November 20th, 2010

Wanted: Lapras Plushie/Pokedoll


I'm looking to buy a Lapras plushie of some kind. What I have in mind is the Lapras Pokedoll in this image:

However, if anybody has another kind of Lapras plushie available, I'd be interested to see it. I'll need the plushie shipped to Australia, and I'll need to receive it by the beginning of January. Additionally, I want the plushie to be in a good condition, preferably new.

If anybody has one which they're willing to sell, or if anybody would be able to buy one from a store and then sell it to me, please let me know. Thank you very much.

EDIT: Apparently new Lapras Pokedolls are sold at Epcot in Disney World, so I'd really appreciate it if anybody is able to go there to get one for me and sell it to me.

Newbie here!

Hi guys!  Long time lurker, first time poster here.  You can call me Scribbits or Scrib or whatever, it's all good.  Anyway, I wanted to ask a few questions because I am a HUGE time noob to Pokemon collection, BUT FIRST HERE HAVE THIS INTRO.  I've loved the series of games since they were first released in America and I used to watch the show religiously when I was younger.  I sort of collected stuff from the series, but it was more of a GIT ERRYTHANG POKEMANS RELATED than any sort of dedicated collection, and most of that collection (aside the bajillion cards that I still have and REFUSE to give up) was tossed out a few years back.  Besides, at the time, I was hella discouraged from starting a legit collection because there was pretty much nothing for Scyther merchandise and he was the only Pokemon that I wanted stuff of.

So despite my borderline obsession for the series, I was never inspired to collect anything until Gen 5, when I laid eyes on Shikijika.  I have a raging love of all things cute and vintage, and Shikijika reminds me of a something straight out of the 60s-70s and looks all kitschy, and no lie, all four colors of Shikijika are my absolute favorite colors and the scheme that I decorate with.  CRAY-ZAY.  

ANYWAY, here's what I'm wondering: With the Shikijika merchandise ( the 4 plushes) that are coming out soon, I'm a tad bit overwhelmed.  I can't necessarily afford them all right now, but to anyone that has experience collecting, could you please tell me if there's some sort of average time frame between when a piece of merch is released (in this case, a Pokemon Center plush) and when it is "retired" or discontinued, or just plain old becomes hella scarce?  I'd like to have a deadline as to when I should nab the babeh deers before they disappear and I'm torn between rent money/living expenses or paying out the butt for them on eBay/the Y!J auctions.  Thank you in advance!

AND FINALLY, to make this post less derpy and more interesting, I made this thing.  It's a paper cutting (I am super dorky and do these like, a lot) and it's cute I guess.

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Quick photo story and meme

Hello, Everyone!

koujakai and myself went to a local arcade/family fun center that has dozens of arcade games, bowling etc..etc. Some of the games give away tickets or points towards crappy little prizes. We decided to go in and use our points anyway (maybe they would have good candy or something)only to find DOZENS of pokemon toys and plushies! koujakai spotted a sky forme shaymin plush among a bunch of happinys, chatots, and pikachus, and as she was about to trade in her points for it, from across the room she shouted "Look, an omanyte!". They had the Jakks omanyte figure as a prize, hidden away towards the bottom of the wall by some Bakugan stuff. I collect that cute little buggar so I got super excited. I snatched it up, and right as I did, behind it to my surprise....A Jakks kabuto figure as well! We took our newfound prizes up to the counter only to be shocked a third time by a hard to find sneasel throw-ball plushie. Unfortunately, after pooling our points together, we couldnt get him =/.

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The Shaymin matches koujakai! xD
All and all a great trip to the arcade. Lots of fun had a great time and found some really nice pokemon rather unexpectedly.

Now for a meme:
Have you found any of your pokemon collection in local arcades?

Pokemon charm delima

So here lately I have been thinking about which pokemon I would be intrested in collecting and the ones I like are hard to come by. :( I really like pokemon charms the best, but haven't been able to find any customs of the pokemon I am intrested in that I really like or the more common is I can't find any at all.

I am really intrested in the cat pokemon, but don't get me wrong I am picky over which ones I like. Skitty,  Delcatty, Glameow, Choroneko, and Lepardas are the ones I really like XD.

Also one other pokemon has caught my eye and that is Kerudio. It is such a beautiful pokemon and all I can find of it is fan art.

