November 29th, 2010

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GA lost

Sorry guys, we lost the badge GA :( We didn't raise very much, so that was probably expected... on the bright side, it looks like a deputy service won the auction, so perhaps we'll see some of the badges pop up for sale on the comm?

Auction reminder!

Hello everyone, just wanted to give you all a heads up that my Zukan Auction still has a few days left on it!!~

Wobbuffett Family, Swellow Family, Ludicolo Family, Medicham Family, Dodrio Family, and a few others are still without a single bid! Other are still just barely past their opening bid, so come on and check 'em out :3

Also, I haven't done a 'collection update' in a while, so I decided to take some quick pics of some of my newer/older items that I don't think I have shown off here yet~

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Parappa Shock!

Whoa! Last minute November Plush Auction!~

Wah! This month went by so fast!!! I barely made it for my November plush auction! This has been a very hectic month, thats for sure. X_X So, want to see what I've been cooking over the hot needle for the past month? SURE ya do!  I'll also be putting up an offer post after this one if thats okay, I just don't want to make this entry any longer. ANYWAY! Come check out this fresh batch of custom plush made by yours truly, maybe even bid on one or two....or three. Ya know you want to help your bestest buddy save up for her big move this January dontcha? I hope you do. ;3;

Here's this months featured custom plush:

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American eBayer wanted!

Okay so there's an eBay auction for some Pokemon toys ending in a couple of hours. The seller said they would ship to Australia, but becuase the listing doesn't offer international shipping I am unable to bid... So I turned to this lovely community for help :)

All I need someone to do for me is place a bid. I'll contact the seller and let them know someone else is bidding on my behalf so I don't even need a middleman. I would be SOOO greatful to anyone willing to help a birdy out!! ^v^

Ffffffff 2 mins later I already have someone to help me. I friggn' love this community.

Clefairy Lot Reminder!

Hey all! This will be the final reminder for my Clefairy/Clefable lot! It's supposed to end at 6PM EST but I forgot I have class starting at the same time, so it'll be ending at 10:30PM EST when I'll be back home after class!

Again, it's still fairly cheap, currently at 31$! A great start for a Clefairy Collection!

Click Here
to go to the auction!

Custom plush auction reminder!

Click to gogogo!!!

Its still at a very low price, and your only chance for a custom plush from me before the holidays! You WILL have it in hand by Christmas, or if you celebrate a different holiday I will do my best to work out a different date :)

Grab a custom for your favourite person...or maybe just for yourself!
Venu Pokedoll

I've been waiting to do this post for AGES./re-into

Now all my merch I was waiting for has arrived, AND IT CAN BEGIN. 8D

I thought I'd do a re-introduction because there are heaps of new peeps about and I feel bad I don't know them all. D:

So, hi there! My name's Pannsie, and I've been into Pokemon since... 2001 when I got my very first game, Pokemon Gold. :D I'm a Venusaur Collector/plush maker from Melbourne Australia. I've been a member here for about... 7-8 months now, and I've loved everything besides my almost empty bank account :'D about it so far!

My main collection is the Flower Toad himself, Venusaur. Over these last months, I've gotten a grail, and amassed a collection I'm so far quite proud of! 8D Though I still have a lot of items I still need to get. c:

My side collections currently are: Huntail (I wish it were a main, but it doesn't have enough merch ;;), Whiscash, Tropius. And I'm planning about a million others (Lotad Line, Daruma line, Spinda, Kecleon, Camerupt, etc). 8D;;

I seem to lean towards Pokemon that are slow/colourful/round/full of derp. As you can.. see from all my collections/future collections. :>


My main reason for this post (not that I don't want you all to know who the hell I am. c:), is that I finally finished my glorious collection website!

Or click this amazing text link I just learnt how to do!

Why did nobody mention how long it took to make these things REALLY.
Click the fabulous banner there to be transported to a website filled with wonder and mass amounts of derp. 8D I hope you enjoy!
If anybody looking through my site has any information that could go in place of a (?), please let me know!

OH. And link trade yesplz? I WANT ACTUAL LINKS ON MY LINKS PAGE.

And, and I just have a question. Don't I always? 8D;;
I was wondering, why is it when people are giving out their email for paypal/etc, they put (at) and (dot), instead of @ and .? I've just, just always been curious. :>;;
Answered! See class, we learnt something today. c:

So. This ends the train wreck that was my re-into/collection website releasing.

Collection Stickers...?

Poll #1650906 Sticker Poll

What do you do with stickers that you collect?

Keep them on their original backing.
Stick them to something!
This is just me being curious again. :3

If you collect Pokemon stickers at all, do you try to keep them on their original backing? I have some that I've attached to my flats binder pages with loops of tape, still on their original backing... but I'm looking for a small trading card binder, and since none with Rattata/Raticate exclusively on the cover exist, I'm looking into making my own and then adorning the covers with a bunch of rat stickers I've amassed.

