November 10th, 2010


Auction Reminder

This is a reminder that my plushie commission slot auction ends November 11 at 11 pm. So not too much longer left! This will be my last auction slot of the year, so if you'd like one, come bid. This slot is also garunteed to be done by christmas, so it's a great gift idea as well :D I'll even wrap it for you XD

Bid here:

Happy bidding!

And I do have a collection update in the works, but I'm still waiting on a few things x.x;

Any talented plush makers around?

First of all, sorry about a post like this, I don't have much to show right now. D8 I have all my poke stuff here waiting for me to go through them completely for a throughout collection weeding, so I should be having some nice sales up in the nearby future somewhere. <3

Anyway! Don't you just hate it how some pokes get barely any merchandise? I don't like it how Gallade has only one plush made of him, and how derpy and all that one single plush must be. I've always wanted a soft little Gallade to cuddle but not that. :c It's not manly enough.

So I come for you artists! And I really mean talented artists (not to scare or shoo anyone off! If you feel you could do this feel free to throw samples at me :D) since if I didn't want it to be superbly perfect I'd just make it myself. I just can't do the shapes Gallade would require yet, I don't have the experience. I've only been making doggies so far.

I prefer big plushies over small ones, and this plan requires a bigger plush really (how big would depend on the prices). Material.. shouldn't be minky since I don't really think Gallade has that much fur. ;D I don't know what fabric would be good though, I don't know them too well. The red triangles and the head thingie should be sturdy enough and not floppy of course, and a while ago I was seriously fantasizing about a function that you could hide the extended elbows inside the arms somehow (plastic? cardboard?) and pull them out for a more fierce look. Having the Gallade somewhat poseable wouldn't hurt either. <33 Would this be doable at all?

I'll probably ask again later somewhere if I can't find anyone curious enough for this yet. *3* Thank you!

Edit: Artist found! <3

TTA Strap Group Buy part 3

I hope this is okay, I know that starlighteevee was running a post for a couple sets down below, but I know there's more interest and I'd really like to get a Kibago without paying for the whole set. :3

The following Poke's still need claims before we can do any more sets:
Mamepato x2
Kibago x2 ( I would be willing to buy an extra if someone can grab a Mamepato for this set, also. )

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kitsune sold/ chibi centipede dragon?

This guy needs some more love than what he gets here (and money is needed :B)
looking for $55 shipped,
Someone give this trickster a place to stay.
And expect an update sometime soon ;)

EDIT: to the two who won my offers, your items have been shipped!

I would totally make this more interesting but my camera is fail, so I'll just out it out there that I  am
looking for:
Giratina another forme pokedoll

Will gladly buy one :B

finally, a collection update

I do not collection update much because I don't buy a lot of stuff, but I just recently had to rearrange things a little and have some exciting things! So!

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Like usual if anyone is selling the cream roll cookie tin with the isshu starters on it and including the cookies, tell me!
Aside from that and blaziken kids, I am probably not going to be buying much at all until January I am pretty much almost out of money for the semester. sry guys


so what was my number one anticipated plush o' the month?!?!?!

some electric pokemon right?!?!?!


what?? you say. no, it's true! the anime has given me a secret but burning love for mijumaru. no, i'm not going to collect him, but it doesn't mean i can't get the plushies i want, yeah?!

starting with the TALKY!!! this is my first o-hanashi plush (meaning it talks to you, doesn't just say one thing if you press a button) and i am very very in loves.

so time for an update with all my recent black/white gets!

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now last but not least, a conversation with talky mijumaru!
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[pkmn] carnivine EAT A SALAD

Up for grabs and hoping to grab!

Hi there! I posted here a couple times in the past, but mostly I lurk among the shadows. :< For those of you without eidetic memories, I own a near-complete Dragonair collection, and I also collect Carnivine (now my actual favorite; don't tell Dragonair) and land-form Sheimi. :D

I'm also Gin's sister! She gave me permission to post a few things for sale, so hopefully someone will be interested. I try to avoid naming prices, because I fail at it, so please just make an offer if anything sparks your interest.

I am also hoping to buy a Shiny Gyarados Plushie! I would sell my left kidney for one, but since that's illegal, I need to settle for money and maybe even a trade. Again, I fail at pricing, so if you have one for sale, please name your price.

I've collected my things on a gorgeous, state-of-the-art website right HERE.

Oh, and finally, my feedback thread is here.

Thanks for looking!!
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just a quick post for all you ivysaur fans out there...

because this is pretty special.

It's a prototype water squirter! no need to tell you how rare this thing is ;D

Apparently it was put on display at the new york toy fair in 1998-1999  :)

Just thought I'd quickly bring it up to the community's attention! :D

Whoever decides to bid...good luck! <3