuff that wants rid of it then let me be your bin!! haha open to offers or reasonable set prices :) thanks guys, luvs luvs luvs xXx

Also please, please, please don't be offended if I decline because of postage cost...I'm really sorry xXx



Shiny Card Auctions!

EDIT: The auctions have ended, most without bids! Any unsold items can now be bought at the starting price, though I've got a possible trade going for Groudon.

Hello all! I've been working on updating Lightning Kitty Sales (which you may or may not have noticed is currently down), but for now I've got some shiny cards up for auction!

These are new Japanese promo cards that came out a few months ago, and are different from the star or Shining cards that many of these Pokemon also received years ago. I believe they were purchasable through the Point system (correct me if I'm wrong here, card collectors!) but you could only get the whole pack as a set. Due to this, I haven't seen singles listed much on YJ (haven't seen even one shiny Dialga there!) and while singles can also be found on eBay, they start at much higher prices than I'm asking here ^_^

Pokemon Palkia Kyogre Groudon Deoxys Shiny Cards

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offer reminder + mew stylus alert

hi! firstly, for those who ordered items from me in my latest sales post, i have just replenished my packaging supplies and they will be going out in the next few days - i will send a notification to you once they're out, so look out for that!

also, this is a reminder that my wailord tomy and clear shaymin kid are still up for offers in my shop. while i'm at it, i just added an attack buizel and piplup squirter figure as well. =D also, there are still plenty of MIB kids up for grabs, including growlithe, gengar/gastly, azumarill, dragonair, houndour/houndoom, and many more!

(proceed to check out the loot here!)

finally, i managed to find the elusive mew stylus that sugargerbil was eagerly hunting a few days ago, and i'm gonna reserve it for her since nobody on the community seemed to have it then. however, in the event that she already secured her copy, it shall be up for auction! either way, i have two! i always intended to keep one, but if it is truly the grail that it appears to be, i may decide to sell it if there is interest and goes towards completing a fan's collection. =D

just so this ain't merely a sales plug, i recently managed to acquire something rather sexy.

it's a clear leafeon kid! it never crossed my mind that clear leafeons and glaceons existed since i never saw any before. gosh, and so my quest for a clear glaceon begins. =p

thanks everybody! have a good week ahead.

zukan sale mid-point reminder

Hi all,

A quick reminder that I have some zukans up for offers through this week. I just updated a few for which I received PM offers while away for a little vacation. I'll take offers through Saturday probably.

Here's a link to the original post and an update on high offers for each zukan:

Blastoise line ($45)
Bronzong line ($8)
Fossils ($35)
Roaring Dialga ($25)
Flygon line ($70)
Johto starters ($5)
Togekiss line ($10)
Pikachu/Pichu and Piplup ($6)
Vileplume line ($32)
Venusaur line ($95)
Cradily ($77)

Thanks! :)

Official Pokemon of the Week

It's that time of week again!


So last week we had poisonous stomachs! What will it be this week...


Poisonous scorpions #451 Skorupi and it's evolution #452 Drapion! So search your collections for these critters and post up photos! Also don't forget that the funniest/most creative photo wins... the internet XD.

P.S. If you want to search previous POTW posts, they are tagged using 'theme' and the names of the featured Pokemon.

Collection introduction post! (finally, geeze)

I had a good post made a week ago, but gave up after LJ ate it without asking me. So gluttonous. Anyway, I finally decided to try again, since I got a bunch of stuff in the mail recently.

First, a little background info. My boyfriend and I live together in an apartment in college. Morality issues aside, we love collecting video games, as well as their memorabilia. Together we have amassed a large collection of items, from Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and of course Pokemon. I also have a quite large Cardcaptor Sakura collection. Since this is pkmncollectors, though, we're going to just showcase the Pokemon stuff here, so don't mind the occasional cameo of something that is not a Pokemon.

Warning: This post is EXTREMELY image heavy. We really have a lot of stuff.

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Also a note: we're always looking for new things to add to our collection. As you can see we collect a bit of everything, and our favorite Pokemon differ as the years go on. We're not much into third gen stuff, except Kyogre and Groudon, as our hearts lie in where it all began: first and second gen. We also love the TFG figures, so if you're looking to make a deal with us, we may be interested!

I'm also in love with Mijumaru at the moment, but I doubt I'd be able to find much second hand for him, since he's so new.

Thanks so much for looking! I apologize that this is kind of show-offy, and later posts won't be this huge.

Quick Offers Post! Calling Customs and Shirt collectors!

I've got a quick offers post! Received the Mystery shirt I won in a recent auction only to find it was too big for me and had no pokemon I collect on it :O Soooooooo off to auction!

As well I also got a set of the Button up chain pokemon plush with help from korth and am only keeping one so the rest go to you guys!

Finally I'm auctioning off a couple of old Customs.  A 1:1 Larvitar custom from the incredible juumou and an Aerodactyl Custom from scytherwolf :O!

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Surfing Pika

November Sales!

Hello pkmncollectors! I hope you are all having a wonderful November. I just got in a new box of awesome items, so it's time to put what I'm not keeping up for sale! Lots of figures and TCG. :D

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I also have a bunch of stickers, pogs, and flats (I can take a photo if requested!) and those would be $10 for all. Well worth the price, I assure you! :D

Please let me know if you have any questions! ♥
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Updated wish list and sales! <3

Hello, community!
I just got a beastly paycheck, and figured it'd be the perfect time to post my wants list. I'm on a fruitless search for the Raikou TFG. Even if you aren't sure about parting with your's, maybe money can talk? xD

Oh, and since I plan on going to the post office soon, here's my sales! Lots of prices have been lowered~ <3

A quick notice to people I've bought from/auctioned with!
My paypal is NOT sending payments correctly. If I owe you payment, I may have already sent it on my side, but it had not been recieved on your's! Please let me know if I owe you a payment for something, and sorry for the troubles!

Thanks for looking. <3<3<3

Zombies + pokemon = ?

Evening! I saw this on Teefury(a awesome tshirt site you should check out if you don't know it) and they have a "dawn of the dead" meets pokemon shirt up!
But only for the next 24hrs... so buy fast if you want one XD
Its not my cup of tea, but maybe some of you will like it!

** **

EDIT: and its gone! congrats to everyone who got one.
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(group) BUY MY STAMPIES =]

I have a bunch of new BW retsuden stampies for sale! This set has no Monmen which makes me sad and also means I have to get rid of a lot of stampies which are not Monmen (Monmen why do you not love me enough to be in this set ;-;). Photo stolen from denkimouse, with permission now!


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If you are having stamps shipped directly to you from me you can combine with my sales post! If you are having whitecygnet middle your shipping then you can only combine with other retsuden stamps from the sales, otherwise it makes packing/mailing too complicated.

this is a sales banner