November 13th, 2010


Reintro/Collection Post + Website!

Alright, I've been meaning to get around to this, and now that I've received a ton of stuff from SMJ, I can finally make a reintroduction plus a collection post! XD

My brother, cardwhale introduced me to this site a while ago, and after lurking, I decided to join. Growlithe and Arcanine (but mostly Growlithe) are my absolute favorite pokemon and have been ever since I first watched the show. c: Unfortunately, they don't have that many plushes (I typically only collect plushes, since I'm not really into figures or flats), but I'm content with that they have. My next favorite pokemon unfortunately is Piplup!

Of course, my next favorite pokemon just had to be a starter and had to be out of its pokeball all the time like Pikachu... resulting in 80+ different plushes. But hey! I guess it ends up balancing out the lack of Growlithe and Arcanine plushes.

I absolutely love Meguroko from Gen V so I do plan on collecting the guy!

Other collections that aren't plushes are Pokemon Tales books (English versions) and Pokemon locks. :D

So after a couple of months of being part of the community... here's what my collection looks like before all my items I received today:

And here are some closeups of each part! :D

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Whew, there's my collection in a nutshell. I won't be making collection posts quite often, because I recently opened up my own website! :D

My entire collection and its individual items can be seen up close there including the stuff that I didn't show off here like the rest of my locks and my Pokemon Tales books. My wants list will also be there as well. If you want to trade links, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to link you on my page! :D

long time no post!

Hey everyone!

I can't even begin to say how long it's been since I've taken a look at the community @@ Darn college, but there really hasn't been time to pokecollect. And unfortunately, part of the reason is my waning interest in collecting ): 

But aside from that, I'm here looking for a particular plush!!
I can't even find an actual picture of it aside from the one on PPP

Anyone have one for sale? Or info on how much it would be? I imagine it's kinda hard to find because it's PokeCen and a holiday exclusive ): I'm also interested in the Plusle and Minun snowmen plush!

Hopefully I'll be able to have more time to get back into collecting soon.
Thank you!
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"Group buy" reminder!

This is a reminder for my BW retsuden stamps "group buy" (ie. buy my stuff for cheaper shipping by routing it through whitecygnet)! I'll be shipping these off to whitecygnet on Monday morning my time, so you have two more days to get claims and payments in :)

Click on the image to go to the buy! I realised that I forgot to add the chipmunk/meerkat/beaver thing to the list of stamps available, so I have now done so \o/ megami36, I still need your payment for Miju!

You can choose stamps from my sales to be sent over with the group buy too! I have lots of DP stamps left. I'm only including stamps in the group buy this time, but you can have other things sent directly to you, or I'm hoping to run a bigger group buy for my sales in general soonish (PM me if you're interested in "hosting"!).

look for stamps (and other things) here!

last day

Hi all,

A quick reminder that today's the last day I'll be taking offers for these zukans (highest current offer in parentheses):

Blastoise line ($45)
Bronzong line ($8)
Fossils ($35)
Roaring Dialga ($25)
Flygon line ($70)
Johto starters ($5)
Togekiss line ($12)
Pikachu/Pichu and Piplup ($7)
Vileplume line ($32)
Venusaur line ($105)
Cradily ($77)

Here's a link to the original post:

Thanks! :)
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Kids for Sale and Seeking Porygon-Z Kid!

Hi! I have some MIB (MintInBox) kids for sale today! Pretty recent ones too!

Each kid will be $5.50 plus shipping (comment to get a shipping quote); however, Piplup will be $5!


3x Zorua
1x Altaria
2x Giratina ORIGIN FORME
1x Piplup (Animé Selection Series!)
1x Empoleon

Also, I am searching for something: Specifically, a mint in box Porygon-Z regular kid. I think it is from the DP8 series? If you have this item, or a picture of it, please comment below!


Tis first Collection Update!

Hey guyz! I'm happy to announce that after much procrastination , I have finally gotten around to taking pictures of my new stuffs!
Oh how I love them so! Also, a slight mini-grail - I call it that because it wasn't expensive, but its something I have been drooling over since I saw it.
I also went closet diving and found some more old goodies!

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Want list

its my frist time to make a want list, if you have any of this items contact me ^^ i would love to buy them or make nice trades (i have some nice zukans to trade including mightyena line, absol, manectric line, johto starters and many others zukans).

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Kio Bashful

Shipping Notice + Small Sales Update

All packages have been shipped out,U.S And Intel. I know many have already received there packages and left feedback,if you like to leave feedback or want me to leave fb back I be happy too just link me ^_^.

My feedback can be found here.

Also I have some small updates and prices lowered in my sales!
-New talking/shaking togepi plush
-electabuzz lightup item
-pokeball battle stadium?
Feel free haggle as I want to make space thank you!
Pokemon_Time, Samu_PT

Sales plug and a collection update. :3

Hey guys! I’ve had to down size my collection by quite a bit thanks to a moving situation, but rather than have these guys sit around in a storage place with never knowing when they’re see daylight again, I figure they’d better off with someone else. :3

Oh and I have an Eevee walky bad and Coin Purse as well as a Shiny Piplup Kids’ Figure up for offers on my sales post as well. <3~

Sales link:

So I’ve been sitting on a collection post for months now, but I just am always waiting on more stuff to come. xD

Well I got a good amount to go with now, so here is a long overdue update. :D

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WAILORRRRRDDDDDDD!!!!!!! And some news

I know i've been gone for about a year, but I'm back, and look what I found on eBay!

Now, I couldn't buy this, definitely not! BUT, I know there's quite a few Wailord fans out there, so I wanted to show you guys this.

Anyway, in other news, I will be logging in a bit more than I have. ESPECIALLY around Christmas, since I'll have a collection update. I have gotten some new stuff that I've wanted to show you guys.

So, have a good night!

Small Sales Post! Keychains and Plush! and Preview of Future Sales!

This is my very first sales post so please be gentle :D Behind the cut: Buizel, Piplup, Eevee, the Pichu brothers, and Torchic! Updated with lower prices! :D

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And here's a preview of my upcoming CRAZY SALES OMG! Featuring tons of mini models, Tomys, and a remote control Psyduck and remote control Ivysaur! Awesoooome :D :D :D Collapse )
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New Japan Post USA shipping rules

This was posted over in egl  so I thought I'd post this to the comm because it's certainly relevant to Pokemon collectors.

After November 17th, Japan Post will no longer ship packages larger than 16 oz to the US until further notice, due to new security measures put into place following the attempted terrorist cargo bombings. Here's a link to the Japan Post website article, and a list of services affected from the egl  post:

航空通常郵便物 (normal Air Mail)
航空小包郵便物 (Air Mail parcel)
SAL通常郵便物 (SAL normal mail)
SAL小包郵便物 (SAL parcel)
国際スピード郵便物 (EMS)

Basically you can't have anything you order from Japan be over 16 oz when shipped. Obviously this won't affect collectors of smaller stuff like individual items, but it could adversely affect group auctions and buys and larger stuff like 1/1 plush unless a Canadian/Mexican middleman can be found to ship to.

Hopefully, the rules won't last too long/Japan Post will change their mind, but I thought I'd throw this out so necessary steps/precautions can be taken so we all get the stuff we want!

Mods, please delete this if it's not allowed.