November 28th, 2010

Zukan Sale update

A quick reminder about several zukans up for offers/sale this week, including the extremely rare swimming milotic line. Other very hard to find zukans up include:

- The Lottery Legendary Bird (Lugia and Ho-oh) Zukans - limited edition of only 1000 in the known universe
- The other Milotic Line Zukan with Milotic in the rearing pose
- Crobat Line
- Raichu Line

All are in mint condition in original packaging!

Also, I have added the following rare zukans:

- The Salamence Line
- The Swampert Line
- The Fossils Zukan (MIB)

The original zukan sale thread can be found here:

Pokemon Center Kiosk Run #2--today or tomorrow depending on interest.

I was sad to move away from the east coast and from my ability to drive to Nintendo World, only (to my surprise) to have the Alderwood Mall close to my new home open an elaborate Pokemon Center kiosk this month. As I enjoyed doing these before my move, I will be offering pokedoll pick-up runs once again (probably more often before, as I am significantly closer to the Pokemon Center kiosk than I was to Nintendo World).

I have ordered a paypal debit card but it will not be arriving for a week or two, but I can take up to twenty orders--the first ten will be paid for using my bank account and the second ten will be paid for using Sam's (seichusen). We are not doing two separate runs, my bank account just can't handle twenty pokedolls. If ten or less slots are filled, I will take all payments to me.

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Slots (1-10 pay to kendsmit(at), 11-20 pay to takelondon(at)

1. littlestspook (Pikachu, Eevee & Raikou, shipping with Jolteon from last run)
2. tash996 (Ho-oh)
3. renshao (Latios & Latias)
4. candimxgicboi (Munchlax?)

Skitty (waiting list from previous run has priority; payment not required until after pick-up)
1. jedi_amara (Skitty)
2. lunglock (Skitty)
3. waruihikari (Skitty)
4. allyson_x (Skitty)
5. crasholina (Skitty, back-up Jolteon)
6. cheeseyspoot (Skitty)
Alola Vulpix
  • allinia

Sales/Offers Reminder

Just a quick reminder (I know you guys get sick of these!) that I'll probably close offers on my Vaporeon Canvas within the next few days - if you were thinking of offering last minute, now is the time.  I'll also start mailing out packages from that sales post tomorrow; it'll take a few trips/days to get them all shipped out since I can't carry everything by myself.  If you need your package urgently, please let me know and I'll make sure it ends up in the first batch tomorrow :)

This way for Offers/Sales Post!

  • cwinget

quick sales. need money :P

pikachu, flareon, and custom umbreon are for sale.
velboa flareon has all tags attatched and is in good condition: $25 shipped in the US
velboa pikachu is in good condition, has both tags, but the hang tag is not attached: $15 shipped in the US
custom umbreon is made of minky and is $35 shipped in the US.

another shot of the umbreon

thanks for looking! i'll be able to ship anything that needs shipping on friday

EDIT umbreon and pikachu are sold. flareon is still available, but i won't be able to get on the computer until later tonight. have a great day! ;D

Looking for other Mew collectors... and info

Hi all,
I finally did it. I sat down and started my own collection website for Mew!

What I need is help from all of you. ^_^ I need links to your collections to put in my link section so we can all be connected since there's so much merch out there it's difficult if not impossible for one person to list it all! :D

I'm also pretty confused by said variety of merch... I've uploaded pics of my entire collection as of today and I know some are listed under the wrong section or title, and I was hoping some of you may know not only the title of an item but the year made and who produced it. ^_^ I'm hoping to be able to work in a hover text function, but this site's builder makes that next to impossible, so any alternative to present the information with my set up clear and efficiently would be awesome!

Thanks all
Keep collecting ~

Edit: I'm also looking or the website "To Catch A Mew". I couldn't find it with Google search or here so I hope someone has a link to it. ^^;
angry kotone

Payments Needed!

