November 12th, 2010

Pokemon - Mins!

A Very Late Photostory!

 So, back in July it was my 21st birthday and in effort to be original, I did not go to Las Vegas. Instead I went somewhere much specialer! 

The Grand Canyon!

But did I go alone? Of course not! So who did I take with me? Well... he's green and white and loves to fly!

Read ahead to see just who I took with me (and spot some other lovely 'poke-folks' as well)!

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Sales Update!

I've updated my Sales Page with quite a few items from some pretty extensive collection weeding I've been up to lately! Also included are some pre-made custom charms and custom-made bases for a couple of figures!

"Orphaned" figures that were once part of a set, made fabulous again with a new base!

Due to time and travel constraints, though, I CAN ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE US AT THIS TIME! With that in mind, please have a look if you can and see if anything strikes your fancy!

Click for Pokemon Sales!
Raichus, Marills, Cyndaquils and more await!

Thank you!
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Click the banner to see the original post!
I've taken more photos of the lot, emptying the bag and sorting things out so you can see the contents better!

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Just to remind you, this lot will NOT be split up. These are leftovers from my last sales, I want it ALL gone. I'm open to any kind of offers you have though, group buys or anything like that.

This lot includes several rare or old things, including a CHARIZARD BELL PLUSH, worth 100 dollars on its own.
All pokedolls are english except for Lucario and Charizard
All cards are english
This lot also includes some old Pokemon Mighty beans!

Bids start at 200 dollars
Ultimate Budew Happiness
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Floaroma Shop updatey~!

300+ new items added! Sorry for the delay guys~

☆ Pokemon Center Tins, plushies
☆ NIB Zukan, Gen 2 merch, Pokemon kids
☆ Gorgeous rare art postcards
☆ 80+ Chou Get figures
☆ Cloths, bags, cases
☆ VS Cards, stickers

edit: There was a small harmless bug on my site, but is now fixed :3

i want everything gone - sales


-prices in USD
-I ship from Canada, so please include your country when asking for a quote. (For Canadians, I will need your postal code, and U.S, i need your state)
-Please note that shipping starts fro $7.00 for anything NOT FLAT to the states >_<
-Please do NOT PM me, I probably will not see it >_>
-I can only do holds for 48 hours
-After given a quote, payment must be sent within 24 hrs or it will be passed to the next person. If you are given quote, and you decide that you do not want the item anymore, please let me know, so that I can quote it to the next person that shows interest.
-I accept trades from my WANTS LIST  but not currently interested in any customs, but things on my want list will have priority on every item, as long as they have not been quoted >_> sorry!
-Payment methods besides Paypal only accepted for large purchases
-For things up for offers, I will only sell them if I like the offer

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Shipping charges?

Hi guys!

I've bought a bunch of pokestuff from Noppin (crescent) and as soon as my next item arrives at the warehouse I have to pay for shipping.

Now, forgive me if I'm being stupid, but which is the cheapest method? On their shipping page they list around 10 ways to ship, but do not show the prices.

What I'm after is a cheap and safe option, but I don't mind if it takes forever, as long as I save money. This is why I don't want to use EMS, as it prioritises quickness, which I'm not bothered about if I can get something substantially cheaper.

I've ordered mostly figures, but not too many, so I don't think it'll be incredibly heavy.

Does anyone have any advice on cheap, slow shipping methods?

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Absol spirt

How to spot the fakes?

Hello everyone!
So I did the major no-no of not only buying Pokemon plushes on ebay but from sellers in China as well.
The buneary came in perfectly, though I didn't know she was electronic when I bought her.
My Umbreon Pokedoll... not exactly what I expected. I'm not sure if I was expecting different than what I got, or if she's just not right- She has a "Pokedoll" tag, and a gamefreaks tush tag but I'm still not sure.

So all you seasoned pokemon collectors... How do you spot the fakes?
(And I'm sorry I can't post a picture of my Umbreon to help- Only camrea I have is on my phone and it's not liking her dark coloring at all)

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Finished auction found here

for anyone that wants to look and throw in their two cent on this specific case.
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I got my FINAL major grail!!!

I say my final major one because technically, any Lugia plush is a grail to me! But I have been after this particular one for four years and I finally have it!
Lugia plush

PLUS IT WAS ONLY £28!! This makes all three of my biggest grails now, the first being the giant Lugia, the second being the large, vinyl Tomy Lugia figure and the last one being this plushie!! Now I can relax LOL... one day I hope to own all the Lugia plushies ever released!
I will post a collection update eventually too!

gb (unreleased) tfg ! payments due!

If you participated in this Group Buy:

then it's time to pay (:

Spreadsheet is here: i am a spreadsheet

obligatory link to original auction

Please make payments to theresilienceofnature@gmail(dot)com
Put your LJ username and what you purchased in the notes section.

Thanks guys! Feel free to leave a comment when you've paid to make things a little easier. psy_man  and lickskillet  I've already received your payments and adjusted the spreadsheet.

I was told it is shipping today and should arrive in 8-20 days!
Pucker Up

Trade Website Links and feedback

Since I've recently updated my website I felt that it would be nice to have more links on the website, especially since I have the hardest time looking for people's websites. Why? I have no idea so if anyone would like to trade links just let me know. :D

Still looking for latis. :P

EDIT: Nevermind about the trade, sorry about that. I just remembered the feedback rule. Really sorry. Well, I guess if I have bought from you (i highly doubt anyone will remember) feel free to leave feedback and I'll be glad to leave you some. xD

In-Case Figures GA?

 Hey guys!  I just ran across this on Y!J and thought it would make a decent GA.

EDIT:  GA'd by cuddlefist and 99reddrifloons !

And a just a quick sales note:  I wasn't able to send things out yesterday or today, but they'll be sent out first thing tomorrow morning.  Not having gas sucks. D:

If you buy anything before tomorrow morning, it will be shipped out with the rest of the packages tomorrow!  Nothing new here, just thought I would give people a last minute shopping opportunity before I send things out.

I need a sales banner, derp.

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