November 21st, 2010

Zoro Derp

GA Reminder! And shipping update.

I'm not sure if anyone is interested in this GA at all since it didn't get much response initially, but I am still running it since there are at least a couple of bids. :) Many of the items don't have ANY bids, and if they do, they're at their starting bid!

Click the image or this link to be transported!

For those of you waiting on packages from me, I apologize that I haven't gotten a chance to make it to the post office yet (oh, finals week...). I will be making a run on Monday after work.

Lastly, I'm excited to say that I'm awaiting a rather large package full of goodies! This means a potential collection update as well as more things in my sales post. :)
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Shiny Merchandise for Sale! (:( for me, :D for you)

My TCG grail recently popped up, and I have been debating whether to sell this piece of my collection, but this collection was an accidental collection, so it will be the one to go. :I But I have been seeking my grail for quite a while now, so meh.

Here is a preview!

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Please let me know if you would like any of this stuff with your ZIP code! I appreciate it, thanks! (Please place offers for Suicune in the designated thread).

took down my collection.

Well, i feel like such an idiot for this but i took down my Pokemon collection.  I did so because in my neighborhood a lot of people I know live here (like people who go to the same school as I do).  I know this is going to sound really lame, but I'm afraid of people finding out I like Pokemon.  Only some of my closest friends know I do.  And of the people who do know, they're always telling me to be myself and not be afraid of what other people think because it won't matter to them.  I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm afraid of certain people to know.  I'm probably still going to collect but I guess not as much.  I'll still buy a few cute things, and I left my two Pokedolls out and a box of TCG.  I figured that no one will care if I have a few things, but it'll be too much for people to know I collect it. O;  My collection, actually, mostly consisted of just some old items that I'd gotten over the years, Pokedolls, plush, etc. 
Erm, there's still this shop where I live that has a lot of interesting imported Pokemon items from Japan.  Most of them are old items from Japan.  I know they have a Trading Card Video, Pencil Case (with some pencils and erasers and I think a sharpener), cards, and folders from Japan.  I'll probably still be shopping there.  

And now I present my question.
Should I put some of my items from my collection back up?  Maybe like my favorite figures, plush, etc.? Honestly, most of my collection is just items I've acquired in the past so, honestly, if I tell people that, I'm not lying.  I'm probably going to still collect a few things.  

Again, I'm going to sound horribly insecure and stupid when you read this, but I hope you'll understand. Dx I'm not giving up collecting, but I'm not going to as much.  Should I put some of my plush, figures, or anything else particular back up?
Thanks. C:

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Hi everyone,
Recently I have become interested in possibly collecting Wailmer and was just wondering if anyone had any merchandise of it for sale. I may not be able to buy it but I would love to see incase I decide on collecting it.
I was also wondering how rare its plushes were, especially the tomy one?

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks again,
ampharos: sing

Stickers for offer! Sales update! Group buy shipped! Exclamation marks!

Hey guys! I just ordered a PS3, which I'm really excited about, but it means that I need (1) more room and (2) more games, so I've updated my sales again :D

Firstly, there's a bunch of stickers up for offer

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And over at my sales post, there's some new things and lots of stuff in sets/lots now. (Almost) everything has been rephotographed.

head on over to sHoppip!

Also, for those of you who were involved in the stampies group buy, they're on their way to whitecygnet now and she'll make a post with shipping totals when she gets them! :)
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Sales update

ive added a small few pokemon things into my shop and lowered some prices so please come look! AND A CUSTOM POST WILL COME OUT THIS WEEK!!! ><''' (i havent had time to finish the glazing and thats the last part!!)

thanks for looking!
Pika Christmas

Another Sales Post!

Hello everyone!

i haven't posted on here in quite a while. busy and when i come here so often i am so tempted to buy something:) my wallet is not supporting that. speaking of my wallet, it needs to be filled. mostly for my upcoming trip to WALT DISNEY WORLD!! :) :) i leave a week from today. please take a look at my items. i have added some new stuff and reduced a few things in price.


Important Info!

*I ship all items from the USA.
*Shipping; please leave your zip code and i will let you know how much shipping will be
*I have a cat, but my items are stored where must dust and cat hair cannot get to them. i will check the items before they go out though. (but a cat hair or two may still be on the item. those things are tricky! just a warning to anyone who is allergic)
*NO holding this time. i am on a time crunch. sorry:(
*Haggling is okay.
*I take paypal ONLY.
*I ship on Saturdays(i might be shipping as early as this Wednesday 11/24).
*I am NOT responsible if items are damaged or lost in the mail. You can pay extra for insurance. please let me know if you want to.

