November 16th, 2010



Furret GA shipping payment

Last payment was shipping from crescent to me.
Shipping here

Please send to 6reycat @ with Furret GA final in the message along with your username.

As to anyone needing to get into contact with me, please read here:

In otherwords.. EMAIL ME PLEASE. 6reycat @

EDIT: The reason the finial shipping is so high, is because I accidentally charged much lower for shipping from crescent to me.

item identification help + sale

hi! sorry to be posting so soon again but i'd like to consult the community's help with two items:

does anybody know what these two figures are or how much they are worth? I know the Slowking is a stamp keychain, but what is the Weavile figure exactly? either way, I have added these for offer in my shop for those who are interested. ;) i will stop accepting offers the same time as the mew stylus!

speaking of which, this will be my final reminder about my mew stylus auction, which ends Wednesday 17 Nov, 12PM PDT. Grab this manly piece of mew before it's gone!

thanks for reading!

emergancy sales!

this was gonna wait till I had finished commisions, however something I've been looking for a long time has come up so that means SALESSSSS UPDATEEEEEEEEEEE




We have kids! Zukans! TFGs! Plushies! Come check it out and help a collector out will ya? ;D

And so this isn't just a boring sales plug, firstly, have a preview of my boyfriends gengar collection! :D

He loves them a lot :'D

and secondly, whilst taking a lil break from comissions, I made this:

if you can't see, it's a messenger bag! :D I need to buy a lighter blue for gible's torpedo...thing, so it isn't finished. But otherwise I'm very happy with it! :D

So yeah...when I finish the standees, would anyone be interested in these as commisions? Due to the cost of making them I wouldn't be able to take too many on at a time, but I'd like to see if there is any interest! :D

Okay, thats all guys! :D thanks for reading and I LOVE YOOOU

EDIT: ALSO some of the packages I sent out got returned to me and have to be resent, so if you still havent got anything from me that may be why! D: (I know for sure that kurai_tsuki7  , your pillowcase has bounced :C I will be resending it with an extra as an apology!

Very sorry to all those who had packages bounce! I will not be using this post office in future due to this! :C And thanks for your patience! <3

Offers Post Update

This is a reminder that this offers post is still going on, which includes a Fuzzy DX Raichu and a Recall Charizard plus other stuff :D

Click the image to be transported!

There are a few changes, however. I have set a final date and time for my offers to end, which will be on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 6:00:00 PST.

I have also decided that I will not be giving away Piplup as I am too attached. D:

Lastly, each item has a BIN option now!

All this new information has been altered so it is on the original offers post.

Thanks! <3

about the ga

hey guys

just in case your wondering where the hell this GA is at....well, i hasn't come in yet.

well i talked to the seller and he said it should have gotten here by now,
and i just checked in the my mail box and found nothing but bills and catalogs.

don't get me wrong i'm sure this seller isn't trying to rip us off. in fact i haven't gotten A LOT of expected packages in the last few weeks. and i think it's due to the fact that one of the packages cabinet's key slot is broken lol.

anyway, i was wondering if any of you had similar problems like this, and also does anybody have any idea as to who i should contact to get this problem solved? (not paypal since i'm almost positive it's not the sellers)
casual daddies!!!

pokedolls and shiny things

the pokedolls are in stock, and are here for you :D
IF THE ONE YOU WANTED GOES OUT OF STOCK: that's okay! i will keep getting them every single week! do not panic! the center will not run out of these quickly. they will keep them well stocked, i am sure! so don't worry :D

the new tomy figures, MC+, third wave pokecen plush, and more, will be coming NEXT week :) let's get some of these pokedolls on their way first!

and i hope, this weekend, to get the next contest underway :D until then-!

(hey, i don't get a thanksgiving in japan, don't blame me and vitani for getting into the spirit early! plus she wanted to show off her custom-made antlers and scarf :D)
(Pokemon) Pachi costume
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Offers on TFG Mew?

Didn't really intend to do this, but things happen. This will be open until offers die down. :') Please give Mew a good home!

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Also, commissioners! I have been moving very very slow with this batch, and I apologize for that. :( I only have 2 more pictures (kolink's) which I intend to finish by tomorrow--so you guys should be getting PMs about them very soon. Thank you so much for your patience! :)
madness chihuahua!

A Chilling Vision Of Things To Come

This morning, I was enjoying what must have been my third coffee of the day when I heard the sounds of something being unceremoniously shoved through our letterbox and landing upon the doormat. I went to investigate, and my heart leapt when I saw the Sunyshore stamp upon the package. My first ever Sunyshore order had arrived. Thank you so much, Gin. :)

So, which pokemon did I get, and why is this post entitled “A Chilling Vision of Things To Come”? Well, click away to find the answer, and for a photostory (of sorts).


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Oh, and while we're at it, I have an additional question.  It's about this guy:


Did Ukulele Pichu ever get anything in the way of merchandise?  I ask because I myself have just started learning how to play the very instrument he wields and, as a result, I have a whole new level of respect for this "plucky" (the crowd groaned) little guy.  Normally, they wouldn't resist the opportunity to whore out something as adorable as this, but here I've seen absolutely nothing.  Any information would be appreciated. :)

houndoom and slowpoke

New collection pics and crochet fun! :3

Hey there, comm! I hope everyone is having a good day/night/whatever time it is where you are. :D

So I've got a few new collection pics for you guys! (did I say a few? I meant A WHOLE BUTT LOAD.) I also have a few questions.... let's just get started, huh?

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So I've recently acquired sales permission (yeeessss!), and I'll probably be making a sales post in the near future, but first I had some questions. ... Ok, more like one question. I'm curious as to how you guys determine shipping for your sales. Do you have a scale or something that you use to weigh the package and then calculate the price online or what? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!! <3

Also, for those interested, I'm planning on starting crochet plush commissions! They won't open for a while though, but I'm really excited to try them out and to try making all kinds of new pokemon for you guys. (I even have some Trainer dolls in the works- currently working on the female trainer from Black and White! :D) I'll also be making some crochet pokeballs and such, which I'll include in the sales post 'cause they're quick and easy to make and generally awesome. :) But I'll talk about those more in a later post... Keep an eye out for it! :3

I'll also be including some of these in that future sales post as well....

How would you like to have this tasty, nutritious....

SLOWPOKETAIL? For you right now, just $1,000,000! You'll want this!

(Don't worry; they'll be a lot cheaper in the sales post. :3)

Finally, some requests: if anyone has another slowpoke-line zukan for sale, please let me know! Someone special needs one very badly. Also looking for a Raichu canvas plush! :) And as always, let me know about any houndoom, honchkrow, charizard, and flareon stuff you may have for sale. (I've also sorta set up mini collections for Chanseys, Slowpokes, and Dialgas, too.... so I might want some more things for them, too.) :3

That's enough for now; thanks for looking! :3 Have a fantastic day!!