November 14th, 2010

auction and sales notice

i have received several requests for my second mew "man-mew" stylus to be put up for auction, and since it seems to be an important piece of the mew collection puzzle for many of you, i have decided to let it go! i'm gonna start bids from $75, and all bid increments are $5. auction ends Wednesday 17 Nov, 12PM PDT.

also, i've added several zukans (heatran, zoroark, gallade, blissey, ambipom) as well as poochyena and duskull keychains. in addition, i've decided to put my shaymin clear kid and wailord tomy for auction, with bids starting from $5 and $8 respectively. finally, i've done further price reductions for items all around (some of the lots are going for really special prices, and an assortment of MIB kids are going for $4 now), so do check them out!

(proceed to larvitarscar's shop here!)

thanks for reading!

Namco-Exclusive UFO Prize Week 2: Kibago!

Continuing their 6-weeks of exclusive UFO prize releases (last week was Darumakka plush), Kibago was announced as this week's prize!


These plushies from the Namco-exclusive releases are about 7" tall.  That put them right between the normal UFO prize (5.5") and the Super DX UFO prize (10~11").  Considering Kibago is the Piplup of Gen V (aka Merch Whore), the unique size wasn't very exciting news... <__<

But, we still went to the nearest Namco amusement park and started feeding the machine with our hard-earned yen! >__<

Darumakka plushies from last week were no where to be seen, they are either all sold out (most likely the case, since there were plenty of stickers from last weeks left in the machine), or taken away to make room for Kibago.

Kibago was a little harder to get than Darumakka (you don't want to know how much we spent), but personally I have done worse (a lot worse).  ^__^;

This week's special sticker and plush - Kibago!  Watch episode 9, that's where the image on the sticker is taken from. =P

Darumakka from last week, and the front and back of the promotional prize bag.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures! ^__^

On a separate note, another wholesale supplier in So Cal still has the Pokemon BW Netsuke strap capsules in stock.  So if anyone else would like to host GB, please let me know how many sets you need (ahead of time) and I can pull them for you. ^__^

Pricing info can be found in original post.

Singles are popping up on eBays too.  Happy collecting!  ^__^


I went to PMX yesterday and met a few members from here : D I was in Swap Meet selling some things.

I sold a quite a few things from my sales, but there's still plenty left. I need to get rid of most of it before winter break, so look around and see if you like anything.

Also, has there been any Shimama merchandise?

discounted pokedoll sales NAO

the pokedolls from here; $25 shipped in the US and canada, $27 anywhere else. but this time ONLY shipped first class. if youd like it shipped priority its another $5 for those in the US and canada. i do not ship priority anywhere else.
As well as that they will be mailed this week C8 maybe even tomorrow!
Zoro Derp

Sales update and... My first GA!!

 Hey guys!  I've got a few exciting things to post about...

Firstly, I'd like to address my updated sales post.  There are lots of figures, including an in-box Entei TOMY, Ninetails kid, and Piplup foam block.  There's also a Zoroark Pokemon Center cup and Torchic plush!  And no one has offered anything on this binder yet:

My very first GA:

When I stumbled upon this, I knew that Magikarp would have to be mine.....

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That's all! Expect another post about that Vulpix sculpture soon... The poor thing got no bids and I would like to gauge interest in her in another post since this one is super crowded right now. XD
Dialga&#39;s Roar

Dialga and Dragons collection update!

I've just completed an update to my collection site, Dialga FTW, that's been in progress for a while, and wanted to announce it here! The site now includes over 600 unique official Dialga items! ^_^

Click the banner to go visit!

Dialga FTW Banner
You may need to hard refresh (Ctrl + R) if you get an old version of the page when visiting.

Here are some highlights of the update!

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Talky Pokemon!

Hello PKMNCollectors! Quick question here about the new talky BW starter Pokemon. Does anyone know where I can find some for sale, specifically Mijumaru. About how much do they normally cost too, by the way? My boyfriend mentioned he could possibly help me pay for one if it isn't too much so I'd like to look into it. Are they hard to find?

