November 24th, 2010

black/white item sales!

hi guys! i have just added a few black/white clearfiles, erasers and pencils to my shop, as well as a shroomish keychain. the unsold pieces from my auctioned banpresto fire set is now for direct sale too! do note that due to my examinations, i'd be slower in sending out any packages this week, but all packages from this batch of sales will definitely go out by 30 Nov so don't worry!

(head on to larvy's shop here!)

thanks for reading! =D

Re-Intro/Huge collection update post!

Let’s see, where to begin? First off, I'd like to welcome the new members of pkmncollectors and say hello :3! This is my new intro/get to know/make up for lack of collection update posts. I hope you enjoy!

My name is cuddlefist aka Cuddles, San or Alice in Pokemon games. I’ve been around on the community for about a year and a half and it’s one of my favorite places to hang out on the Internet! I’m a senior in high school, and I’ve been collecting Pokemon on and off since 1998. Currently, I’ve been holding steady with my collecting since 2004 picking up items when I have the money to spend. Which is rare since I don't have a job XD...

My #1 favorite Pokemon of all time will always be Ninetales followed by Lucario, Jolteon, Suicune and well, every other Pokemon X3! I eventually want to have a card, figure and game data of every Pokemon along with as many items as I can get of my favorite Pokemon (yes, I want to be a legitimate Pokemon Master X3). I am really into breeding Pokemon in the games and those Pokemon I have a strong bond with because I raise them from eggs to be the best they can be. All of this is done without hacking (unlike the rest of my friends...)

Now about my collection, I mainly collect the Vulpix/Ninetales line, the Eeveelutions, Suicune and Zorua/Zoroark line. I have over thirty other Pokemon I collect as well but not as hardcore as the others. I also collect certain figures such as Zukans and Kids. My goal for Zukans is to get as many of the cheaper ones as I can before moving on to the more expensive ones. As for the Kids figures, I want one of every single Pokemon (I’m about half way there). Finally, the last part of my collection is that I collect plushies. Nothing special I’m looking for, I just love them X3!

My collection started in 1998 when I went to my friend’s birthday party. She had gift bags filled with Pokemon pencils, erasers and pencil toppers. To this day, I still have the two pencil toppers I got back then. Today, my collection totals up to about 1,000 unique items from the Pokemon series from all over the world. Sadly, I cannot show you the full extent of my collection for I have to pack it all up since I’ll be going to college next fall (^_^;). I do have the ability to show you my updates and my main collections since those have yet to be packed.

And so, without further stalling here's:


New Stuff! 
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Also a question:

Do any of you have any videos of your collections? I was browsing around on youtube and a saw a few that looked familiar :3! 

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Chibi Stamp GA Hosted by anthonyjg10

Hey everyone, It's been a while since I heard anything about this GA.
I have been patiently waiting for an invoice for it and have not heard a word. Is this thing even alive still? Has anyone else heard anything about it or did it just dissapear?

Here is a link to the auction so you can see what it was if you too have been wondering where it went. Any insight as to what happened would be awesome!

Thanks for reading! ^^


EDIT: We need Oshawott tag like srsly XD I tried to tag and it failed.

First, I will be going home tomorrow, but as of now, everything I owe has been shipped. Just things in the below quick sales (which includes an Oshawott UFO) won't be shipped until I get back (so Monday)

Second, home means I can FINALLY UPDATE MY TOGEKISSES which are waaaay overdue. And then when I return to dorm I'll do a bug update :3

Third, sales are below the cut.

Fourth, AAAAH THERE IS A SEVERE STORM COMING. This storm includes customs of Choroneko, shiny mew, eeveelutions, balloons, chinchillas, oshawotts, and Banettes. YOU MUST GO AND BID BECAUSE THERE WON'T BE ANYMORE CUSTOMS POSTS FROM ME UNTIL PROBS JANUARY.


About that Oshawott you see above; he's vintage :P
What is vintage? Well, you can see he's old. Oshawott is technically new, of course, but what if he had been around during the days of Merry Melodies and Silly Symphonies?
This is the first in what, depending on popularity, will be a series of plush I will call my Vintage line where I show what things would be like back in the days before color.
What pokemon would look good in this style? Let me know what you feel about the line!

