November 27th, 2010


Wanted: TCGs! (on hold x.x; )

EDIT: thank you everyone for pointing me to the right direction for my needs. I seem to have 6$ left in my account now c.c; ahah. oopsie. Time to stop spending until payday :D

--original post --
I visited the card game shop today, and my city is awesomely bad for pokemon TCG. Their binder of singles card was very much devoid of anything.
I can't say i'll buy everything you guys all have from this list, but Id like to say I'll buy what I can. I know I can't afford all those very rare lvl X and whatnot, though I can dream. They have pretty pretty art! 

 Why do I not use ebay, you ask? Well, I would rather give my money to you people from this wonderful community :)
I'll try and keep this list updated x.x; Those with (found?) are still in-waiting to be bought from people.

Edit: I'll take non-holos/same artwork as these level Xs if it exists and you wish to sell for some reason, thankyou :D Ebay will be my -last- desperate resort c.c; and before even doing that I<ll use my meager skills to try and draw them.

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Thank you for looking, sorry for the spam c.c;
Man Munna
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Plush/Figure sales and a Custom Auction!

Everything from pokedolls to UFO catchers, kid's figures and more!

Up for auction is a handmade vaporeon plush. He's 21" from nose to tail, "7 to the top of the head fin, and 15" across the legs. SUPER soft and cuddly! Starting bid is only $60.

Bigger, better pictures in the post!

Interested? All posts here at Tufails' Sales



I meant to do a collection update, but after working black Friday and finishing my nanowrimo, I have no strength x.x so for now, just the reminder.

Auction here:

Everything is still cheap and you have less than a day left! Don't forget the bidding prizes either! Cute little Koros <3

Happy bidding! I'll have togekissies or bugs next entry <3

Artist&#39;s Spiritomb

Responses Galore on Tuesday

I need to apologize to everyone who is waiting for a response from me regarding feedback, sales shipping status, ga payments, etc. I promise I'm not ignoring anyone, just been sleeping days away. I'm back on 3rd shift, but this time nothing more than my phone to get online with. I will respond to everyone by the end of Tuesday, my day off, and hopefully tie up all loose ends. Again, I am deeply sorry and will get back to everyone on Tuesday.
casual daddies!!!

new thingies!

get ready to leap for joy, collectors of deer and big final starters!

1) There is a limit on packages going into the USA right now. If your package is over a pound, it will have to be split into two. If your package has to be split, there will be a 5$ charge. Only 5$ and no more! I will start packing from the bigger orders first so you will know this weekend if your package had to be split or not. If you don't get a notice about it, your package was just fine!

2) Order freely and don't worry about the weight or the amount! I will happily do the extra work if you can meet me halfway to cover the extra charges. Let's suffer together (??) although it's really not that bad! I know there has been a lot of panic and worry, but until the limit is lifted let's just work together on it :)

However that does mean requests to combine orders will probably not happen, but if I find I can do it under the limit, I will, and I will let you know and send the shipping refund :)

So here is the new stuff the Center dropped unexpectedly! The tin is only unexpected since I didn't know we'd get Osaka stuff (that's about all Tokyo got for now, unfortunately :().

the big ol' starter evos are also back in stock! i will try to keep restocking them each week, but there is a limit to how many i can physuically carry home without dying.

along with the other third wave plush, pokedolls, and all the other pokemon center plush released thus far, we've got it all! :D

here are some pics of the new plush! i didn't quite have the stamina to do a photo of them all at once, but here's some pictures of them "IRL" :)

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thanks for looking!
Beauty and the Beast
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just a reminder

I have somethings up for sale and offers in this post

there are no offers on two of the items in the post, so take a look.  If no offers come in within the next 24 hours on those I'll either put them up for straight sale or keep em ^_^;  there is also a sandshrew bellplush up for offer so if you've ever wanted one now is your chance!

I'm expecting some awesome stuff in the mail so I will make a totally not boring collection update soon!  yaaaay stuff!