So if anyone knows any charm makers that have open comissions please feel free to message me or post here if you have sales permission.

-Holly T.

Talking Plush GB and Hatooboo Plush (namco-exclusive)

The first shipment of talking Tomy Plush is here!

Shipping cost will be calculate next week, as shipping box will be picked up this weekend.

brave_raiden , I can't PM you but I need a confirmation from you, that your are ready for your Tsutarja talkie when the total is calculated next week! ^_^

Here is the list of confirmed participants

For Tsutarja

For Mijumaru

Spots are still open for the Pokabu and Pikachu talkies (about $67 shipped to US, and up to $80-ish for international), please let me know if you want to reserve them (they will be here in the next couple weeks). ^__^

For Pokabu

For Pikachu

Now on to the weekly Namco/Banpresto plush update. =)

This week's special UFO prize is Hatooboo, which is released in conjuncture with Shooti's Hatooboo that appeared in episode 10 of Best Wishes.

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Hope you enjoyed the pics.  ^__^

P.S. Nov Banpresto plush (Super DX Zekrom and Reshiram) will all be here around Thanksgiving weekend.  Stay tuned for more info! =3

GA lost

Hey guys,

some bummer news this looks like we were outbid by another smj user on this lot! Sorry about that, but hey, I'm sure we'll have another chance sometime :) I know I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for em! I want my slows!

merry pokedolls


two quick notes:
all new tomy figures and the next set of plush will be up for preorder tomorrow :)
please don't ask to combine due to the new weight limits in place for possibly the next month! i apologize for the inconvenience.

hope you enjoy :D
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I am so excited..My long awaited items are here! I can't sit still! This looked better before I posted it ='(
First, lemme show you what arrived from that_zorua  today:
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This was a surprise. Not like surprise you are pregnant, but more like oh, that's cute! Glad I ordered the set!
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Some adorable Mew goodness!
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More stuff here too!
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More xmas ornaments!
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Some of the gang. Not all. I hoard my collections in different clumpy piles! Hooray!
There are imposters in there!
zekrom blue da bu dee da bu dai

(no subject)

posting again, for the sake of coolnews!

the two "mystery" pokemon from december's kids set are revealed!

darumakka and..............DESUMASU???

whoa!! how random and cool!!

me i'm looooovin' that blue tailed zekrom :D needs more bluetail merch!!

fine so im willing to trade + anyone in ny wanna stop by?

OKIE so i decided that some things in my sales post has to go lol so if anyone wants to TRADE <33 im willing to trade for zoroark and some 5th gen plushies XD there are all the things im selling. but if any other kind of pokedoll or something else they may sell in nyc is wanted just ask as im going back to NWS on monday.

and this is a bit off topic but im having a party in manhattan XD so im gonna wear my fursuit, if anyone wants to come dressed in cosplays or fursuits you're welcome XD im bringing chips and chocolates and it would be nice meeting people from the community XD ill probably be taking my sketchpad and drawing free gifts for people (i get generous on my or i can even deliver stuff bought from my sales ^^ if this isnt allowed just tell me and ill take it down DX

plus im gonna start sculpting again <3 its been SOO long! what kinds of clays should i get, and does anyone know where i can get them?
and request pokemon for me to sculpt as well XD since i may put some for auction.
WoW - Khadgar

A little middle of the road reminder...

This is just a friendly reminder about my auction for a mint with tag 1/1 Eevee plush!

The auction will still end Monday at 4:00 pm on the 22nd of November, Eastern Standard Time!

Current highest bid is only at $130.00, yes...I lowered the starting bid! From what I understand these plush tend to go for a little over $200.00 and are hard to come by. Now is your chance to get one for a lower price and just in time for the holidays!!

Here is the link to the auction:

Pokemon Center 1/1 Eevee Auction This Way!


Yes, this post is indeed a boring one...:P

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look at the little cutiepie! <3

Just got my talky Tsutarja in the mail today! :) Thought I'd share with everyone, since we'd already gotten to see Miju and Pokabu!

Of course, as soon as I ended the video, she made this really cute laughing sound XD Of course I missed it! Haha! For those of you who can't watch the video...