Also, due to a certain thing involving a crush, I now have a fondness for Roselia and Gloom. I'd possibly be interested in a trade or buying. Possibly.


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In doses, a Collection Update

Good morning, Pkmncollectors!!!
My insomnia has brought me here, and with me I have a small collection update.
It's only of my cards, and is HERE if you'd like to check it out (view in reverse order!). ^___^

I was also wondering what everyone is wanting/getting for Christmas? Kind of as a fun meme. ^^"
I'd like to get PokePark Wii and import Pokemon White as a Christmas present to myself. A little insight on that idea could be nice, too. I've never imported a game before, and wonder if it's worthwhile to do so, I still plan to get Pokemon Black here when it is released.

I also have a small project I'm working on, it's with my IRL friends... Kinda silly. But, I may be searching for kids of random Pokemon in the near future, and out of curiosity, are any of these kids available anywhere on here? Not looking to buy or trade right away, though, I might in the future. :3
Same goes with the cards pictured here. Any without checks are what I'm still searching for.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope everyone has a nice Turkey Day (where celebrated)!! ^-^
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Reminder + Small offers post

Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder that the auction for my custom-made Mareep plush and cube plush will end today. :)

Click the picture to get to the auction, or you may click on this link here:

The link to the cube plush auctions is separate and can be found here, or you can click on the one you'd like to bid on and it will bring you to the appropriate thread!
Both are still at their starting bids, so this is your chance to get them while they are still cheap. ^-^

Also as a side note, judging by the amount of interest I've been getting about the cube plush, I will be offering a slot for one cube plush commission in the near future! For all those who are interested, be sure to keep an eye out. :)

Next up is something quite rare I've been after for a while now.. I ended up helping a couple community members including chip in for about 40-45 blind packaged Pokemon 2000 pins a while back, but unfortunately, neither of us found what we were looking for; but lo and behold, the search was over! I found myself extremely lucky to have found these stupidly rare pins with the help of dewott. I haven't even seen since I joined the community almost 2 years ago, so I was very excited to finally be able to get my hands on one! I managed to grab an extra, which I am taking offers on. <3

They are both in minty fresh condition! Please start offers at $12~



Just wondering, since my birthday's gone by, and I've got lots of money to spend, does anyone have a TOMY Pikachu out there??
I've been playing that new game Pokepark Wii, and it got me a little more into Pikachu :p

If so, I would like either the newer diamond and pearl one, or the older Hoenn one.... :)

Thanks in advance, guys :)
zekrom a&#39;walkin

a tale of two brothers

this is a story of two brothers, bonded together by destiny. for they are the first two zekrom plush toys the pokemon collecting world knew about, and rejoiced thusly.

'twas an early august when we were blessed by brother nanoplasm with an image of the first zekrom plush toy, 'twas written in the good book of banpresto upcoming merchandise cataloge that he would be a super DX banpresto UFO catcher plush released alongside a large pikachu, halleluiah.

it would not be, for september was barely upon his people when the Pokemon Center announced they would make a Zekrom plush to be released two months before his older brother, and there was great sadness the young brother would thwart his beloved sibling. and he wept.

the long months passed between their release dates, which the people truly did find strange for a game mascot as they usually would have some more plush toys by now maybe it would be nice if they did, yet finally the day was upon the younger brother and he was approached by a familiar figure.

and thus did he say, "hey bro sup"

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Sad Staraptor

Quick Offers Reminder + A Question

Hello everyone! Just a small reminder: I'm closing offers on my Venusaur Gameboy and my Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu Canavs plushes in just a couple hours!

Just click the image to be transported!

On another note, I was digging around and I came across a boardgame of mine:

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And, well, happy Day Before Thanksgiving, everyone! Is anyone here watching the parade?

Tush tag question

 I just wanted to ask if anyone had a pic of either the Japanese or American tush tag of the 2010 pikachu pokedoll that I could see, maybe?
I'm asking cuz I got a silly cheap one, and I know it's prolly a bootie but I wanna check. I think the fact that I need to ask might be a giveaway but I MUST KNOW.

