November 30th, 2010

shipping update and new sales

hi community! my exams finally ended today (gosh) and hence I have time to return to the world of Pokemon collecting, heh! i have posted most of my outstanding packages from last week (check out for a notification!) apart from those requiring registered mail - they go out tomorrow.

also, i have added a few MIB kids to my shop (eeveelutions, rotom, pikachu, manectric, and chatot to name a few), and a slowking stamp keychain is up for offer. i have created several new lots too. also, just for this week, there's a special $8 price for selected items, do check out what they are! some items on discount include B/W clearfiles, figures, and squirter figures.

(follow the pine cone tail!)

thanks for reading! be right back later this week with a way overdue nice collection update!
holiday sucky!

PKMNcollectors Annual Holiday Contest 2010 (into 2011!)

it is time!

It's the Holiday Season yaaaaay! :D

WHAT!: Take your toys, and get them into the holiday spirit! The "holidays" is a very broad spectrum of things! This year I'd especially love to see you do a photo based on what you or your family does during this season, where many peoples and religions of all kinds have some sort of celebration to ward away the dreary cold of winter. No matter what you do to keep warm (or cool, for you Aussies) and snuggly and smiling, put that into your photo with your Pokemon (for example, my photo has all the chocolates my family sends me every year :D an honored tradition!)! This includes New Years festivities as well this time! Your goal: appeal to the masses! Take the best and most creative photo, and all the entries will be judged by the community!

HOW: Take your photo or photostory. If you do a photostory, pick ONE of the photos that will be voted on by the community in a poll. When you post your entry make sure to use the CONTEST tag or it won't be included in the voting!

WHEN?: Get your entries in by January 3rd (no specific time limit, just get them in before I put the poll up on the 4th)! This will give you time to possibly make your entries during your Holiday or New Year's celebrations.

WHY?: Because the winner gets a Pokedoll or some similar item from the Pokemon Center shipped to them free of charge! :D Not to mention the joy of contributing to the holiday spirit!

Post any questions here but remember, your entries must be posted as seperate posts with the CONTEST tag!! :D

-you can enter only once for this contest!
-you can photoshop your entry to your heart's content but it is not required.
-you can use custom made things! but i recommend against creating a custom item JUST for this contest - it's not a contest about art skills :)

Post away my lovelies!
Jessie Grace

Arrival of The Venu DX :) Wanted Togepi!

Wooooowhooo! took a little walk down to the post office this morning to collect this guy!
Im so pleased with him xD
Also i think its going to take a while for me to find a name suitable for him.... Hrmmmm :)

EDIT: Im still waiting on my Talking Psyduck to arrive from the UK im pretty sure he should have arrived by now :s its been at least 12 days.... and the person relisted the exact same plush and i asked them if they had resold mine and they said they had 2 to sell and mine had been posted on Saturday the 13th :( i really hope he turns up soon!  
HE JUST ARRIVED!!!! and is lovely! see =

and video! sorry the video isnt too loud :(

also waiting on my "Evolve from the dead" TEE FURY was posted last week i think so i should see that soon xD
No-Pokemon Related im waiting on my queen bed Totoro set from  Malaysia and am very looking forward to seeing that one!

Also pokemon plushes count is about 100 now im pretty sure! im after a Talking Togepi also for $20 posted to Australia if anyone can do that! id be stoked! :) 

Well thats all i have to update right now!
Talk to yall soon!
Ciao! x




I added some more goodies to my sale's post so please take one last look before this shop closes! ;0;


$10 will get two, $15 three, etc.


Also those who are waiting on commissions please contact me with your addresses so I can get these babies shipped ! 8D
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Hey guys!

I was wondering what was up with this plush lot?? If no one else is running it as a GA, I can *magically* transform this post into one!

It was posted a few days ago and I backed off because some potential runners were found, but I've heard nothing about it since and well, this is too awesome of a lot to pass up!

EDIT: Okay so due to a lot of fishy activity, it might not be best to GA, however, we reported the seller to eBay and we'll just have to wait and see what happens I guess!
Glasses Shift

Seeking Settei (+ WIP fursuit)

Winter is so nice but it always brings so much stress. D': I've kinda dissapeared (except from posting on the odd sales post) recently but there has been good reasons.

Anyways this'll probably be in vain but I'm looking for settei (and unrelated; Japanese Pokemon cards).

Instant buy is settei of Conway/Kohei (my livejournal picture)! I've been searching for this for a while and every single one I find has already been sold!

