November 19th, 2010

Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Pokedolls for sale~! ♥


*:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆ TERMS *:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆
→ Paypal and Money Orders accepted! (USD Only!)
→ Not interested in trades at the moment!
→ Holds are okay, but if it's for a long hold (over 2-3 days) I might offer it to someone else if they are ready to pay.

*:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆ SHIPPING *:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆
Pokedolls → S&H to the US → $3.25 +$1.00 each additional Pokedoll
Pokedolls → S&H to the World → $5.00 +$1.00 each additional Pokedoll

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And finally~~~~

I have 1 RUSH!PLUSH spot left with a Christmas guarantee. ♥♥
It's for a big plush too~! 14-16 inches~ ♥♥♥

Auction ENDS Sat NOVEMBER 20th 11pm NYC time (Easter Standard Time!).
(unless buy it now option is used) Payment plans accepted. :3

Thanks bunches! And for those watching my crafting journal there will be a biiiiig updatethis weekend~ I just have to find the time to make room for and set up the photocube. ♥♥

banpresto fire set auction

hey guys! i noticed that many people have been hunting for the Arcanine from this Banpresto fire set. if you're one of them, you're in luck, as i am putting the set up for auction. be warned, this auction is a quick one!

AUCTION ENDS: 20 November, Saturday 12PM PDT (Countdown Timer)
BIDS: $2 increments
LINK: Head right here! Auction threads are on the 2nd page.

Arcanine: Offers start from $20.
Ho-Oh, Cyndaquil, Entei: Offers start from $14.
Magmortar: Offers start from $10.

thanks for reading!

wanted: pokémon manga

Would someone here have Japanese Pokémon manga in good condition for sale? I'm looking for something...

- not yet translated into English (no Magical Pokémon Journey, Pokémon Adventures etc.)
- not yaoi
- not animanga/cinemanga/anime komikku

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Pokemon Cupcake Jewelry Auction

Okay, nightmare_chan2  has been bothering me to make her something new other then my desserts I make her all the time and one day she said...Something different like jewelry. It took me awhile to think about it and then suddenly I got this adorable idea! I was so excited I had to make some to auction off to all you guys and I'm even offering a custom slot! I hope you guys all enjoy! <3

Under the cut you will find for auction jewelry sets of these lines: Tabunne, Shiny Zorua Line, and the Rankurusu Line so please help me give them a good home! :3
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Creepy Shape

HAPPY MAGNEMITE SHOP and collection update

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I realized that I'm going home for break and won't have access to my Pokemon stuff so I'd better sell things now for Christmas money!

There's a lot of collection weeding in here, including SABLEYE, GEODUDE, ARCEUS, and TAILLOW/SWELLOW, as well as other stuff :)

I'm leaving on Sunday so all purchases have to be made today so I can ship them off tomorrow!

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SALES CLOSED. No more purchases made be made. Thank you everyone!

Pokemon roll stampers?

Hello everyone!
I plan on introducing myself and doing a proper collections post soon, but I wanted to do this as soon as I could really.

I have recently discovered somewhat of a love for the pokemon roll stampers. Why? Because they are perfect for making pokemon origami stars!
So I was wondering if anyone had any roll stampers that they were selling, or if anyone knew the full range of them?

And at some point I shall post some of the wonderful stars that I've made!
Thanks everyone! ^^
Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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Mid-auction reminder for my Beast Candy Figures auction~

I don't know if I'll be able to get any more or not. The store didn't have many and they stock Pokemon merch really unreliably. First time I ever went to the place they had a sticker label for kids but there were no kids at all anywhere. .__. Never got more after that. Almost never have figures except for candy figures and even then they're uncommon.

Also a quick sales link since I originally hid it under a cut so some people might not have seen. 8'D

Banner art by meuniere

And lastly I have a recent get to share~ Sorry for anyone on my FL who has already seen it. XD

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Quick Draw!

A Few Questions

I was wondering if anyone has heard from [info]crasherwake recently?
I won and paid for something about 3-4 weeks ago now and I'm a little worried > ~>
I thought it'd be here by now.

Got an answer.
If you are waiting for anything from her she said she started a night job so it's taking a bit longer. And everything should be shipped out by this week if we haven't gotten it yet :]

And I was also wondering if anyone knew when the BW final starter evos plush dolls will be coming out?
And how much one of them would probably be?

and to make this less boring
look at what I found at a near by store!

I had actually been planning to buy one soon online, but then I found him at the store so woo!
Got him a lot sooner then expected <3

I actually have a lot to update, but I'm trying to hold off until the last few things arrive in the mail.
Mmkay that's it.

Thanks for looking and any help ^^

Sales post!

Ok. It's taken me FOREVER to type this up. xD This is just a quick, small sale with a small variety of items so I can get a feel of packing and shipping quantities. :D I hope you will find something you like here! Please read the rules and happy buying HOPEFULLY XD

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Clicky for zukans, plushes, TCGs, and more!

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My Pokemon

I am Andy Leonardo, my email is
My Paypal account is also the same as my email.

This is my collection that I bought fresh from Japan. Because I don't have permission to sell here, I will post my collection and try how to learn to sell my Pokemon later. Thanks for comming in and leave the comment.
I still confuse with Lj-cut or html, I will learn but it will takes a lot of time for me.


These are examples of my collection, If you want to see more visit here 
Please read I am not selling, because I still dont have the permission to sell. Thanks
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Pokemon Kids question~

Hi everyone, sorry to bother but I have just a small question about the Pokemon Kids line. I recently got back into collecting, to the frustration of my wallet >_O and I love love love Pokemon Kids! I just pre-ordered a new DP volume, and was also thinking of splitting them in my club online.. but I was wondering:

What's the ratio like? Do you usually get at least one full set in a box? For instance the one I'm ordering has 20 in a box but there are 15 kinds.

I'd appreciate any answers, and thank you!
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shiny vince

In-Case Figure GA + Mini Collection Update

To all members of the In-Case Figure GA, WE WON! And for starting bid, too ;D We raised a total of $126, and our total with fees is a measly $18.55. Since the amount is so small (and resulting totals were rather tiny), I won't be asking for payment until the figures get to me ♥
If everyone could let me know their zip/country on this spreadsheet, that would be lovely~ That way I'll simply be able to calculate your combined totals once everything gets here! ^^ The invoice is also posted on the spreadsheet so everything's in one place. If you have any questions, let me know!

ETA: GA participants will have first dibs on the extras, and any leftovers from that will be available to the rest of them comm.

Now while I'd really like to do a full collection update, crazy me decided to rearrange my room, so some of my shelves are in disarray *headdesk* However, I can't resist showing off my custom Shandera by usakochan! I've had her for a while, but I hadn't decided on a name for her until last night at the Deathly Hallows midnight showing ♥ So everyone say hi to Loony Luna Lovegood!

She's showing off some of my other recent gets - tiny stickers from okapifeathers, big stickers and a Ponyta versus card from Floaroma Pokemart, and Espeon & Umbreon Johto charms from a GA with pogaf

Pokedoll Question?

I've been wondering about this for a while, but how common or rare are chatot pokedolls. I haven't seen much anywhere for some odd reason. Sorry if this kind of post isn't allowed. XP I'll delete it if i have to.

And to make this post not so boring here's a pic of my completed eeveelution set:


Which starts off with a question. What is your favorite eeveelution and why?