November 22nd, 2010

[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Diorama Collection Contest 2010!

Some of you may remember, others may not know, but it's that time again! CONTEST!!! Enter it!!
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c: I wanted to start a new Diorama contest because ever since I entered last year I have always LOVED seeing dioramas! Even though I can't enter this time I'll still be making a new one for my new 5th gen favorite: Kuitaran. Hopefully before the contest is over anyway!

Good luck to those who enter!
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Shipping Update (& Items for offers)

Hello everyone! First, I have an important note to any one who has purchased anything from me: Your items either went or Friday afternoon or this (Monday) morning. I was, unfortunantly, hit with a lot of issues and problems this past month that prevented me from getting the items out, but I am taking the full responsibility. It's nobody's fault but my own, and I apologize IMMENSELY to anyone who has been waiting patiently for their things. Like I said, your packages have all been shipped out, so you should be receiving them soon.

If you have any other problems, or want to contact me about this, feel absolutely free to do so.

On a different note, now that the messes I've been dealing with have cleared up, it seems that I'm, once again, short on space and cash. So, I've decided to put some of my favorite items up for offers under the cut:

Yes, that's my Venusaur Gameboy and my Pikachu line Canvas dolls!

There are also cards for sale under there as well.

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And that's that! if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me!

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So I saw this Bibarel UFO pokedoll, and fell iin love, in a older sales post... It was sold though and I have searched but to no avail have found one anywhere else... I was curious as to if anyone had on laying around that they wouldn't mind selling? Idk about prices, the one I saw was $22, which was perfect for me... But we will see. Thank you!

On that note~ ^ 3^ I have never officially introduced myself! D: SO I collect Ampharos and bulbasaur as my top two, then togepi, clefable(lol on accident), and giratina (both forms, gotta love the giraworm)

I will post a very small abont of pics from my collection too! <3
(How do we cut?) *meep*

Uhm... well here are two...

Some of my favorite figures I have

And a small scene I made with some re-ment aswell.
Samll scene


P.S I will be updating my collections soon, they will be on my LJ profile so I do not take up too much room on the community! <3
WoW - Khadgar

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Ok, I have not been buying to many new items for my collection. Sadly, with the Beast promotion this year, Suicune ran off with my wallet and has yet to return! Naughty Buttribbons is naughty! I do have a very small collection update though...

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So, that is it as of right other packages have reached me, but I am not expecting much at this time! While I am at it...time for a reminder!!

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 Giratina Origin reintro post coming soon...;)

Zoro Derp

Epic sales update is epic!

Sorry for bombarding the front page again, but..... the most amazing package ever arrived yesterday (I had no idea those packages could show up on a Sunday!) and I'm really excited about it!

I do not have a collection update as I'd like to re-organize my room first (and clean the damn thing in general, LOL).  But my shop got an overhaul!   TONS of goodies ranging from miscellaneous things to plush to figures!

A tiny preview:


Everything I'm offering ranges in quality, so please ask about an item first if you are curious.  I tried to make the price reflect the quality. :)  As always, offers are always welcomed!
I must warn anyone who wants to purchase anything within the next couple of days to be quick with payment if they want the item shipped this week as I am going home soon.  Otherwise, items will be shipped some time next week. :)

And while I'm talking about shipping:  Another apology to those of you who are still waiting for me to ship stuff... Something came up today and I don't think I'll be making it to the post office like I said I would. >_<  Working 9-4 on weekdays makes this difficult... I will try to get them out before I head home on Wednesday!

Prices lowered, sales updated with jakks Jirachi plush, Suicune pokedoll, MIP chou gets & more!

My sales have been updated again, and some prices I felt were too high have been lowered. Click the banner below to view them~!

To let everyone know, I will be making a pokedoll/plush run to the large Pokemon Center kiosk in the Alderwood Mall. I have a pretty good idea of what they do and don't have in stock, and photographs of their vending machines, so keep an eye out for a post from me on that subject in the very near future.

I might even make a post about my Pokemon Center run later today. . but I'm still too asleep to try making one now. xD

Pokemon Cupcake Jewelry Auction Reminder

Just dropping a reminder about my Pokemon jewelry auction! <3 If you missed it, I'm auctioning off a Tabunne line jewelry set, a Shiny Zoroark line jewelry set, and a Rankurusu line jewelry set. I'm also auctioning off a custom slot! :D

This auction ends on Friday 6:00 PM PST! So get those bids in and give these guys a good home! :D

You can find the auction threads here:

Zukan pieces

So, I'm still looking for a few zukan pieces so I can complete some of my most valued sets.
-middle piece of Pokemon center diorama

So...yeah, if anyone has these pieces, just contact me, and maybe we can work something out.


Look how lonely they look without their missing pieces!!!!
houndoom and slowpoke

Zukan GB!

Hey guys! Its Katie again. (If you're hoping for those crochet doll commissions, sorry, I'm not opening them just yet. I have a lot of school work to do in the next week or so, but then they'll be raring to go! ^^)

Instead, I'm here with a GB! My first GB, actually. :B

I've been after another slow-line zukan, and found that hardrock had it in a set.... I figured I'd start a GB for the set, since I'm only really interested in the one part. More information under the cut!

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Sales! (And Final Offers Post Reminder!)

My midterms are FINALLY over! Woohoo! That means I have time to get some things done around here. :D

But first, a quick reminder that this offers post is ending tomorrow! Recall Charizard is still at its starting price! So is the DX Pikachu, and the large Pokeball has no offers. So get them in! c:

**Raichu has been BIN'D**

Click the image to be transported!

Now onto other things... Sales! Sales include plushes, megabloks, kids, and more! I've had these items sitting around for a while so help me clear some space ;o;

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SHINee - Jinki

First Collection Update!

Hello guys! My name is Fernanda and I'm new to this community, also to the whole collecting thing. I've started little by little to know all the stuff about the whole business of collecting haha. I've been a fan of Pokemon for around ten years. My favorite Pokemon change EVERY TIME @_@ I hate myself for that but I guess Gardevoir and Espeon are one of my top :3

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Shikijika Collection Start!


My name is Niccole, though I have been around as Rayechu since I discovered the internet in the late 90's. I have had various pokemon goods since the series came out in the US, including some red light blinking keychain charms, which got me picked on my first day of volleyball camp.

Anyway, I love deer and birds and when Shikijika came out I absolutely fell head over heels for the little deer. I lucked into being up early one morning and snagged a Shikijika stamper from Gin, only to realize after paying that I had mixed my old Ohio address and my new California address. When the other Shikijika person got their stamp in the mail I wrote mine off as lost forever. But when I got home from work this evening there was something sitting on the table for me!


Oh, Siegfried please move your butt so I can see... Yes, that looks like a package from Japan!


My stamper made it safe and sound. And it is so TINY. And I know other people get excited about pokemon bags, but I wasn't even expecting one and now I have it and think it is much too cute.


As Shikijika has had very little solo merchandise thus far I resorted to making some sculptures of my little deer. These are my very first attempts at sculpey. I know compared to the mountains of plush and armies of figures my collection is rather small, but I'm really just incredibly happy that my very first deer made it here and wasn't lost forever.

Thank you for taking the time to look and I hope to see you all around!
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(no subject)

Sorry for being away again, it's a long story but involves staying out in freezing weather just to watch some fireworks.

Has anyone heard from 0mastar lately? I ordered some stuff from them and we agreed to trade for some of it, but although they've received their end, I haven't received any of my stuff at all 3:


I got some new kids in, and some retro Amada stickers, including a couple of Eeveelutions!


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Next time, I'll have a re-intro post, and - ABSOLS.
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