Please click on this link to go to my Flickr to see my items:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone in the USA! Have a great week everyone! :D
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Talkie Total and Tomy Offerings (plus new talking GB)

The shipping total for the Mijumaru and Tsutarja Talking plush is ready.  ^_^

Each plush is $67 shipped to US/CAN, $77 shipped to EU/OZ.  First-Class international shipping can be upgraded to priority (+$11) or express (+$18) with additional charge.  Please let me know if you have any other special requests (such as ship without the box, etc.)

Paypal info and rules regarding shipping methods and responsibilities can be found in the sales page here. =)

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Also, please don't forget that Gen V Tomy Monster Collection figures and the Sofubi Soft Vinyl figures are always available.  And starting this week I can also pull the Tomy Gen V plush toys (with exception of Tsutarja).




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Finally, since there is a lot of interest for the talkies, I will start a new GB for all three starters (sorry Pika, no one loves ya).  ^__^;

There is one change in the rule is that I am going to ask for a down payment of $50 this time.  Down payment is not due until we have 6 member for a specific list AND if the order is confirmed.  The down payment will be refunded if the plush is somehow not available. =)

Tsutarja List (list full, confirming order now)

Pokabu List

Mijumaru List (list full, confirming order now)

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Questions?  Please let me know, thanks! ^__^

Bead sprite commissions OPEN! :D

Evenin everyone! Just purchased some more perler beads and now im opening for 5 more bead sprite slots in efforts to raise some money for a bill that just came up :/ Shipping is included in the price :)
Here are my prices:
$5 for a menu sprite
$9 for a walkie/medium sprite (up to 10" long and/or wide)
$12+ for large/x-large sprites (12"+)  At this time i dont have enough boards for pokedex entry sprites or bigger
Here are some examples:

Collapse )slots:
If interested, please comment with what you would like, what country you live in and a link to the sprite you would like made. thanks!

sunyshore pokemon

we have new things!

up for pick up order!

i can only get 5-6 each of the really huge final evo starters at once, so if the one you want is GONE, just wait and ill get more next week!

no combining! weight limits are annoying right now. i hope they go away soon.

thanks ya'll!

also a note:
i have some DP characters, cynthia, darkrai, and team galatic (grunts) pencil douga and genga from DP anime that i don't know what to do with (there's a lot of copies of the same scene and i don't need them all). i mostly bought this lot to see if it had any gym leaders or electric pokemon, and now i have lots of sketches i know others would appreciate more than me!

if you have interest in ash, dawn, brock, galatic grunts, cynthia or darkrai REAL production art used in the anime, yes real pencil drawings by animators, not photocopies!, let me know. i'd be looking for 50-150$ a page depending on what it was. if you have SERIOUS interest please comment and let me know what you want to see!

Small Collection Update & Sales

 So I finally managed to accumulate more stuff! :D  Come see!
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Small Sales

I only ship to U.S. addresses.

I will consider trades for Mudkip merch not seen in my collection above! :D

Hasbro Mudkip beanie, no tags - $4                                              
Mudkip clear kid - $3

Both are in awesome condition.  The only reason I'm selling is because I have doubles. :)
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Lame question

Hello Community
I am gonna be lame and ask a question on here XD
How much do MWT Poochyena UFO's go for?
I have seen people ask before but every time I try to search (here or google) nothing comes up! D: Woe is me...*le sigh*

So this post isn't as boring...a video from the new Pokemon B&W episodes:
Ash sounds so hardcore in Japanese

And a whole episode!
awwwww POKABU!

Happy Holidays!
Man Munna
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WANTED! Pokeballs!

My boyfriend has been dying to get a set of 3-6 pokeballs so we could mod them to fit on his belt.
I was wondering, does anyone have any pokeball toys that spring open? The keychain size should probably be good, and lord knows most people here are glad to be rid of the repetitive casing.

Also, if anyone has any premier ball merch, please let me know!

Quick Apology, and Collection Update!

So I haven't been very timely with my payments lately, because there has been a lot going on and my "financial provider" (ie. Boyfriend) was out of town. I think they were all shipping payments, but I apologize if it really inconvenienced anyone. (If I missed any payments please let me know, I think I got them all though!) Boyfriend was at an interview with Microsoft in Seattle, and after weeks of nervousness and getting prepared, he got the job! He intentionally asked for a late return flight, so he'd have time on Saturday to travel to the Alderwood mall and pick up some souvenirs.
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