November 18th, 2010

WoW - Khadgar

A Wild Grail Has Appeared!!

Ok, a grail of mine has finally surfaced! Rodney is willing to help me obtain this grail as his Christmas present to me, but I do not think he realizes how serious Pokemon collecting can get! So, I decided to auction something of mine off! Something, that I hate to part with, but if it is for a grail...then this sacrifice will be worth it!! An item, I know many Pokemon collectors still want...

Yes, not just any Eevee...but the 1/1 Eevee of your dreams!! XD

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Auction starts today the 18th of November and will end Monday at 4:00 pm on the 22nd of November, Eastern Standard Time!


Here is a timer for those who are not in my timezone:

Though this one appears to be in military time...So, the auction will end at 16:00 on the 22nd!

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For those new to the community and who really do not know me, here is my feedback with the community:

My Feedback Thread

So, that is it! I do have a very tiny collection update coming soon and that long promised Giratina Origin Form collection re-intro post of mine!

Good Luck!!

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Jessie Grace

CoLlEcTiOn UpDaTe! November 2010!

 I have a new load of plushes for y'all to have a gander at
Enjoy looking at these guys:

- Squirtle Tomy 1998
- Manaphy Banpresto 2006
- Darkrai Banpresto 2008
- Pikachu Bandai Friends 1998
- Azelf Banpresto 2008
- Manaphy Movie Banpresto 2006
- Poliwhirl Tomy 1998
- Pichu Tomy
- Mew Tomy
- Talking Tomy Pikachu
- Farfetch'd Banpresto 1998
- Togepi Tomy
- Caterpie Friends Bandai
- 24" Snorlax Pillow Plush (I DONT KNOW WHEN AND WHO MADE THIS BUT I WANT TO???)
- 20" Charmander Play by Play


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Quick boring wants SORRY!

Oh hey guys.
So I just lost an auction for a DX Venusaur Plush (idk how, BUT THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT). Before I pin all my Christmas hopes and dreams on another DX Venu, I wanted to quickly come to you guys and see if you have one to part with!

If any of you guys out there have this plush, and you're willing to part with it, please to be letting me know! Tags do not matter, and it's ok if it's a little loved. I know shipping will be a ball buster, but I'll be right. :D

I promise my next post will be more interesting. 8D;; Carry on!

Found one! Thank you all for your helpful comments. This comm is the best. ;; <3

Collection post! I bet my cut breaks again :3

Ahhh, I've been lurking for so long, biding my time >.> <.< ... Not really, I was just going to wait until everything I've ordered arrived n__n Buuuuuut, I keep ordering new things :X And therefore, a collection pic now is fine too (':

My lovelies n___n although there is only 13 thus far xD I am expecting moar ;D I have ordered many more.

EDIT: MY CUT WORKED OMG (and now I've broken it );), also for some reason I want to put where I got stuff :3

Hasbro Jigglypuff and Butterfree is what's left of my collection as an 8 year old xD;, my mother threw most of my stuff out ); Poliwhirl is from eBay, as are both Mudkips (my boyfriend bought me weeny Mudkip, I love it but I needed a bigger one n__n), Togekiss is from an anime shop. Gizamimi Pichu is from firebomb, Happiny is from sorcererhuntres, Snorlax is from kyogres, Pachirisu from helloskitty, Slowking from Amazon ;D, and KFC Vulpix is from nagaineko :3
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Big Eevee Grail Get! + Sales

After many months + years of searching and watching eBay listing,
I finally saw a big grail of mine.Ever since I saw this big Eevee in someone collection I always wanted one,and wondered if I would ever get one,seen as there heavy and shipping would be expensive and not many like to ship big items.But luckily while browsing eBay few days ago my big eevee appeared ^_^!
So im proud to present one of two of my newest Eevee Plush additions to my collection.

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Shameless sales plug ;~;,
Still have lots for sale,and My shipping day is tomorrow and monday,after that I be going out of town for the holiday,hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving ^^ and ty for reading!
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wierd pokemon t-shirts. help :P

i need some help, those t-shirts are vert funny locking... and i need to ash: do someone know where they are made orsomething like that.
this is a t-shirt from pokemon the first movie, but it has a shiny mew on it :O

and this is from the games gold and silver, but lugia is pink  O_o

and this is just some pokemon whith diffrent collors, its just wierd :P

ok? pikachu and some others. (i just love the pic of squirtle) :D

so if you know where this come from so please comment. ;D
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Phew, finally shipping time!

Life has been all kinds of crazy, boys and girls. However, it is finally time to pay for shipping on this GA:

I am combining the Shipping to me/Shipping to you, into one nice and easy payment! Sweet! Come on here to check out dat dere Spreadsheet for more info. Payments go to attackofthezac (at) gmail (dot) com! 

Also, Here is a quick peek into some nice regular ZUKAN AUCTIONS/SALE that Ima be having sometime in the next week: 

There are more to come for suuure! 

Official Pokemon of the Week


So last week we had some under-appreciated scorpions. I hope that's whetted your appetite for these hungry beasts...


#446 Munchlax and #143 Snorlax!

So search your collections and show us all your big-eating pandas! Extra points for funny or unique pictures :).

As a side note, I got two lots of Zekrom stuff today, so expect my first ever Zekrom collection update this weekend ^^.
[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Final commission reminder!

Hey guys! posting a final reminder here about my tiny painting commission slots, which close in an hour at 11:00PM EST! Check it!

I also have updated my sales with a few new things, including almost a full set of pokedex figures, and included some new photos to keep things fresh. :) Take a look!

Thanks so much everyone!! c: