November 11th, 2010


GB (unreleased) TFG ! *more groups available now

 Alright enough folks seemed fairly interested and I'd like to test my magical GB powers so let's go!!


Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on 11/10/10

This is for a listing on Ebay so it would require shipping to me then from me to you, on top of the price to win the auction. So two payments only. 

The cost to claim (includes price for 1 tfg and shipping) is $3.00
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PLEASE PAY NOW. SPREADSHEET IS UP (:  i am a spreadsheet

please send payments to: theresilienceofnature@gmail(dot)com sets have been purchased!

Small update

I can't say too much since I am kind of on a time limit.
Life struck hard so I haven't been able to ship everything. I am just posting to let everyone know I am still "around".

You can get in contact with me at

Moar salesly goodness :D

Once again I am collection weeding, but this time its not easy. Another bill came up that I need to help pay, so I have to sell off some of my prized collection, this time being Cyndaquil, giratina, aggron, raichu, slowpoke and some customs! Even bead sprite custom slots available!  

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Thanks for looking!
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Epcot Pokedoll Run 5

It's that time again....

I have a total of 15 slots open, plus another 5 for our international collectors who might not see this post until later ;]
As well as 3 TOMY slots, 5 Christmas Pikachu spots, and 5shirt 2 shirt slots.

This run will be conducted on Monday NOVEMBER 15. I will require payments no later than Sunday Nov 14!

(Don't fret if you miss a slot, I visit Disney all the time so I make runs every few months <3 )

Shipping Updateeee: Also, all items from my last sales have been shipped between the dates of Nov 6, 9, and the 13 ;P 

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Metal Collection Figures?

Hi guys! I think I want to collect Metal Collection figures!

I have a few and they are just the most awesome darned things I have ever seen... I'm downsizing other parts of my collection pretty harshly (look for a sales post soon!) but these guys are small enough that I'd love to get my paws on a few more.

Anyone have a few they're looking to part with? I'm browsing recent sales posts, but would anyone like to direct me to one in particular? I'm not looking for a complete set and might be a little picky on condition, so I can't promise I'll want every offer out there, but I'd love to see what's available. :)


Question about Hong Kong

 I'm in Hong Kong right now and I know here should be great amounts of Pokemon merch.
Anyone here know about some specific place?  anyone got a recommentation? Every information would be great :)

Thank you for your time guys!

I'm back.

 Some of you may remember me from some months ago being a member on here, but after  a lot of things happened I just stopped posting and sort of disappeared. My outside life effected my role here, and it wasn't fair to anyone who was effected by that. Regardless, I'm older now, my life has never been better, and feel like I need to be responsible and own up to some things here. I owe money to a few people, I'd like to have that debt paid off. Rentorar, I owe you shipping for a Charmander pokedoll (I don't care if you have it or not). I also owe money for pokedoll tag art, for the three original starters. Also, I forget the user, but he wanted cards and I refunded him, but promised to give them to him anyway as a sign of 'good faith'. You were right to be mad when you never got those cards, I'm sorry for promising them to you and not delivering, and also for wasting your time. I just should have refunded you and said sorry, but I can't take it back- so my apologies are all I can offer. Other than that, I'm sure many of you are wondering about the correspondence about your plush commissions through my once girlfriend, I think she went by valdon on here. I haven't talked to her since May, but I feel partially responsible for her conduct because she used my sales permission to go about doing them- I sincerely hope she just disappointed those whom were on a waiting list and not actually took money without doing her end of the work, if that's the case, there's nothing I can do personally (you should make a paypal dispute if you haven't already), but I will listen. All in all, I would visit here and just feel pretty bad about the immature and unprofessional way I handled myself on this site, there's no excuse for it other than just that, I wasn't really ready or mature enough to handle my demeanor here in the way I should. I make much more than I ever used to now, I live on my own, and I've made it a point to better myself and be a better person, which is why I'm writing this. I want to be active in the community, and prove that I can be trusted here and possibly even become a valuable asset to the community as well. Again, I'm very sorry, but all I can do is pay what is owed, and apologize and try to make up for it. Thanks for your time.


Extrememly limited plush commission offer

Hi folks! As many of you know, I do not normally take pokemon plush commissions (though I do frequently trade) but unfortunately a small mistake on my part has left me somewhat financially screwed, and I just had a check bounce. This doesn't make me particularly happy. I've been trying to raise money several other ways, but it just hasn't worked out, so I'm falling back on my desperation plan, which is to auction off a pokemon plush commission slot.

I won't say I'll never do this again, but this is certainly the only chance you'll have to buy a custom plush from me for quite a long time, this is very rare, and only happens when I'm completely desperate.

I need money asap, so this is a 24 hour auction, and you need to be able to send at least half the final winning bid immediately via paypal at the auction's end. As is my usual policy you can choose to pay in full immediately, or you can pay the other half when your plush is finished.

I can make any pokemon, and for this auction I will make up to 24" tall, so many of the smaller pokemon could be made in 1:1 scale. If the auction goes high enough I might be willing to do something larger. Fabric will be minky. Completion time will be at least two months, possibly slightly more, so you can expect your plush around January.

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If you have any questions about this auction, feel free to ask them. :)

Looking for some stuff, help?

Christmas time is near P: Oh yes. And I need some special things for my butt boyfriend <3

The one thing I REALLY want is a Banpresto Metagross, so if anyone is selling one, or knows where I can obtain one, I would love you forever ;O;

He also likes;


I would be willing to buy items from you of these Pokemon, or trade for them for anything out of my SALES, CARD SALES or  CUSTOMS :D He dosent have many items of these Pokemon so theres a good chance of getting some bits from the com here <3

Thanks in advance guys! ;^; *hug*

Strap Group Buy Payment Post!

Our last post hasn't quite disappeared off the front page, but I figured everyone would like an update.
nanoplasm (our strap supplier) only has TWO sets available, so sorry if you were on the list for the third set, sorry. :[ Maybe a set will show up on YJ or Ebay.


Our first set is all paid for and set, thank you all for being so prompt!
We've finished our second set, so I need your payments and then I'll order them from nanoplasm !

payment is to
please put the item you ordered in the paypal note

zefiru  Pikachu, Starters: 12.36 PAID
kardashian  Zoroark, Reshiram: 6.18 PAID
nekusagi Zorua: 3.09 PAID
flag  Mamepato: 3.09 PAID
crasholina  Kibago: 3.09 PAID
6_05  Zekrom: 3.09 PAID
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Quick Huge Auction of Jakks/Figures

Damn I really want to do this ;-; uhh I think I will -fightsmajorbratfeelings-

I will be doing the bidding,shipping,and answering questions and I'm claiming The Charizard Jakks, the little pika next to scizor (looks too small to be a jakks but if he is I'll give him away when they come),the broken zard tfg,and possibly one umbreon -dunkillplz- for 40+

- All standard community GA rules apply including the sniping policy.

- Bidding ends Nov 14, 2010 5:30 PM PST

- Bid increments of $1

2 Payments, The cost of the lot and shipping and the shipping from me to you

Bidding Has Ended

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FFFF Sorry Comments and questions will be on the last page I forgot to post that before I posted the items HURPDURP 8D;