November 23rd, 2010


TFG GB shipping payments DUE NOW

OK guys these TFG came in the other day. They look incredible!!
I have everyone's packaged who has paid.

They should be fairly well packaged. Double bubble wrapped and cardboard and bubble mailer. If there is a problem please let me know!


Spreadsheet is here: i am a spreadsheet

Please make payments to theresilienceofnature@gmail(dot)com
Leave a comment when you've paid. Put your username in the notes!

Birthday loot!

Okay, I haven't posted in forever. I haven't been in a Pokemon mood for a long time, that's why. It's been all about Scott Pilgrim
lately ^ ^;;  So, I thought I'd show you guys the Pokemon-related stuff I got for my birthday. I wish I could show you all of it,
but that would kinda be off topic...

B-day goodies!

I got...

The new game Pokepark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure, and a JAKKS Celebi plush! My birthday was Sundat, but I got Celebi
yesterday as my brother's gift to me. He couldn't get me anything 'cause our truck decided it didn't want to start the morning
of my birthday -_-;;

This Celebi plush is SOOO well made I could NOT believe it. I picked it up from the plush box in the store and was like
"... Oh my Weedle this is SO soft and SO well made!!" The only problem is a little hole in the back of her head,
but you can hardy see it, thanks to the wings ^_^
I'm also happy because my camera decided it wanted to NOT take shizzy pictures this morning! WOOT!

Rammy says bye bye!

This was the most anticipated thing on my list, and the only non-Pokemon thing I'll show you guys.
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Random zukan have arrived!

Hey guys!

This zukan GA is finally here!

There is some bad news.  :(

inu_no_kokoro  - Poochyena is nowhere to be found. Mightyena is here, in great shape, and even has the base. But there is no poochyena. I really am not sure how to handle this D: Please let me know what you'd like to do! I do not have you marked as paid on the spreadsheet either, so if you could just let me know your paypal handle if you have paid, I can look that up.

kyedhen1female - There was only one gulpin after all, so I opted to put it with swalot. I hope you're okay with this. If its an issue we can try to work something out together with grimack  who won gulpin/swalot.

irethsune - we somehow missed you on the first spreadsheet, but magikarp is here and wants to go home to you! Please pay the amount in the final payment column, it includes everything together.

corn_dog_solo   -I am also unsure if we received your initial payment, if it was sent, just let me know your paypal info and I can look it up.

chronidu  -The pegs on the swampert and marshtomp are in pretty bad shape, the one half is broken off in swampert and the other half is white with bending. I'm going to note you about our other trade in a few, but I can throw these guys in with that project to save shipping if thats cool with you? I should be getting to him sometime today or tomorrow anyhow!

Aside from that, also the zukan are in pretty good shape! There are some small paint rubs on a few, but I can't tell if they are actual damage or just original painting errors! Some are missing bases/pegs, but we pretty much already knew that from the original photo! If you are curious about the condition of yours, let me know and I'll get some photos :)

All shipping totals can be found on the spreadsheet! If you pay by 3:30pm EST I will have them shipped TODAY 8D!

Please send payment to include your LJ username, and what you you won! :)

bellyofthewolf s tentacruel became hungry for my treecko in lie, they came out of the the package like this!

Pokemon Bell Plush Collection...Start!

 hi everyone,

  I've been watching Pokemon Bell plushes come and go here for some time now. I've got a bigger place now, finally! And I've got some space all made out for them too. But, I dont know much about them:/
So, any advice for collecting bell plushes? Where were they made, and when? What should i look for when buying them? Are they better in their little boxes or without? And finally, does anyone have any they might be willing to part with?:)

Any advice is appreciated:)

My feedback page is here:

Quick question

This might be a slightly retarded question sorry.. but when will the Umbreon Jakks figure be released? Does anyone know?
Or the whole set with Umbreon/Espeon in it, that is. (Diamond and Pearl Figure Single Packs, Series 17)
Thank you.
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Special TWO Day Collection Weeding Sale!

That's right- this sale will only be going on for 2 DAYS. 
Sale begins on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 and will end on Thursday, November 25 at noon PST. NO EXCEPTIONS
I will be leaving these items at home when I go back to school on Saturday, so it's important everything gets done before then!