Finds and Help

 Hi, I recently cleaned out my basement and found quite a few older Pokemon items. There are a few items that I have no idea what they are and I would like help identifying them and tips on how to fix up figures. 
Collapse )Okay here are the items that I need help with:
Collapse )I found this Houndoom V-trainer, as well.

I apologize for the weird cuts.
Thank you for looking.Collapse )

GA Reminder-- Sales Updated-- Shipping Status

 Hey guys! I just wanted to drop by a quick reminder for this GA that shiny_vulpix  and I are hosting :3 It ends on November 30th so there's some time left to get those bids in!! :D

Many of the plush are at low prices! Come check it out 9.9

Walk dis way~

I also updated my Sales / Hack'n'Slashed prices~

Shipping Update:: I have all recent orders from my shop packaged up~ but just haven't had time to get down to the post office due to the snowstorm in my area, my job , and family bleh XD This also includes some of my partial trades/full trades. However they will be going out this weekend--even if I have to snowboard my way over there. D:<

If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM :3  Thanks guys!! 

OH and uh--if anyone has this kid I'd be very interested. I've found a place to purchase it but I'd prefer to buy from the community if possible:: 

Christmas present wants

Hi everyone! I'm looking for these particular items as christmas presents and was hoping some one would be able to help me out.

Glaceon Banpresto plush (MWT)
Glaceon charm (pokemon center) and or figure
Ho-Oh pokedoll (Japanese version MWT)

Also to bring a little more to the table here is a photo of my marble dex progress with more marbles on the way.

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200 Figure Ga Is In

Yaaay 8D
(Sorry I'm posting when I'm still on the page,I'm not going to be on tomorrow and I'd like to be able to take all the packages to be weighed on friday instead of tuesday)
So this morning I woke up to the doorbell and I thought '83 yay mails here' buut the package was way to small to be it :C (just my kougras <3)

and theen around 3 pm today the doorbell rang again :3 and I thought maybe it was my friend,but nope it was UPS dropping off a big box. 83 so rejoice for our precious are here.Spent around an hour sorting through everything XD but we have a lot of extras.

and as always you can add anything from my shop >.>;

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Zukan for Auction!

Wait, but Deluxe, this isn't a GA OR a GB! What are you doing!

I am gonna be acutioning/selling Zukan from my collection this time! 

There are some REALLY AWESOME and rare Zukan going up, so get yo' bid on gurl. 

(Also all of the Zukan from the Large GA are now shipped out, and the Zukan from the Eeveelution GA are going out monday! Hurrah for finally being caught up!)

(And so many more! Including MIB Aggron family!)
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*Psst and also this totally rockin' GA ends in just a bit, come on and get these Kanto Starters gurrrl, Blastoise is barely off the ground! :3*

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Blast from the past

Last week at school we got to clear out our Japanese class room don't worry why :U, and I got to take home two old fatass Japanese manga books. They had Pokemon on the front, so was all *snatches* MINE. CB

But I was in too much of a rush to actually check the title.
Then I did.
What was the title you may ask?


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I also just have a bit of a Q to throw in your general direction.
Is there anybody I can get this Darumakka plush off? I know there are a few on Y!J, but middle mans scare me. :< I just wanted to check before I exerted the effort of using a middle man.

Darumakka hopes you have a good day.

mini update and re-re-introduction

haha I always seem to semi-disappear for awhile so I have to re-RE introduce myself to those who don't know me. I'm Bianca, I'm an 18 year old college student and I've been collecting Latios and Latias for two years now~!

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my collection site! it's NEARLY up to date :D please leave links of your collections so we can exchange!

SO! I must know, who else here is a lati collector? ♥
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Special Sale Ending Soon!

My special Two Day Collection Weeding Sale is ending very soon! The "shop" will only be open until noon (PST) tomorrow! (I know I say no exceptions... but if you're a little late it's okay!) There are still some plush and figures who would love to come home with you for the holidays and I've even lowered some prices!


Click here or any of the pictures above to go there!

I also have one of these I'd like to put up for offer:

(Image from Zukan Ranger)

It's in very good condition, but.... Raichu doesn't have a tail o3o;;;
Thus I have no idea what to ask for it... offer away?

Shipping will be minimal- $2 in the US, $3 international