Pokemon I'm really interested in finding settei of are:

Feel free to swamp me with any settei you have up for sale though as I haven't mentioned all of my favourite Pokemon, and I have so many Pokemon-mad friends I buy for.

Also, not sure if anyone will be interested in this but here's one of the reasons I've been so busy recently...

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So I bought a lot on ebay for the pikas(course) and a charmander bank(who wasn't included >:C but I am contacting the seller)
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What I wanted :3 (minus charmander T.T)
Mew is from a power bouncer and I cut her out

the candy figures popped off its hard but you just have to wiggle them out till they pop out
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Important group buy update!

I know this is already on the front page but I wanted to put it at the top to catch more attention, let me know if this is too big of a no no and I will just edit the previous post for now =D

the group buy for this set is still going on, and the following zukan are still up for grabs:
dugtrio line
hypno line
electabuzz line

I have decided to up my claim, and thus all zukan are now $7.50 per claim.  This will apply to those who have already claimed a zukan, so it will be fair to everyone =]

only 3 more to go before I can take payments and buy the set!

original post:

Kiosk Pokedoll Mini-Run this evening--Skitty available! Previous orders shipped out today~!

I was sad to move away from the east coast and from my ability to drive to Nintendo World, only (to my surprise) to have the Alderwood Mall close to my new home open an elaborate Pokemon Center kiosk this month. As I enjoyed doing these before my move, I will be offering pokedoll pick-up runs once again (probably more often before, as I am significantly closer to the Pokemon Center kiosk than I was to Nintendo World).

I have ordered a paypal debit card but it will not be arriving for a week or two, so this mini-run will only consist of up to twelve slots. I am running low/entirely out of some sizes of bubble mailers, so I figured, why not combine the trip with a mini-run to the Pokemon Center kiosk?

All of my previous pick-ups and sales have shipped, with the exception of one pokedoll (as I ran out of bubble mailers). That single order and the entirety of this run will be shipped tomorrow or Thursday. Thanks to everyone for their patience~!

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1. antoj (Skitty)
2. starlighteevee (Flareon, include Pokemon Center bag)
3. anyare (Lugia, large Lugia)
4. gonbe563 (Skitty, Munchlax)
5. dakajojo (Lucario, Riolu)
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Collection Finally Complete! YAY!


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A sort-of collection of mine are starter pokedolls! And as of today, I have one pokedoll of every Starter!

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Quick sales plug - I have a few pokedolls as well as a large walky eevee plush and may put up more

click on the banner to be transported to Cherrygrove City

Mega Kids Sales!

I bought several hundred Kids meaning to put them in my shop, but, long story short, I'm getting rather sick of Magento ^_^; So for now, I'm going to do some sales the old fashioned way, and post them up for sale here!

This week, it is my stock of Kids! Here is a small sample:

Pokemon Kids Figures

You can find these and many more here!

For the two people that bought something from me this week, yep, I will combine shipping if you buy any Kids in the next day or two ^_^
domino--by chuchan

(no subject)

Come to my sales! Gen 5! Legendary beasts! Eeveelutions! And so much more! Holiday blowout time--get your stocking stuffers and under-tree goodies now!

Notice--we're going on hiatus between Dec 24th and Jan 3rd, so get your holiday orders in now! Or you can come see us at M.E.W.Con, Dec 31st-Jan 2nd at the Sheridan by the Portland airport! We'll be selling under the name Unknown Dungeon, so look for us there!
Quick Draw!

Looking For Kids and Suicune Clipping!

Okie dokie

I have some money left over in my paypal and I am looking for a just a few more Kids and I think I'm done with kids for awhile. I think there's I few more, but there's no rush for them yet so I want to get these last few out of the way for now :3

I am looking for the Buizel Attack/Swimming Kid
This one::

And I am also looking for an::

Arbok Kid
Typlosion Kid (I'd prefer theone that stands)

And the Suicune Clipping Figure

And that's it.

Please, if you know where I can find these or if you are selling
I'd like a quote to 48133

I hope to make a big Collection Update soon too.
I have so so much more now thanks to the community.
Can't thank you all I've bought from enough <3

Thanks for looking!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Just letting you cool suave sons of guns that my Zukan Auctions be all KINDS of ending in 12 hours and 20 minutes!


Wobbuffett, Dustox, Swellow, Dodrio, Medicham, Glalie and Snorunt, and Heatran are still without bids! And a few others are just getting started, so have at you young collectors! Huzzah, and all that.

Well, anyways, DELUXE OUT.