ATTN: jesslyra, pheonixfoxx, 99reddriftloons, chronidu, rachelled, peeche00, kurai_tsuki7, feraligroggles, kamacazizero, kylie_fanatic, leeleemoreau, orangegarchomp, rentorar, souldew, toda

You all still owe me money for one of these GAs below.  Please go to this post from a few weeks ago and pay me please so I can ship out everything.

To everyone that paid: Your items will be shipped next weekend. I really would like to ship everything at once due to my limited amount of time with school and 3 jobs. But don't worry everything is safe and packed up just waiting to go. :)

as for kokicola, hieke_chan, and celebiii I'll be getting you shipping totals hopefully today.

  • rere515

(no subject)

 Hello again pkmncollectors! 
I would like to host a group buy for this set of zukan:

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I will be claiming the Dragonite line
all zukan are now only $7.50 to claim and I will be covering the difference!!


beedrill line kamikaze87
dugtrio line
poliwrath line grassius
cloyster line xxcutesnakeyxx
hypno line
krabby line paintviper
electabuzz linetornaderman
mewtwo espie
unown line a-g tash996
piloswine+delibird line  icandytechnodog

help me complete my dream zukan team!
  • knienke

Updated sales!

I haven't been very active lately. Sorry about that! I have been reading all of the posts though! ;)
In a few days I'm going to do a update which will have a lot of Arcanine and Flareon in it.
For now I have a sales update. I haven't had one in the longest time. There are a lot of figures, but also nice postcards.

Take a look! Remember that haggling is ok.
-->  <--

And I want to thank Photobucket for making this possible =D
maractus 2, cute

Flat sales, card sales (also shipping update)

I always pick a day when there are lots of sales posts OTL
I've been meaning to update my sales for a while now, and the holidays & a grail appearing has given me to kick to do just that.
Today, though, I have almost 20 different lots of flats, mainly from the first gen but some other Pokemon snuck in there, too
As well as some miscellaneous figures and such I still have, that I kinda want out of here ^^; I'm definitely open to haggling, and trades <3
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While you're at it, why not take a look at my card sales? I still have tons of TCG aand I'm re-instating the buy-one-get-one in honor of Black Friday/Cyber Monday C=

Oh, and before I forget, all the custom charms have been completed and shipped out yesterday! So you should be getting them soon~

Tiny Update~

I've been so bored today, so I decided to do a small update! I won't be doing another update until After Christmas, when I'll hopefully get some new stuff. ; A; I'm currently waiting for the new Osaka Promo tin from Gin, A Talking Tsutarja from Nanoplasm(hopefully soon), A Halloween Shinx sculpture xD and a Luxio Restuden stamp (@_@ I think it actually might be lost though...)
Anyway, some new stuff~
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Shipping / Sales / GA Reminder

 Okay! All previous items from my sales have been shipped out--this also includes trades. :3 

That said, my shop has been officially updated. Prices have been lowered, items have been added, and a few of my side collections have joined the shop. Including part of LION MOUNTAIN (since the new couch is a bit tiny and the fiancée is tired of sparky lion butt taking up too much space).  Please come check it out!  


I'm not really looking for any trades at this time (but I will always consider custom plush 9.9). I'm looking more for funds so I can upgrade a couple of my reptile cages--and get one super spiffied up for a new baby that's on the way (baby...lizard, not baby baby. Get it? Got it. Good XD). 


Also! This GA that shiny_vulpix and I are hosting ends on the 30th! That's a little under two days guys!! 

Over here please~

Sales Reminder and Shipping Update

Hey guys! So I just wanted to let you all know that anyone who has bought from my sales post before last Wednesday.. your items were shipped out on Wednesday! Everyone who participated in the large plush GA... your items were shipped out on Wednesday also. C:

Anyone who paid for anything on Wednesday or later... your items will definitely be shipped out some time this week.

So if you bought from me and received your items, if you have time, please leave feedback for me here!  I'll be happy to return feedback if you provide me a link :D

Which reminds me...

