November 15th, 2010


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Hey guys!

Wanted to post a reminder about this zukan GA:
We still have until the 19th, but not everybody is on the internet on a weekend, so this is just a little heads up :)

I'd also like to mention my sales post, since I still have a ton of awesome items available! Pokedolls, DX pokedolls, and all sorts of plush and a ton of pokemon kids :D

Check it out!

looking for puppies and giraffes!!!

Hey everyone!!! I actually, very recently, got a VERY IMPORTANT ITEM. But I will update with that in a few weeks...the real reason I'm posting is because I'm looking for more Girafarig, Growlithe and Arcanine items!!! I'm interested in everything, from flats to plushs. (I'm also very interested in getting a custom of Girafarig!)

At the moment, I'm really wanting this Arcanine figure (not my image)

and I'm also really interested in buying Growlithe and Arcanine kids.

And if ANYONE is willing to part with and sell their Growlithe/Arcanine zukan, I would pay...a lot...

For Girafarig, I'm just looking for any random figures but especially a Girafarig zukan.

Let me know!!!

Have a great day! :)
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Auction for custom Mareep plush + cube plush sales

Hey guys! Do any of you remember this in-progress picture I showed at the end of one of my posts a while back?

It was probably so long ago that most people would answer "no", but I finally finished her!

It was a long and frustrating journey, but I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. :)

I am listing her for auction, so if you guys are interested, come have a look at the rules, closeups, and more info behind the cut~

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The bidding for this plush will be in my journal, so click the big picture of Mareep under the cut, or this link to be teleported. :)

These two following cube plush are also up for auction/BIN:

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I hope I am not annoying any of you with a second auction right after the one I did last week, but hopefully there will be a lot more interest in these plush than the previous one I had for auction. XD

Aaaand that's it! 
Happy bidding everyone, I hope these plush will go to wonderful homes. :)

New Jakks series 18 3-packs

Hello community,

I saw only on some placeholder images for a new line of 3-pack figures, labelled as series 18.  The only one that grabbed my eye was the set of dialga, palkia, and giratina (origin form).  Apparantly, they're supposed to arrive this month.  Has anyone seen these new sets in stores or anywhere else, or will these new line of figures end up being unfullfilled promises?
There's several other sets two, including arceus/skymin/darkrai, and pikachu/regigigas/manaphy.  Series 19 is set to release next february I think, and they contain three sets, one having raikou, one with entei&celebi, and one with suicune.
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We Won!

(I Know I still had a post on this page but I really need to get payment as this is on ebay >.<)

We won it for the starting bid :D cutting everyones payment in half (more)

Everyone who participated in this auction payment is due c:

Please send payments to, Include your username in the title and Ga Payment 1 in the subject c:

My first ever offers post with sales permission!

This is my very first sales post of any kind! I am making a Sales Post later, but wanted to test the waters by doing small offers and sales! For your reference, I have community feedback and Ebay feedback here: (LOOK AT THAT AWESOME USERNAME)

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on my birthday November 10, 2010.

I am putting up for offers my prized Skitty/Delcatty line zukan, Mewtwo UFO kawaii plush and super huge Arceus figure.

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WANTS POST: All I want in my life is a SPHEAL POKEDOLL. If you will sell it to me, I'll love you forever. xD Thanks for checking everything out!

Psyduck ; A; OH NOES!

GA Shipping notice + requesting replies



~ \ - * - *- * - * -
* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - / ~

"Umm, that's great and dandy, but why are you posting this? (Off-topic much?)"

- Please, please PLEASE let me know when you receive(d) your package, or if it has yet to come! I have gotten PMs saying "thanks it came today" as well as "hey um, did you ship it yet", starting from the first few days after initial mailing, up to today. I have not heard from most, however, and I'm a little concerned (especially considering the "shipped yet?" PMs).


If you *HAVE* gotten your package (and even if you haven't yet; *ESPECIALLY* if you haven't! ), please comment below. If you want me to leave you feedback, let me know in your comment, and  I will do so & I can link you mine if you so wish (** for references' sake, anybody can click here to check my feedback ratings, though I'm missing a couple from folk I haven't seen around comm lately/ need to track down; sorry!). If you have any questions, comments or complaints, do not hold back.

**Just  a note to Canada/international folk, US/Canadian Customs may be taking their time with your package after the whole "Yemeni printer=bomb" shipping scare the other week. By all means let me know if it got there yet; if not, I would ask waiting just another week, in the event USPS and/or US/Canadain Customs is going all "omg POKEMANZ?!" **

- I also wanted to apologize to everyone who was involved with this GA in some way or another. I never wanted to drag it out, have any sort of delay trouble or issue, and I never intended for it to turn into such a mess. Sorry I let you guys down. :( It will not happen again, and I will do everything within my power to make this right for everyone.