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First of all, as of today all orders I have received payment for have been shipped. I still have a number of kids left over from a GA, and I think most of them were won...if you participated in my GA and won one of the following kids, please let me know asap!

growlithe, mageneton, vaporeon, vespiqueen, girafarig, cyndaquil, slakoth,registeel, bellosom, starly, clefable, shaymin, pikachu, zigzagoon, latios, spidnax2, deoxys, skorupi, charizard, sneasel, snorunt, drapion, croagunk,combee tegekiss, latias, treeko, ashx2, murkrow, meditite, snover, torchic, espeon, gliscor, spearow, seaking, armaldo,mespirit.

I will of course be double checking with my records before sending...but it would be helpful if I knew where to start.

Also, I have a few items I am selling/putting up for offers under this cut. Includes eeveeloutions and a bell plush so take a look!

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Hello all!

My computer has bust up, and I am currently writing from a library computer. So don't worry if you don't see me in here for a couple of days. I will try to be here and pay my part of the Megablock GA payments when the time comes. I'm not sure how much the repairing work is going to take time, but I will let you know when I will be back. I 'll try to check back in here as often as I can.

lovely arbok<3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

shipping update and link swapy?!

To pachirisu, salty_dog, jeansama, starlighteevee, howshocking, and buttribbons, your items from my previous sales post have been shipped. :D You should be expecting them by the end of the week, and if not, you should be getting them by next week :]

Also, here's my collection website banner if anyone would like to trade links! I love looking at different collections, it's very inspiring! (and therapeutic in a way) ♥

To make this post less boring, here's a little Pokemon/DDR action. xD
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(no subject)

 So :3 I was hoping to wait till that ga I ran came in but I caan't X3

so heres what I recently picked up (minus vulpix because they didn't have one D:<)

these are the two I'm keeping <3
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and Sales :3 ( figures at the bottom It's not all cards XD;)

Zabimaru  &gt;:D

Collection Update...Grail Get!?!

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? Hope all is well. :D 

Last week and the week before I got a few packages in the mail with things in them that I couldn't wait to share with you all! :3 I would have done this update sooner, but school and finals got in the way. Anyway, I got out on thursday so I have time to do my update now!! Yay!! XD So here it is. :D

Preview pic. :3 

Maybe? :o  XD

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Thanks for your time collectors, and please enjoy the rest of your day. :D


Zoro Derp

GA ending in a few hours!

I'm sorry for posting so excessively lately, but I had a "scare" earlier today (I use this term loosely, LOL)... specifically about this GA. XD;

So... I think in my last reminder said it was ending on Wednesday... I lied and it's ending a few hours from now!!!  I'm closing bids at 11:30 EST!  Please click here or the image to go go go and bid bid bid!  There still aren't enough bids to make a starting bid on the auction, so some assistance is necessary if this is going to be successful!

On a final note, here's another sales plug in case any of you missed my huge update.  There's still a bunch of stuff left!  I fixed my prices a little bit and added a large Dialga plush!  There's also a large Palkia plush available and you get a discount if you buy both together!! :)

Pokabu and Pikachu Talkie and Banpresto November Prize Update

Pokabu and Pikachu Talking plushies are ready to ship.  There are still spots left for claim on the Pikachu talkie!

Each plush is $67 shipped to US/CAN, $77 shipped to EU/OZ.  First-Class international shipping can be upgraded to priority (+$11) or express (+$18) with additional charge.  Please let me know if you have any other special requests (such as ship without the box, etc.)

If you are purchasing a second talking plush from me this time (xxxandra ,noxxbunny ), please take off $1.50 from your total.  ^__^

Paypal info and rules regarding shipping methods and responsibilities can be found in the sales page here. =)

pika_lex (paid)xxxandra (paid)
inu_no_kokoro (paid)silentstar1134 (paid)
noxxbunny (paid)<claim me!>
stephy_wolf (paid)<claim me!>
orangecorgi (paid)SOLD

I also still need payment from the following people for the previous talking plush GB (don't worry about this reminder if you've already worked out a schedule with me). ^__^;;

shadowravenx ruenis 
raikourai (paid)starletchu 

People who's on the next Tsutarja and Mijumaru talking plush GB, please note that our order has been placed.  We are now waiting for confirmation from the supplier.

