accio abarero! (abarero) wrote in pkmncollectors,
accio abarero!

Plush Care Questions: Old Glue leaks/ pilling fur?

Been trying to get my collection looking its best when I encounterrd two little trouble spots on two of my plush. I'm afraid to try anything without asking for advice first, so here's what I need help with.

First off- the glue on the plush seems to be leaking with age:

Around the nose joint here and near the edge of the green and white on Serperior below. I checked my newer ones and it seems to be only on the older/more loved parts of my collection. Is there any way to safely get that excess glue off?

And second- the pilling of the fur on this plush is driving me nuts. I've tried brushing it with a small bristle brush and it helped a little but not enough. Any suggestions to what might work better?

Tags: plush
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