If this post is in violation of the rules/modposts, let me know and I will take it down. Sorry, everyone.
Pokemon- Giratina Pokedoll Pile

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I made a run to the PO today and got a bunch of packages shipped out. I wasn't able to get all of them out though, so tyltalis, chibi_flare, jeansama, flag, and celebiii your packages are still with me due to most of them being decent sized boxes.

Now then I feel like I should do a reintroduction post since that seems to be the current trend for older members here lately. XD

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Now that you're all refreshed on what I collect and what I have (more or less) I am searching for some things. I've recently decided to collect Halloween merchandise from all the various promotions that Pokecen has had. I've also added a ton of stuff to my Giratina wishlist. 8'D Mostly looking for high priority items but if you've got something let me know~
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Colletion Update and Commissions Round Six

It's been ages since I've done a collection update of sorts =^^;;= But I just couldn't wait to show of my new cutiepies.

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Now, onto business: I know many of you are new to this community, so some of you know me, and some of you do not. My name is Kassia9, and I do crochet custom plushes. All info about these customs are under the cut.

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So you've read and looked now, and decided you either want a quote or a slot, have at it because I'm opening eight slots this time!

Round 6 Slots
1. meowllz - altaria - complete: shipped
2. buttribbons - flaffy - complete: shipped
3. jadekitty777 - lileep - complete: shipped
4. nightmare_chan2 - hitomoshi - complete: shipped
5. nightmare_chan2 - monozu - complete: shipped
6. darkangelilith - shiny bachuru - complete: shipped
7. koujakai - shadow lugia - cancelled
8. buttribbons - shiny shinx - complete: shipped

Art Trade
1. foureyedalien - magcargo - complete: shipped

*Notes: broken_chan and whitewolflarka your plushes were finished and mailed today! If you'd like to see images, check the website above.

Identification question, shipping/payment updates, meme!

Hello community!~ <3
I recently got in this massive lot of battle museum figures and fullcolor stadium figures. Here's my problem - none of them were attached to thier bases. I have no idea which ones are FCS and which are BM! Is there a way of identifying which is which, without any prior knowledge of the figures? If I am to put them up for sale, I don't want to sell people the wrong thing. ; n;

To those of you who have bought from me recently, and irethsune, who won my custom Erufuun, your items will be shipped tomorrow morning! If everything goes well, I will change the status of your order in paypal, so keep an eye out for that notification in your e-mail. And the those of you who I've participated in GAs or bought from - I'm recieving maybe 40% of my notifications. For example, I JUST received an e-mail saying I had a notification for a comment reply made a week ago, and the comment it was telling me about wasn't even in my LJ inbox.. I KNOW I owe a GA payment to a few of you so please leave a post on this entry so I can find you!
caffwin, I've been sending you replies about the Raikou card and haven't recieved a response, so I think we're playing message-tag here. So I HAVE tried two times now to send the payment for the Raikou card, you'll have to invoice me like you did for the TFG. D':

I found the census the other day interesting that a majority of people use thier paychecks as the primary funding for thier collections. So here's a question, community - Where do you work? I work two jobs: The Texas Renaissance Festival and Wal-mart. GUESS WHICH I LIKE BETTER LOL.
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Eeveelution Charm GB Update + TFG Interest?

Boring post~

Just wanted to let those who participated in my Eeveelution Johto Charm Group Buy know that I got the charms in the mail today! All have been packaged and will be shipped out tomorrow afternoon, so you can expect them soon!

To spice this post up a bit: I won this lot yesterday and wanted to gauge some interest to see if I'll do direct sales or auctions. I guess it'll all depend on what condition they're in when they get to me too! Let me know if anyone is interested~


Updated Sales~

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I updated my sales!!


Feel free to offer on items--I'm willing to haggle seeing how some of the kitties have vet appointments coming up :P

Also--has anyone heard from the following people:: poprock_grey  and amslizrah ?? I've PMed both of you several times and have been unable to get in contact with you concerning items from a GA/purchase as well as items from a trade. Please send me a message in response? <.<; I'd appreciate it.


A late intro post

i have been stalking this community for about more then 2 month.
Mijumaru is my favorite starter because of Pokemon Best wishes
i have recently started my collection but i'm not serious about it just yet.
i only have Mijumaru hard cover for DS Lite and the 2011 Calendar from McDonald and
planning to buy more items later.

i can't wait to get my kibago Namco-Exclusive UFO plush. won it off from yahoo auction