The next Pokabu GB still needs two more participants.  Please come and claim your own "Te-Pig" XD

Pokabu List

Lastly, Banpresto November prizes are here, but please allow me a few days to work out the logistic.  Super DX Reshiram orders will see discounts, while Super DX Zekrom order will not! >_<

P.S. Did I also mention I can pull Pokemon Kids by the box before? Please PM me if you are interested. =3
P.P.S.  Teaser photos of the Nov 5.5" plush. =)

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Post-cleaning Pre-Christmas Documentation

HEEEEY, COLLECTORS!! Is everyone enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of Thanksgiving?! I have a whole week off, and oddly enough, I.. was bored enough to clean my room. Cleaning my room means organizing my Pokemon plushies, as well, so I thought I should show off the organization and the few new things I've gotten over the past few months! Last time you guys heard from me was when I got Sammael, my Zoroark Pokedoll, right? ..Right.
For those that don't know me.. I'm Nira! I'm 16 and I mainly collect plushies, and have been since I was 4 or 5. I also like Kids figures and holographic 1998-99 Pokemon cards! I like to bunch up anything I get and any questions I have and throw them into one biiig post, so you guys won't see me post too-too often! o/


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Also, I have a want. One teensy tiny want.
A Dragonite kid. I even just want pictures. As you guys know, I'm trying to construct Team Nira in kids, and all, ALL I need is Dragonite! I'm not sure how much they go for, or even what they LOOK like, so please give me pictures, or price estimates! And if you're selling one, PLEASE let me know! :D

I also wanted to say this out of the cut: I've spent around a year on Pokemon Collectors as of this month, and I have to say, it's been GREAT hanging around here. I've made several new friends, learned countless things about Pokemon merchandise, and expanded my collection like absolutely CRAZY -- thank you all for such a great year, and I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!! ♥

Thanks so much for looking, everybody -- I'll be back after Christmas to show off what I got! Happy Holidays!
Master Trainer Nira -- OUT!
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nintendo word store item pickup!

Ill pick up shirts and pokedolls ^^ even those huge card boxes if anyone wants! plus non pokemon items

Shirts available ($35 shipped to US):
Pikachu face
wobbufett face
gengar face

Pokedolls available ($25 shipped to US):
Gizamimi pichu

Huge card boxes $200 shipped

Bowser shell backpacks $85 shipped to US (i know DX) they look like that 8P

if you're interested in anything else you heard that is there just ask and ill see how much they will be ^^

dont forget i still have pokedolls from the nintendo world store in my sales!
Jasmine &amp; Steelix

Possible GBs?

Hello everyone!
I was doing some poking around on eBay and found a bunch of figurine lots - mostly Tomys and kids, from the looks of it. They're all BINs, and the prices are very low on all the auctions, so grab them while you can!

The seller also has a bunch of individual auctions, so I'd definitely recommend taking a look. :)
Don't have sales permission, hence why I'm sharing these in the event that someone wishes to take one of these up. There are a couple things I sort of want, but not enough to buy all of these. xD;

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Taking orders for pokedoll run tomorrow--affordable pokedolls and more~!

I was sad to move away from the east coast and being within driving distance of Nintendo World, only (to my surprise) to have the Alderwood Mall quite near my new home open an elaborate Pokemon Center kiosk this month. So, as I enjoyed doing these before my move, I will be offering pokedoll pick-up runs once again (probably more often before, as I am significantly closer to the Pokemon Center kiosk than I was to Nintendo World).

For now, at least while I get back into the swing of things, I will be taking ten orders.

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1. keysan (Jolteon)
2. littlestspook (Jolteon)
3. candimxgicboi (Flareon, Jolteon & Eevee)
4. ifeelasin (Ho-oh)
5. bloohyena (Entei)
6. shiningraikou (Jolteon)
7. kokicola (Raikou)
8. leafeon_420 (Eevee)
9. kitbug (Raikou)
10. misfitbunny (Suicune, Entei & Raikou)
11. waruihikari (Latios, Latias, & Skitty if possible)
12. allyson_x (Jolteon, & Skitty if possible)

Potentially unavailable (Skitty/Snorlax, payment not required until after pick-up)
1. rachelled (Skitty)
2. jedi_amara (Skitty)
3. lunglock (Skitty)
4. nagaineko (Snorlax)

(no subject)

Its been a long while since I have made a collection post!  Sadly I no longer have a Magikarp or Slowpoke collection as I had to make the decision sell them , but my main collections have grown a lot since my last post. I even started a little side collection of Abra and Pelipper!

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Hope you enjoyed my little post ;;u;; ♥

You should all be receiving them in the next week or two~ YAY

Commissions are on HOLD at the moment as I will be out of town for the rest of the week. ;o; So sorry for the long wait and thank you SO VERY MUCH for your patience!  I LOVE YOU GUYS.