Here is a sales reminder!

Click the image above to be transported or click here!

I recently bought a couple of grails of mine, so my credit cards are hurting pretty badly, which means I really need funds! So I'm offering a deal on all my items! Buy one, get a second item for 25% off (equal or lower value)!

Tons of plushes, megabloks and kids still left! All lots' single items are available as well! Some of the offers are still bidless. I'm going to end offers in a couple of days or so, so if any of the plushes that are up for offers catch your eye, then make sure you get your offers in! :D

*Quick little edit: You can see my wants list here: HERE
I have acquired some of the things on my wants list, but let me know if you have any of the items on my wants list or any links that would lead me to any of them for a decent price ;o;
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Cherrygrove City November Sales

Long story short, my roommates have caused some damage to the kitchen (that I never go in) and because no one has stepped forward, everyone in my corridor has to pay towards the cost of repairing including me.
Unforunately, that as well as buying new books for American Lit ate into what I had saved for a Pokabu Talkie and the Dec release so I'm doing a quick sales post.
I am going to the on-campus post office tomorrow so buy now and it'll be shipped out very soon!

Click on the banner or this link to be transported to Cherrygrove City

Sales include pokedolls and the large Walky Eevee

Also a quick question:
To those who have very limited space, how do you store your collection?
I have a corner shelf usually used for TVs in my dorm room and that's it so my pokedolls are sort of scattered all over my room and I'm trying to figure out a nice way to put them all in one place without breaking any stupid rules (like we're not allowed to put ANYTHING up on the walls)
Any suggestions?
Marina Pokedoll

Let me give you my money please?

Thanks to everyone for the comments! If I don't get back to you immediately, I was probably dragged off to watch a movie or eat dinner or something. xDDD You are not being ignored. =x

As some may know, and many probably don't, my birthday is next month, close to Christmas. As it happens every year, every single person I've ever met comes to pester me for a suggestion of a present, and I never know what to tell them. I usually do know what to tell my parents, though (usually something expensive I can't get myself, haha). This year, however, I don't. *dramatic music*

After many frustrated attempts at having my own ideas, I decided to come ask you for help! Show me what you've got for sale, related to the pokemon I'll list, and I'll see if anything catches my eye, mmkay? ;)

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That was it. =) Thanks for the attention~
Oooh -awe-


I'm helping a friend out that is new to the comm named kitbug . She needs a few kids!
Zapdos attack
 Zapdos Normal
Articuno Attack
Moltres attack

(Different angles and picture from google. If yours, and you want removed, let me know!)

Not sure how much she wants to spend, but I know she wants to track them down.
She should see this sometime tonight or, I'll bother her and show her.

Thanks all!

I forgot! She would also LOVE Raikous!

(PS, if you are waiting on items from me, please EMAIL me at I believe all but international packages and packages that need a box have been sent if they have been paid for.)

Quick Question/wants - Pan stickers

Hiya allll! Well i've grown rather attached to my small collection of pan stickers I have, i'd like to collect some more :)

I saw once, someone had a folder to keep their pans in, that had wallets in it like a Pokemon card folder.
I wondered, does anyone know of such a thing, or a way i can store my pan stickers safely so that i can flick through and see them all? >:

Thanks so much :D

Also sort of looking for pan stickers, if any one is selling some in be interested to see~ Id be willing to buy a few, I also have my customs and sales on my LJ profile Here if you'd trade for some

Holiday Sales

 Hello everyone, it sure is cold now~

So there was a 'mix up' at my bank and basically I'm out of money but I need to get presents for my friends. So I went to pack up my Groudon collection and sell it on but I got a bit upset and am just selling a few other things instead.

So come take a look okay~

Plush, Zukan. Kids, Tomys etc... ♥♥


ALSO, I'm offering some cheap sketches for my first 4 people (maybe more??) who are interested, $4 + postage :) (MYSTUFF)
Thank you for your time! ^_____^

Small wants list!

