December 31st, 2010

Plush Sales :)

I got sales permission from denkimouse today so heres my first sales post evah! :D I need to make some space for my expanding collection so these guys are the ones that are getting the boot haha Pictures are under the cut.

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Venu Pokedoll
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God I'm so eloquent.

I have no idea how to start this post.

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Now, uhm. I have a few questions. are you surprised? xD;;

Does anybody know what's happened to this GA?

I haven't seen an update for it in ages. :D;; Hoping everything's ok there?


Next. I'm finally ready to delve into the world of Middle Men Services all by myself now, though I do have some questions. (Answers from fellow Australians are most appreciated, but anyone's advice is good. :>)
-Which one do you think is better, Noppin, or SMJ? Do they both have various, different pros and cons?
-Would it cost a lot IN TOTAL to ship a MIP Tomy figure (and/or a Kid) to Australia? If you could break down the (rough) total cost into the various (rough) costs, that would be vary much appreciated. :D
-Any other general advice for a first time Middle Man user? I've heard so many horror stories of things costing 389107101247 times what they were originally won for, I'm almost scared to try. :'D Heh.

Now, like every other person on this comm, my bank account has had a Christmas money shot, AND DAMN IT IF I EVER WANT TO SPEND IT. Here's a link to mywants list, but I'm SPECIFICALLY looking for any Dunsparce merch, or, the Huntail Retsuden Stamp. My God, I want tat stamp like nothing else. ;;

Lastly, a shout out to a MisterDeluxe. I was just wondering about the status of my Daruma kthx. B)

Hope you all are having a happy holiday season, AND HAPPY EARLY NEW YEAR.

Storage and Display Questions (also wants :3)

 I need you guy’s assistance! Ok so, for college I will have to pack up all of my Pokemon collection and store it in my parent’s house. However, they want to put it in a non-climate controlled attic. I’m worried about the durability of the figures and how well they will do in that kind of setting for four years in temperatures ranging from 15 to 108˚F @_@;… All my siblings old toys seem to be ok, but I’m kinda iffy on the idea. Any suggestions?

Second thing: I have a whole range of Pokemon items in my collection, from games to DVDs, VHS, Books, Figures, Plush and much much more. Since I’ll get to start anew with my collection set up after (and possibly during) my college years do you guys have any suggestions of display cases, bookshelves, plush hammocks and any other displaying items? The larger the displays the better because I do have a buttload of items I’ll have to set up. And please feel free to take pictures of your displays if you want (I’m a very visual person XD.)

Also, as always, I'm looking for Vulpix and Ninetales figures and unique flats. I'm really set on getting the Silver Ninetales Colored Minimodel. and I'm looking for a Jumping Flareon FCS, the new pose Flareon TOMY figure, and the newest Glaceon Attack Kid.   

NWS stock inquiries and such...

Hey all :) Let me start off by saying, I'll likely delete this post once I find out what I need to know xD

First off, has anyone been to NWS recently? I live on Long Island so it's not too far for me, and I wanna go before I vacation. Long story short, does anyone know what they currently have in stock? I'm mostly interested in pokedolls, but it they have any other nice plush I'd like to know :)
I just want to make sure it's gonna be worth my time to go in there and look around.
And if anyone has some cheap pokedolls for sale let me know :o I already have Pikachu, legendary beasts, Lapras, and Skitty.
I kind of want pokedolls to be my main plush collection (expensive decision, I know xD)

Alsoooo, TEASER for a collection update!!! Look for it in a few days :D My collection has gotten so much bigger <3

Thanks in advanced guys <3
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Auction Reminders, Shipping Updates, Collection Site Updates

Multitasking post!

First! I just finished packing up everyone's things from my sales post. I originally was going to go with envelopes, but I couldn't find any that I liked and felt comfortable with, so I went with small mailers. I'd feel more comfortable with envelopes if I had loads of card protectors, but alas!

So everyone's stuff should be going out later today, save for one or two people, since I don't have their address or a box big enough yet.
DURR, today is the 31st isn't it. I went out to both USPS and UPS and both were closed 8D;; So probably the 2nd or 3rd.

Second! Auction reminders!

Click here or on the pictures to be transported! Auctions end on January 2 @ 11:59pm!

On that note, I will also continue to pimp my sales post!

Click to go to Slowpoke Sales! I've still got plenty of stuff left!

And then lastly, I gave my collection site a medium-sized update, since there are STILL some things I haven't taken pictures of yet! I've been promising a collection update for a while now, so here you go!

Visit Slowpoke Well!

\o/ Wooo!
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Diorama Contest Extension!

Well, obviously seeing as we're about 5 days away from the contest's original end, we can't very well have the contest judged with only 3 entries now can we? So, as you can probably guess:

The 2011 Diorama Contest has been extended until Feb 25th! I figure this will give everyone enough time to figure out a diorama, gather materials and create!