Opinions? Thoughts? Random desire to give me money and/or rattata items? Comment away! :D
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Butt ton of sticker Sales


I came acrost these sheets of stickers I have, they're really pretty and i noticed a lot of Pokemon that this com collects :3
I did do a claim thing with these, but i apologise because i couldnt find my old journal on it ;_; <3

So, hope you find some you like~

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First Sales Post!!! BEAD SPRITES -prices lowered-

I finally got sales permission on November 22 by denkimouse!!! So, I'm not going to start selling my official merchandise yet (since it's all at home..that'll happen in a few weeks) but I will be taking slots for making bead sprites when I go home for winter break. I just need to figure out the colors I need and such...

I will be happy to do ANY kind of bead sprite for you guys; trainers, walking Pokemon, other random game sprites... just ask!

Here's how the pricing will go:

Large Sprite = $15

Medium Sprite = $10

Small Sprite = $5

(Please note that I make sure the colors are as exact as they can be, which could also include me paying and buying more colors for you guys, which is why it may seem pricey, but at least you do not have to worry about colors being off!) are some examples!

Large sprite example is Arcanine and medium sprite example is Cubone (btw, these are correct size references). Mini sprite prices will be for the menu sprites or the little walky Pokemon sprites.

At the moment, I'm in college, so I don't have access to any other sprite pictures for what I have made but I have also made large sprites of Vaporeon, Pikachu, Charizard, and many others, including Lloyd from Fire Emblem!!!

I'll be putting up five slots to start it off!

1) zenity

2) hizumis_crotch

3) astromanticist

4) lumpyspaceking

5) lickskillet

Let me know if you're interested! I hope everyone is having a great day! :)


SIZE OF LARGE BEAD SPRITE (compared to a pokedoll)

Unfortunately, I don't have the Medium example (Cubone) in my possession. I gave it as a gift to my friend... but the size comparison is correct compared to the picture up above with Arcanine and Cubone together. And the small one...well, it's small, like coaster size.


Need to clarify a bit more!!!

Large Bead Sprite = what the Pokemon looks like while in a battle (the larger pokemon like Lugia)

Medium Bead Sprite = what the Pokemon looks like while in a battle (the smaller pokemon like Natu)

Small Bead Sprite = menu Pokemon and the walking sprites in HS/SS
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Pretty Umby and Espy

Cyber Monday Sales!

Hey there, pkmncollectors! I hope you're all doing well!

I found some items that I forgot to post in my last sales, so today you'll be getting a chance at those! Also, I want to clear out most of the rest of my sales items so I put them all on sale! If you made an order in my last sales post, you get combined shipping, and I will be shipping everything within the next few days or week at the very most. :D

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Thank you so much everyone! I will definitely have any packages out pretty soon so they ought to arrive well before Christmas. n___n

My collecting endeavors have been fairly busy, fun, and successful as well. I hope to do a huge collection post, or even series of collection posts, after the new year once I get my next Treasure Japan box, and probably a holiday items post before that. Wishing you all the best collecting luck! ♥
Shiny Entei Pokedoll!

It is time.


It's actually 76, but that sounds lame :D
FULL Group shots, close ups,  other gets, and Canvas Group shot just because I've never put them together for a pic before Under the cut! 

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You can see all of my collections, in individual shots at my collection website Starters will be added soon :) 
Thanks for looking!
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annoying wants post, sorrrries. (EDIT: and a question!)

Hello group! I haven't been quite as active in the past month or so with the quarter coming to an end and other crazy things going on in my life. But my never-ending search for kids continues....  and perhaps a collection update in the near future. 

So look under the cut for the kids I'm looking for, and if you or someone you know is selling them, I would appreciate you telling me. :) I might not buy immediately because I want to see what kind of offers people have and blah blah blah. 

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And my question to the community is this: I am going to start seriously collecting three Pokemon: Swablu/Altaria, and Manectric. However, I don't know what kind of merch any of them have, besides kids. I checked the PokePlush Project, so I know what plush they have (aka Manectric, the love of my life, has NO plush. poutyface) But what other kind of figures and fun little things do my loves have? Any information would be seriously appreciated. Thanks guys!

End of the Day Cyber Monday Sale

Offers end at 10 A.M. CST on Tuesday December 7

I got in a lot of goods from Japan, so time for my a big sales post! Tons of plush, zukan, and (English) pokemon cards. Rare zukan up for offer include RBY Eevee line, Dragonite line, and Starmie line. Plush include lots of 2010 plush, but lots of other great plush as well. Cards include most of the Lv. X and Prime, but no Uxie Lv. X or Luxray Lv. X.

I also picked up pokemon monopoly at a garage sale for nearly free, but since I do not like monopoly and it is too expensive to ship, I am offering the pieces here.

Follow the image or cut to the goodies!

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