Thanks for the info. Soon I'll be posting up some sales, I've got a lot of doubles of my Clefairy goods, and some cards, so be on the look out for those soon. :3 Thanks again!
Pillow, Eevee

Possible GA?

Hi guys, sorry if this post isn't allowed, I'll delete it if asked :)

Saw this complete set on Ebay and I though it wouldn't work out too expensive if they were held as a Group Auction?

Pokemon Pastel UFO Prize Plush Banpresto SET of 5

I'm not authorised to hold it as I don't have sales permission but hey, I'm sure theres alot of sellers on here willing to take a peek :) xXx
Kura pokedoll

Collection Update

So I got most packages that I was expecting ( all ones I was expecting to get for sure) and I got some things in person so I thought now would be a good time for a collection update!:
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But before I end this post, can anyone please sell me a replacement of the non-clear polywhirl kid? I would like to complete the set again:

Please help.;_; I'm quite upset about loosing it.
  • fernchu

Hello My name is Fernchu and I Collect.....

This is a re-introduction post!! :)

I am Fernchu! Nice meet you all, or nice to still see you here!

My main collection is Umbreon But I also collect a few others here and there!

For Gen5 I want to focus on Shikijika and its evolution, Mebukijika. I also want to focus on the ghost lamps, with Rapuraa as the main interest.

I'm sure I will collect more when I actually play the game but for now these guys, along with Tsutarja's line really caught my interest, far as Gen5 goes.

So with that lets see my collections!!

Be warned it is very image heavy, with large photos!


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Spooky Collection Update!

It's been a fairly long time since I posted a collection update here, let alone something that wasn't Mijumaru. However, as soon as I saw Hitomoshi and his line, it was 'collection love at first sight' if you know what I mean. ;D

Here is the beginning of my collection, and I thought it would be best to take a picture now even I have a ton of more spooky candles coming in the mail very soon. 8C

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In other news, I also sent out a large portion of my sales items and custom pillows yesterday, except for a few due to lack of addresses, waited payments, and the zukans need better boxs. Sorry for the delay, but I just want to make sure those fragile guys are shipped safe and sound! :'D



 Hey, guess what?  My GA? post is off the front page already!  This comm moves super fast. xD  Anyways, I have just one particular want today.

Battle Spinner Kip!  The only place I can find him is on ebay and amazon for $20, which is a ridiculous price to pay for a teeny little figure. D:  If anyone could help me out, that would be awesome.  I don't necessarily need the pokeball and/or stand, just the figure itself.  If I could see a picture of your own for reference that would be great also!  I want to make sure I don't have him already.  This picture is at a stupid angle and I can't quite tell. xD

So... that's it!  I should be posting a small collection update shortly.  And I mean SMALL.  I haven't seen Mudkip merch I don't have here for ages, I swear.  What do you do when your collecting slows to a crawl?

Lipps Inc. Sales!

Hey folks! Finally back with some updated sales!

Inside the cut you will find:

Some really rare and awesome Banpresto Pokemon Pillows!
Some Rare Pokedolls, including Altaria & Mow Rotom Pokedolls and more!
Some collections I decided to get rid of including:
The rest of my Lapras Collection Items
Regice Collection Items, including Pokedoll Figure, Charm & Keshipoke + more
Buneary/Lopunny and Staryu/Starmie Items
Tons of Kids from my personal collection, all with Box & Insert (some even with candy xD)
Pokemon Trozei Stickers! (CUTE!)
Also Misc. Tins, Keychains, & Towels

<3 So come on in! <3
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[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Tiny Pokepaintings: Slot Auction!

Hey guys! Just posting here to let you all know that I have three new tiny painting slots up for auction! I tried auctioning my slots off before and they did better than I thought, so I've decided this the only way that I'll be offering commissions from now on! (Not unless we strike up a deal or trade of some sort, but that's pretty uncommon for me!)

Click the banner above or right here to go to the auction page! Auction ends Thursday, Nov 18th at 11:00pm EST!