For rules and info, see the original post!

If you're in need of some inspiration or guidance, take a look below the cut at some fine entries from last year! (Don't copy them completely, though!)

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I want to make a diorama of my own, just for fun, but I haven't even started yet! I think an extension is appropriate. :D; Feel free to ask me any questions!
ZEKROM dun dun dun

sales + sneak peek

i finally got nice photos up of all these straps! hitomoshi is only the double strap version right now, since the center continuously is sold out of the single strap kind. i have a bunch in hand just in case they don't restock anymore! get ya straps~

i also have these adorable, tiny little stampers, which i will sell right here in comments! i've been asking about 5$ each or 7.50$ shipped but if you want to take all the obviously unpopular guys in one swoop you can get them much cheaper :D

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and a preview of my collection update probably next week.... meet TINY TIM (twitter voted for this name to win), probably one of the biggest zekrom plush they'll ever make, a namco exclusive who is so big you can line up THREE POKEDOLLS ON HIS TAIL (as demonstrated).

i'll also mention quickly, i was trying so hard to get an ichiban kuji zekrom (not the one pictured above) that I ended up with two. if you are interested in this extremely limited prize plush, i would look for about 85$ shipped for him. he is bigger and chubbier than the pokecen zekrom, and much harder to get! just let me know if you have any interest :)
houndoom and slowpoke

A late Christmas and early New Years.

Hello again, everyone! :D Hope everyone had a great holiday season! (And- happy early new years! :3 Wooo!) So I've decided to post a little multi-purpose post, with pictures of new gets (including THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER), some sales/offers, and general questions that hopefully some of you can answer. :3

First off, though, some holiday cheer! (Yeah, I know I'm a little late- but better late than never!)

LOOK! Up in the sky! Hear the bells? Its SANTA-CHU, and his trusty time-pony/reindeer! :D

(And what the hey, I'll throw it up as my official contest pic, too. Go, Santa-chu, GO! :D)

More pictures and awesomeness under the cut!
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Finally, a mini-sale:  (sales permission granted by dakajojo on 11/10/2010!)


Yes, they're still here, and eager for new homes! I make them to order, no commissions needed. They're $8 shipped in the US, $10 shipped to anywhere else. Just let me know if you'd like one! ^_^ (And yes- I'll be offering these pretty much forever, so if you'd like one but can't buy right away, don't worry, I'll always have them for sale. ^^)

All right then, time for me to say buh-bye for now. See you guys in 2011! :D
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Gen 5 PokéCen Plush GB Reminder


Well i'm new but i have LOTS of pokemon stuff (over 300 cards, 2 plushies (well a candy plush thing), gashapon prizes, a tin and more i cant think of now) but I don't collect on kind of Pokemon. I would love to start colleting basic forms of all the fire starts and maybe even Cherubi (seeing as I've fallen in love with the jakk plush i got for Christmas), could you guys give me some tips?

Sorry if i shouldn't had post this. i'm trying to swing of think here.
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hi everybody!
happy (comming) new year! in Moscow its 20:00
i wanna do a diorama for my pokemon but i dont know which items to use and in which shop i can buy it.
can anybody please help me?
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Clear desu

Wanted: Giratina-O Pokedoll!

Hello everyone from pokemoncollectors!

First of all, I hope everyone is getting a lovely new year and many best wishes for 2011!^-^
I am looking for a Giratina Origin forme pokedoll WITH tush or hang tag OR both tags. It
doesn't matter if it is the Japanese or American version.
If someone is selling one, can you please let me know? 
I want one for a reasonable price (not going higher than $35). 

It would be very nice if anyone can sell it to me! =D

Thanks for any help! <3 

EDIT: Found one!^^


Rainbow GA--Bad News

 Sorry guys but I have some bad news about this GA:: 

Original GA Post

We ended up losing the auction-- The bid didn't get placed in time, and it ended up selling for less than half of what we raised T.T  I know that some stuff came up for our bidder shiny_vulpix ,and she was busy. That's why the bid wasn't placed. Sadly--I was at work during the time that the auction ended and didn't get a chance to actually check in on it until an hour after the auction ended. >.<;; 

Hopefully everyone will be able to find the items that they were bidding on in the future. ^^: Maybe by watching other GAs, Ebay and Y!J. 

I'm so sorry this happened guys :c   

Christmas contest entry, just in time? :' D

Hello, fellow Collectors! I hope all of you had peaceful holidays and lovely presents. I just popped in to wish you all a happy new year and of course to post my contest entry. Under the cut we go, but have a little preview picture before it. ;) 


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P. S; I am REALLY doing a collection update soon as long as my settei and megablock arrive in the mail, I promise! Dx
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