November 26th, 2010

EMERGANCY POST! Please read if Ive bought from you or you've bought from me!

EMERGANCY POST! Please read if Ive bought from you or you've bought from me!


This means it's SOMEONE at the sorting office. I've reported the problem and will be going to my sorting office tomorrow, BUT IF I HAVE BOUGHT SOMETHING FROM YOU AND YOU HAVENT SENT IT YET, PLEASE DO NOT DO SO UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! THIS ALSO GOES FOR ITEMS OF MINE FROM MY SALES!

NO packages of mine that people have bought will be sent out until this has cleared up, as it seems this person is also targeting mail sent out aswell! An entire batch of my parcels has gone missing from a month ago! If you were in this batch please let me know and I will report it also to the post office! I'm so so sorry!

I'm VERY upset and distraught about this, as me and my boyfriend have lost WELL over $200 of mail by the looks of things, and this includes my raichu zukan that I won in Misrerdeluxe's GA. I'm so very depressed right now and I just don't know what to do.


SO YEAH. I'm just praying nothing else of mine or other people's goes missing :C

I'm so sorry </3 and stay safe!

EDIT: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for all your support and well wishes <3 It really means the world to me :'D Thank you <3
Spin! Spin!

Cute get! (and a little help here please)

So i got this today as a treat for myself because i got good marks on my exams :3

It's a takaratomy Glaceon! (yay) He may be a bootleg, though, so this is why i'm coming to you guys: has anyone got this plush and is willing to show me pictures of the tush tag? because mine is so well made that i don't know! xD

Thanks :3 (oh, and i shall make a collection update soon, when they get all the furniture that belongs to somewhere else from my room and i can set the stuff up somewhere n_nU)
Lugia Default


My resistance has lasted for quite a while. Ever since I joined pkmncollectors in September last year, I have managed to resist picking up anything outside my main collection (Lugia) and side collection (Latios/Latias).


As you can tell from my avatar, I think I have succumbed to that pretentious grass-snake, Smugleaf/Tsutarja/Snivy.


It means my bank account is screwed I would like to start of a collection with a bang. To that end, I am looking to buy the huge-ass Pokemon Centre Smugleaf plush. What sort of price can I be expecting to pay for him?


Sadly, this also means I am probably going to drop my Lati@s side collection (most of which is pictured here), minus the Pokedolls. Whilst I'm not 100% sure about selling them on yet, I just lack the passion I had for them initially, and this collection has been neglected for a good six months at least. I feel they would be more appreciated in someone else's collection. Rest assured, Lugia is safely going nowhere though. =]
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Poke Shirts

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I buy every Pokemon shirt on the planet and the latest post asking about a shirt got me searching.
I found quite a bit!
Hot Topic got in some new ones. I bought this one:

And Kohl's has a sale! I totally bought this one, too. Add it to the collection ^___^

Let me know if you buy one! I am still waiting for my zombie Pokemon shirt :D woot!
Icon by me, Art by ryunwoofie

Let me just preface this with saying taking offers...

I am taking offers on, not necessarily selling, my Vulpix/Ninetales zukan and my Growlithe/Arcanine zukan sets. I don't know how much I'm willing to part with them for, but I will consider any good offers. This is partially because these are dear to me and it would take a good offer to persuade me, and because I want to know they are going to someone for whom they will be a grail, much like all my Eevee sets are to me.

In other news, I completed all my latch hook commission and plan to ship them out tomorrow. I finished these much more quickly than I anticipated and will open commissions again in December and have them done in time for the holidays. ^^

canvas offers & more pictures of the Nov Banpresto prizes

I've had some of these around forever, just never got around to posting them. XD

Everything is brand new w/ tag.  Please check out the sale post for paypal info and shipping rules. =)

Each cavnas is $17 shipped to US address (+$1 for CAN, +$2 to EU/OZ), and there might be more than one of each available. ^_^

Pixie set is $45 shipped to US, (+$2 to CAN, +$4 to EU/OZ).  There are two sets the last time I checked.

Shinx, Happiny and Drifloon are listed in the sales post.  They are price as marked in the link.

I should have everyone's total by this weekend for the Nov pre-order.  Here are the rest of the pix of Banpresto Nov prize plushies (previous pictures can be found here.)


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Hope you enjoyed these pictures! ^_^

Wanted: Pokemon Group T-Shirt

I've been searching for the pictured Pokemon group t-shirt, new, in adult small or medium size. I'd be grateful if anybody knows where I could buy them online, or if somebody knows that there is a shop close to them which they can buy it from and then mail to me; I'd pay for the shirt and for shipping, of course, but I'd need to know how much I'd have to pay before committing. I know that somebody has bought the shirt from a Kohl's store, but I don't know how long ago that was, and I don't know if they're sold there anymore. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: If anybody knows where I can get the hoodie with this design on it, that'd be good too.
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I went to PokeCen OSAKA pre-opening day!!

I want to show you those adorable new PokeCen Osaka photo!
PokemonCenter Osaka open at today Nov. 26.
However  yesterday, I went to pre-opening day!!