Update, Everyone who has bought from me has had there items shipped out. I apologize for the delay. pretty much my computer network wasn't secure for a while so I couldn't get on paypal. But now I can. So I did!

And to make this post more interesting:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kio begging

Back Home Sales! Prices Lowered!

So I got home around yesterday,and with X-mas coming up I need to save up for gifts,so some prices have been lowered and I also made a Mixed lot of Mini Models,this be good to re-sell.I still have some of the eeveelution meiji wooden plates for sale too,price were lowered on those.So feel free to check out my sales thank you ^^!

Soon I have a small eevee update so keep a eye out ^_^!
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200 Figure Ga Shipping/Other Stuff

 Everyone who paticipated in the 200 figure ga I have your shipping total
;___; I'm so sorry to the ones who got expensive shipping, the cause was mostly big items / lots of figures = weighs a lot

Send to and title it with your username and put shipping in the body

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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Sales and Auctions! Auctions and Sales!

I'm having a major sales post today, plushies, some figures, notebook kinda things, marbles, and LOTSSSS of flats! If your favorite Pokemon is one of
the original 150, chances are I have something of them you'll like. ^_^

I also have some AUCTIONS for rare stamps! These are so cool, I hope you'll find them cool as well!

-Auctions start immediately and end at 10:00pm EST on Thursday, Dec. 2nd.
-Minimum increment is $1, and shipping will be determined at the end of the auction.
-All community rules on auctions apply

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-Currency is USD, I accept Paypal only with a few exceptions for trusted customers.
-I require payment within 24 hours of me giving you a total, so that means no holds please!
-Trades are okay, in fact I love trades! I will gladly trade anything in here for Growlithe/Arcanine stuff I don't have. I have most of the items out there but tell me what you have anyway and I'll let you know if I have it or not.
-My shipping day is Saturday.
-Tracking and insurance can be added to your order, just request it when claiming what you want to buy.
-I ship worldwide.

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TO ORDER: Comment with a specific list of items you want and your geographic location, and I'll get back to you with a total. ^_^ If you want to offer something for a trade, let me know and I'll take a look at what ya got!
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cheap quickie sales!

I've had these sitting around for a while, it's finally time to offer them up!

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Also, I got so fed up with my Sears sewing machine and its inability to do anything, so I bought a BROTHER brand sewing and embroidery machine from eBay for $300, which is a steal in my book! I'm so excited to use it, the embroidery quality looked top notch! It should be arriving this week, so you can bet I'll be exploring every plush-making possibility this holiday season!
My list includes swtlilangel666's Growlithe nap pillow and Pokedoll renditions of these guys~

Chat ya soon!
Happy, Taillow

Missing Diglett

 Hello everybody, I have a quick question.
I have a Diglett, Dugtrio zukan but the Diglett is missing. Does anyone know where I could find a Diglett piece?

Here is a picture of the zukan.

Thanks for reading
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BIG Pan Sticker GA Payment 2 + Standee Sales

Okay, second payment time for mine andfizzycat's big Pan sticker GA! <3

The Spread sheet is HERE

You will need to send your payment to[info]fizzycat at:

Please put PAN STICKER GA PAYMENT 2 in the title, followed by your LJ name and such in the comment :)

SECOND of all, i came acrost these official foam Standees from back in the day of 1998 xD So they're up for sale!

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happiest rapidash

$1 sales~

In an effort to clear some stuff out of my room before the holidays hit and raise funds for more pokedolls, I've put up a $1 clearance post over on floonisms! So if you're looking for some inexpensive additions to your collection or gifts for friends, head on over~ (I'm heading to dinner in a moment, so I may not reply to comments right away :3)

As an apology for a boring post, have a pretty picture of some of the mascot plush I have for sale :D I'm almost finished putting up a pokemon-covered Christmas tree in my room, so there will be an update soon with that ♥