November 17th, 2010

Mods, feel free to delete if this kind of post isn't allowed : 3

So, I work at Target and frequently poke through the Pokemon toys..And Monday i saw something peculiar. the Series 3 diamond & pearl plushies were there, priced at 5.99.

All the tags say 2007, and they're the jakks ones. It very well could have just been my Target that found old stock, or Old warehouse stock got found and distributed, So i urge you guys to check yer targets if you want some! The ones we had were: Both Shellos, Zubat, Munchlax, Budew, Sneasel, and Rilou : ) ( also had the current johto plush.. but they were dwindled down to a box of Murkrow, lol)
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Shiny Zorua plush, commission slot auction...!?

Greetings! from the land of Brokenback Mountain T_T
Anyone have any tips on how to avoid or ease the pain of working all day on plushies? I always sit on the floor while I'm cutting the pattern (and it hurts to use scissors too, I have to wear a glove!) and after a few hours I feel like I've been carrying a Snorlax around on my back. Oh well, that's the price you pay to create plush I guess! /ramble

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So that should be it then...... ....... .....oh yes, the commission slot.

I have more fabric than I know what to do with, and more free time than I have fabric. Which means! Custom/Commission Slot Opening Time: The First! Er, my first anyway. I've never done a plush commission but I'd like to try, and I also enjoy dollars. BUT if you plan on bidding, please have a few choices in mind, because I'm not *that* experienced as a plusher, and I don't want to ruin anything... but I'll try my best... also I want to stick to Pokemon only for this auction, if that isn't already a given. winner must pay hospital bills for the resulting back breakings
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And now you can all enjoy my EV-trained Slowpoke |D

Splashing Lapras


Eventually I'll be opening a REAL shop called "Vaporeon's Stash" but for now my lame, old sales post will have to do. Please go check it out!
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Free art for practice plus sales update! CARDS

i have tons of cards up for offers and such added pokedolls, cards, card binders, and huge display boxes 8D

Anyhow now for what you all came for; FREE ART!

Im taking five slots for free pokemon pics. i color with marker and they are done traditionally. if you want them mailed thay will be $2, and another $2 for it to be laminated and cut out. though they probably will be a bit large XP

examples of my art can be found in my furaffinity gallery ^^
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Tomy GB Is In !??!!

 Holy shit guys I was not expecting these guys to come in so fast, They were just shipped out on the 12th of this month :D.They weren't due for another three weeks.

Now this lot was a hit and miss with marks,but their all legit except for a few I'm unsure.

I'll be going for a shipping quote tomorrow so if you want to add anything do it now c: 

All Extra's are posted at the bottom for sale c:

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reintroduction! :)

Hi everyone! Some of you may remember me from my wanted post I made a couple days ago :) It's been a very long while since I've been active in the comm, so I thought I'd re-introduce myself!

My name is syunrii, but everyone here calls me chibi because of my username :D I'm currently a college student majoring in business. Unfortunately, school is the reason for my inactivity ):

Anyway! I've been a community member for over 2 years now (omg i feel old). I have to say, even with the hiatus in between, for me to stick around that long in any community is saying something XD Just shows how much I love Pokemon and collecting them!

I collect various pokemon, on different levels of...seriousness I guess ahaha. Well, you'll see what I mean when you see it for yourself :) I moved into an apartment for this school year, but just managed to unpack most of my collection this past week.
Follow Wailord to start your tour!

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Rare Groundbreakers TFG Auctions!

I've recently acquired some beautiful Groundbreakers TFG figures! They all came from the starter sets that saw a limited release before the line was canceled, so all of them are official!

All of these figures are used. I bought them second-hand, but I can assure you they're all in great condition! Most of the figures have some slight paint rubs, but nothing severe. Take a look~ :D

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super multipurpose offers, questions, gots, and wants!

Hello all! I just wanted to give a halfway reminder of my offers for a Skitty and Delcatty Line Zukan, Mewtwo Plush and Arceus Figure. =) Thank you everyone for your bids! I just wanted to say however, that I was expecting around $25+ on Skitty and Delcatty Zukan since that's how much I paid for mine, so we will see! :)  There are 2 days left!

Click here or the picture to be transported to the offers!

Second up is a question. How many of you miss the package to sign for and get a pink slip in the mail? That's what happened to one of my packages and I went the next day to claim it. They told me it was not there and to try back later. The thing is that I had to sign for stuff like 15+ times for my packages and it was ALWAYS there the next day. Also the pink slip said Attempted Delivery on 11/16 and avaliable for pickup on 11/17, but the thing is... I got that slip on 11/15... xD I guess he just forgot the date, but... I don't know how the mail works, but shouldn't the truck be emptied at the end of each shift? So my package should have gotten stored there yesterday... Plus the tracking website did not update with any information whatever. I didn't have time to go today so I am taking some time off tomorrow to see, but I was wondering if anyone had something like this happen? It was an expensive package and I know I can check tomorrow, but I'm just so anxious... xD SORRY FOR THE WALL OF TEXT, BUT HOW LIKELY DO YOU THINK IT'S LOST? D:

I came home yesterday to 5 beautiful packages waiting for me ._.  You sellers are all so awesome. <3
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Then my wants list. SHORT AND SWEET. Nincada Kid, Tyrouge Kid. Gary Oak Kid.

Question: how to get started to sell?

Hey guys, I am thinking of it's the time for a new post here. Recently I just found it's fun to shop on Y!J through SMJ, but those heavy middle costs almost used up my budget. Now I am considering to sell some of my collection stuffs to earn money, but I had no selling experience at all. The most confusing part to me is how to get through the shipping stuff. How do you guys calculate the shipping cost to the buyer? And based on what do you decide to choose the shipping method- ie. for USPS, First Class or Priority? And what is the most cost efficient way to get all shipping materials, ie. bubble wrap, envelope, and postage? Sorry for the long paragraph, and I am not sure if it is a right thing to post here. Just let me know if it annoys other users and I will try to contact some mod to get information instead, I guess?

PS: I will post a new collection update soon, so just look forward. There will be zukans, cool figures and cute plushies in it. See ya~
PS2: I know it is not OK for me to sell here, so on which site did you guys started selling items?
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Harry Potter - Plz

Collection Update! & more :)

Hi guys, it's been a while since I posted here :) Since then I've boosted my collection quite a bit, through buying from here, eBay and my local boot sale!

Under a cut is a picture of all the stuff I've received so far (I have lots which haven't arrived yet!).

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Earlier today I lost an auction with Leather Slowpoke T_T I was so sad! It ended whilst I was at work and the person who outbid me did so in the last minute! If anyone comes across this elusive 'poke (and is not after it themselves!) I would be super grateful if you could let me know? :3 This goes for any other Slowpoke plush I don't have (i.e. ALL except Battle Playset plush!).

I've finally got myself a feedback thread after making lots of transactions on here D: I hope sellers I've bought from in the past don't mind if I request feedback from them in their sales posts :) I'll of course leave feedback in exchange too! :D

Finally, I spotted this auction on Yahoo Japan: Christmas themed plushes! I thought it would make a good GA for those interested in them? :) (Let me know if you'd like me to remove the link!).

Thanks for reading!