Only limited people can go!
My birthday is Nov. 29!
Mom give me this premium-day ticket and she took me to there! XD

And there are many merchandise!!
Especially if you are Darumakka collector, it good news for you!

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The thing of other birthdays next! :)
Today is only hurried post.
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Total for Nov Banpresto Prize

Total for the Nov Prize has been calculated. Please see the table below (if it works) for the amount. ^__^'

Please let me know if you see any mistake or have any questions.

Shipment will be handled on a first come first serve basis.  I will be shipping daily, but probably only be able to handle 10 packages a day.

Paypal info and shipping rules are found here in the sales page.

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waiting list for Nov prize:
robotlizards - 5.5" Reshi
miss_citrius - 5.5" kibago (confirmed)

I am also taking offer on a Suicune Takara Tomy Arts Pokemon Topper Candy.  Starting offer is $12 shipped to US, and buy-out offer is $17 shipped.  (+$1 CAN, +$2 EU/OZ).



its not a lion, don't get in the car?

Just finished up this guy for hamburger !
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I also have ONE plush slot for auction on my personal LJ!


Aside from that, I hope that many happy thanksgivings were had yesterday, and I have to apologize because the holiday pulled me away from the computer and the recent post for the random zukan GA. Everyone who was paid by Wednesday has been shipped, though some folks still owe payment, and I still owe some replies which I will be getting to right now.

All the info on that GA is in this post

and I know its a longshot, but I'm wondering if anyone has any info on the new Darumakka merch? I think I need everything with a nugget on it in my life x: Especially if it involves a bowl, chopstick rest or anything "useful" ;w; I want to eat chicken nuggets from a bowl with nuggets on it!
old guys are the cutest!

dreamworld time

merry christmas from pokemon center for all you starters fans!! and merry internal conflict to those of us who try to pretend we're not collecting any of these starters.

coming out on christmas day!

so darn cute!

anyway later on i'll have a post with restocks of the new third wave pokecen plush, photos of the batch i got today, and also info on new unexpected merchandise (that peka's post down below hints to some of!).

stay tuned! :D

EDIT: also thought i'd mention, the previously limited to 10 lifesize chiraamii plush is now being upped to 100 plush in this campaign. now you have a chance! :D

Introduction, small collection, and wants!!!

Hello! My name is Ash (harhar, but seriously it is), and I just turned 20 on the 22nd!!! You might have seen me around in the past week or so, but I wanted to wait before posting. Eventually, I figured I should just introduce myself and I can always update :)
I've decided to get back into pokemon collecting for the first time since I was 12 haha. I've decided to stay focused on plush this time around, specifically Pokedolls but also Banpresto and TakaraTOMY. I love electric, fire, and water pokemanz <3 I'm particularly in love with Raikou :)
But enough boring stuff, let's get to the pics under the cut :3

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Quick Draw!

Gets! and some questions/price checks

I'll ask my questions first.

Now mind you, I am not looking to buy at the moment, I just want an idea on prices :3

I was wondering how much would the Feraligatr UFO Plush, Suicune TFG, Luxio Kid (normal one) and the Buizel Kid (the one laying on it's stomach) most likely be?

Now onto my gets~

I have lots more to update of my collection, but I'm still waiting on a few things, but I am so excited to get these two that I thought I'd show these off at least for now > w<

The Collection Update will most likely be in a week or more.

Gets under the Cut~~

Eli (Buizel): See I told you something came in the mail today!
Anubis (Lucario): Hmph.. For once you were right
Cleo (Shinx): Whoa! I wonder what it is :D
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intro and a bit of my collection :D

Hello! I am new to the community, so I thought I'd introduce myself and share some of my collection because I feel like I have a few unique pieces to share. :D And I want to get to know you guys better. I've been on LJ for ages but never knew about this comm, I found it through the Pokemon Reddit. Anyway, I'm 23 and a lifelong casual collector of a variety of Poke-stuff. I lived in Japan for a while and I collected Pokemon stuff from the moment it landed, so I have a lot of random really ancient stuff (I still have the Toys R Us Pokemon promo VHS that came to my house in the mail! It had one episode of the show (the one with the fake gym run by the vigorous sandshrew trainer) and some weird commercials for the game, cards, and etc.

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Anyway, that's some of my collection. Hope you enjoyed. :D Nice to meet you!

want + question


My mom has said she's willing to buy the new Jalorda plush for me for a christmas present but it'll probably be the only thing I get lol.

Who here is selling them yet or will be soon? I know Gin is but idk about other people, and mom would much rather I find the cheapest price because she thinks I am plumb loco.

And my question! The ebay seller shaymin_giratina-j-plush-pokemon. Are they reliable? They have good feedback, but I am very wary about buying lush on ebay and also I don't really trust feedback on that site much.

EDIT: Thanks guys but I ALREADY KNOW GIN IS RELIABLE. I am not asking for between that ebay seller or Gin only! I am asking if anyone ELSE on HERE is selling the jalorda now or soon!