So cute ♥

Mini Collection Update :3

I got a few new things recently and was excited about them and I need to share them with someone! XD But before that, I need to ask:

Does anyone have a Shinx Bobblehead they'd sell to me? >_< I missed out on one not too long ago (this is the third time I've missed a post that had one. x_x ) and I think I'm going to start calling it my grail. Go ahead and name your price! I'm getting pretty desperate for one. D:

But anyway, the update:
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Collection Display Idea

Just wanted to share an idea I came up with for displaying my collection!

I'd been pretty displeased with most normal shelves. Since my main collection is Rattata/Raticate, and most of their items are really small, they sort of got lost on larger shelves. I also wasn't really thrilled with collection display cases - they're nice, but often expensive and a little "fancier" than I really wanted for displaying toys.

I found a cool solution yesterday at Target: Cutlery trays!

(They're little trays that fit into kitchen drawers to separate knives, forks, etc)

Turned them sideways and mounted them to my wall, and voila, shallow collection "shelves" to display my rats!


...and a second one to display my smaller Bidoofs and Raichus, of course. :3


I got the nicer bamboo trays, so they ran me about $15 each, but compared to a $30-50 collection cabinet, not too bad! I mounted mine with Scotch picture hanging strips. 4 medium strips have a listed maximum weight of 9 pounds, far more than my entire rat collection weighs, but if you're storing, say, lots of metal figures, you might try using screws to mount the trays into a stud or with drywall anchors to support more weight. Flat items get stuck up with sticky-tack, and I used Scotch decorating clips to hang up some keychains and straps.

Maybe this'll give someone else some ideas? If not, well, thanks for letting me share my little exciting "discovery!" :D
RAWR obsession...

And yes, Arcanine and Growlithe are and will forever be my favorites...but I'm realizing I also want to collect another fire guy...


Why, you ask? Cause he's a total BA. I mean, look at him. And I've always loved him so...(I feel bad for my wallet for asking this but...) is there any Charmeleon merchandise you guys would be willing to sell me? I'll especially be grateful for any KIDS or PLUSH.

So let me know! I hope everyone's having a great weekend :)
nethie vulpix

The Jakks.

I don't do so much collection updates. I don't collect any specific mon except Vulpix, and even then, I'm still very picky about what I buy. I mostly collect plush, and most of said plush are at my desk at my job, so I don't have a lot of pics. I recently went to the mall kiosk to get the Runners, the Rainbow Phoenix, and the SeaRider last Monday, and will be going to get two of the big ones for a friend.)

Anyways, to the point. I went to my local Target today and found five of the six Jakks. I guess someone bought Teddiursa. It happens.

All the Monz~
Here they are. If people would like clearer pics, please ask.

Also, this is a request to buy, if that's cool. See, I do want Teddiursa. I just want one at a fair price, and have not found one. I paid 5.99 for each of the five. With my high tax rate in WA State, this was about 6.50 for each. Let's round up to 7, and then toss in shipping and handling. So I am willing to pay about twelve dollars, including shipping, for Teddiursa to complete the set. If you would like to offer me one, that would be peachy. I can use Paypal to pay you.

Thanks in advance if you offer one!

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Sorry to post twice in one day. My collection and the sales would have been too overwhelming for one post. If I am wrong please let me know and I will take this down!
I finished putting my sales together...and now please take it away!
There is so much stuff @_@ Surfing Pikachu's and Japanese dirt!

Feedback here please!

Shipping: All items are priced without shipping. You will be charged for shipping, paypal fees and packaging. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please buy insurance if you are concerned. I have never had a problem but you never know! I ship daily! I also ship from the USA

Payments: I prefer paypal but I'll also accept concealed cash (at your OWN risk) as well as checks and money orders.
Checks must clear before your item ships. That may add onto your shipping time.

Any questions please ask. I can combine shipping, get more pics, tell you the condition of an item, etc.
No trades at this time please. Sales permission from LineaalbaCollapse )
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What on earth is this?

All Epcot Pokedoll Run 5 packages are ready to be shipped monday, woohoo!

So while browsing I managed to find this guy:


Has anyone ever seen this Lugia plush? 
Is it bootleg, possibly.. I can't see any tags..

Either way it's kinda cute

dratini, dragonite, dragonair, pokemon
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Charms reminder

I'm still taking orders for custom charm commissions! Click the image below to get to my old post~

Also, I found this tape dispenser and am wondering what to do with it... O_o