November 25th, 2010

Zukan sale

Hi all,

Well, I just got a box of zukans that I won from Y!J back in August! (With an assist from the lovely Poprocks_grey). Anyway, I'd bought some as a gift and they came too late for that, unfortunately, but maybe they will be interesting to comm members now that the gift-requiring holidays are approaching?

Among those I have up for offers are:

Lottery Legendary Bird Zukan Set (Lugia and Ho-oh)
Swimming Milotic Line Zukan
Posing Milotic Line Zukan
Raichu Line Zukan
Crobat Line Zukan

All zukans are in mint condition in their original packaging with their official papers!

Also taking offers on a few other zukans from my collection:
Salamence Line
Swampert Line
Fossils Zukan (MIB)

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Pokemon- Sewing

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Trapped at home by all this snow and ice with nothing to do I have finally started to work on my sewing projects. :D This makes me feel better about taking on more work. :U

I have this friend you see, she is my best friend. Both of her parents and now unemployed and she's having trouble scraping together money to go to this convention we always go to together in April, Sakuracon. I want to get her a ticket as a Christmas gift and realized that at the current price, just one of my Pokedoll commissions would be enough to get it.

I don't want to take on too many projects at once so I'm offering up just one commission slot at this time.

I do not know how long it will take since I try to do my plush in the order that I take on the projects. However if you have a Christmas deadline or something I can work on it sooner. Just let me know.

My Pokedoll style plush are $50 plus shipping. Examples are here. If you wanted something bigger than a Pokedoll style plush let me know and we can discuss size/price/etc.

I ship from the US and take Paypal only. My plush are made out of anti-pill fleece with Polyfil stuffing.

EDIT: I've chosen one. Thank you guys for expressing interest! :) Once I get through my current plush I do intend to open commissions to the comm again.

Awesome Gets!

So far, from what I bought off this humongously awesome community, my awesome and quite larger than I expected Dialga plush arrived. It was soon joined by my Sunyshore DX Zekrom, and since then the two rule over my room, waiting for their f(r)iend Zoroark to come in. Oho!

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Today was made of awesome and epic joy, thanks to you people :3
strawberry jolt

Collection update and question

Hi everyone!
i haven't posted recently so now it's time to do a collection update:)))
the things what arrived today:
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question. i got these different colored pokeballs with the auction title " pokemon surprise balls" from a random auction site, and i have no information about their origin. so if anyone can tell me some infos about them i'd really appreciate that :)))

they came with everything you see here. 
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HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN? oh gosh life just sorta picked me up and kicked me in the butt- you'll understand when you see how chaotic my room is a before and after shot of it will explain so much. ffff.

But yes as many of you know I'm applying for Art's school and have been focusing on my art portfolio along with upgrading some classes which I had to drop becuase due ot time frame they weren't really helping me.(
Feels good to finally be back. I sent emails (a long long long time ago) I believe to everyone who is waiting on mugs and bowls from me :] If I haven't I sincerely apologise. I have about.... 27% of the mugs and such done but I really don't want to post any photos until I'm done all of them which I'm hoping will be by christmas. And I have an excited surprise for all mug waiters. It's in the cut below <3 (EXPLANATION END)


3 espeons, 3 floons, 3 minis, glaceon and blue slowpoke up for bids

Information behind cut

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Auction is OVER! Thanks for bidding everyone! <3