So I'm looking to get together a few items to give my boyfriend for Christmas. He really likes Lugia, so I thought I'd look for a few small things to add to our collection.

Things we have:
Jakks Plush
Jakks figure
Tomy figure
TFG Figure
Pre-order figure
Pokedolls (both minky and velboa)
Attack figure (this one)
Large UFO plush (from this GA)
Large Pokemon Kiosk plush from Seattle

I'm not looking for anything specific, but I'm also not looking to spend too much just yet. Flats, figures, plushes, cards, I'll look at whatever you have. Thanks! =)

pokedoll informations

My second post and it's yet more questions.. orz.. this time about pokedolls. Thanks a lot to everyone who answered my last question on kids, I really appreciate it! Can't wait to get my first set!

Does anyone know where I can get official photos of pokedolls? As in pics provided by pokemon center or other companies. Also, info like release dates and such. I can't seem to locate this kind of info anywhere.

If anyone knows of such a place I would really appreciate it. Thank you ^^

GIGANTIC box o stuff.

i have here for you today, my semi-yearly gigantic box of cool japanese pokemon toys up for grabs. they are mostly things i've amassed over the past year but have not had a chance to put in sunyshore or up for sale for one reason or another. they are worth, sold individually, many many times what i am asking for the lot of them!

this is a random box! i can't tell you specifically what's in it since i am not even sure myself. it's already packed up and ready to go to a buyer.

if you are in the USA, this box currently cannot be sent to you by any means beyond seamail, which could take over a month to arrive. it would, however, lower the shipping cost by half.

i could also recommend splitting the box up with a friend in another country and have it sent to them instead! there is plenty of stuff here. share it with friends, start your own shop! almost none of this is "junky" stuff. it's all clean and good condition, tons of it mint in its packages! this is not leftover junk from Y!J lots - this almost all new stuff from the shelves here in japan that i just had no extra time to list for sale! there are tons of stickers, keshipoke, stationary sheets, clearfiles, chougetto, pokemon center goods, tomy goods, bandai goods, kids, chess figures, johto dice, stamps, pouches, and tons tons more!

i am asking 275$ shipped. HAGGLE AWAY. About 80-100$ of that is the estimated shipping cost. If you are in the USA and want it sent seamail (at your own risk) the price will be 225$ shipped.

Take a look at the stuff and comment if interested!

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I am looking for this card, RaichuGL/Volkner's Raichu from "Rising Rivals", in other languages, as a little project. I've got English, Japanese, German, and French. I need any languages NOT those! Ebay is useless and it seems even non-English speaking countries have an easier time getting English cards. If you can help at all I would be most grateful!

Collection Update, Repaint, and Question!

Hello, everyone! It's been a while since my last post. I've been waiting till I had a decent amount of stuff to make an interesting post, and well..whether this is interesting or not is up to you. :)

The question:

I got the 3 Buizel kids on the right from peeche00 a long time ago, and I was curious if I've gotten all variations of Buizel Kids (Minus the Shining and Clear versions!) If there's more out there, what do they look like?

The Collection Update and Repaint:

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new eeveelutions

Yay! First Sales Post! Also, small wants for the holidays!

Hey Pkmncollector's! I finally was granted sales post permission today, so I am posting my first ever, really crappy pics, and kinda small sales post! lol I will be updating it as soon as I get some stuff from Yahoo! Japan. The link to my sales in my journal is here:

Now, onto a small wants list for christmas! lol

-newest 2009 Jolteon Kid
-newest 2009 Umbreon Kid
-espeon and umbreon time straps
-jolteon, glaceon, and flareon Jakks figures
-leafeon and glaceon chupa chups AND keshipoke (just throwing it out there lol)
-espeon and umbreon zukan, along with jolteon, flareon, and vaporeon zukan (again, just throwing it out there)
-any clear eeveelutions kids besides eevee and old jolteon
-possibly others, but I am too tired to think lol

Thanks alot!