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✿ Huge Multi-post!! ✿

Hello everyone!!

Despite being sick all weekend/week so far, i'm feeling pretty happy today!
I have a ton of things to go over, so i'm not going to blab much! (ill try not to... xD)

First, i have an un-boxing of some very special custom gets!! <3

Me: "Not so fast Winston!!"

Winston: "A bag??"

Winston: "Look another bag!"

Winston: "Is there candy for me inside, mum?"

Me: "No candy... but new friends!!"
Winston: "YAY!"

LOOK AT THEM!!! These are made by NekoKittyStudio! She makes pudding/flan style plushies called "Poke-flan" plsuhies! I obviously needed to ask her for a ziggy and noony! <33 They came out so perfect i can't believe it! Look at those little feetsies!! >w<
I still haven't picked out names for them! Any ideas are welcome! :D

I also received these amazingly detailed custom Zigzagoon and Linoone trozoi patches this week from our very own flag!! <3 I love them so so much! I can't wait to get them displayed! I'm not sure how i can safely hang them up on my shelves yet though.

This small ziggy sculpt was made by AmethystCreatures on Etsy! She did such an amazing job! He is so cute!! She also included this adorable keychain of ziggy! (Although the mask is missing, he looks kinda cute without it! xD )

Here is a group photo of everyone! <333 So excited to add these beauties to my collection! I can't wait to get them up on my site! C:

An unexpected grail i never thought id own came in the mail the other day! A pikachu 3DS!! This coincidentally came out the same time i had a huge bill to pay, so when i had the money for it again a week later, it was already sold out everywhere around me. I must have called and been to around 40-50 Walmarts, Targets, Game Stops, and Toys R Uses looking for this dang system and not a single place had one left. I then turned to the internet and all i could find were ridiculously overpriced ones and after a while of searching i finally gave up and let the dream die. I knew the price would only rise with time. Until one day a few weeks ago a member here posted one for sale, and i clicked on it just to humor myself with the price, and was shocked to see it was very reasonable!!! A short payment plan later and here the beauty is in my home with Winston, Boop, and i! A HUGE thank you goes out to our very own dezi_kitsune!!! You really made my dream come true! :D

(to me anyways lol... )

linameerun showed me this photo yesterday from pacificpikachu's Tumblr page, Pokescans!
This appears to be a clear file from a very old Pokecen promotion that included other stationary items like notepads, etc. (Someone on our FB group gave me this information!)
I'm really hoping to find more information and photos of this promotion! I just can't believe that ziggy was included in a promotion ever at all!! :D
As well as gathering information about it, i'd also like to obtain every single piece of it! Whatever is out there! If anyone has anything from this to sell me, please please let me know!!
I already searched every single page on Y!J and Ebay under all sorts of searches, but not a single thing relating to this promotion popped up. ;n;

I have also updated my wish list with this and a bunch more!!
Please check it out!

I haven't made a section yet for Serena items, but if you have any please let me know since i don't have anything for her yet.

I am looking for plush of zigzagoon/linoone in the following styles! Please show me your work so i can commission you or follow you for when your commissions do open!
~ Bell Plush
~ Kuttari Style Plush
~ Zipper Coin Pouches
~ Petite Style Keychain Plush
~ Canvas Style Plush
~ Beanie Baby Style Plush

I've made a HUGE Sales Post Update!! I dug through all of my stuff and posted as much as i had time(and patience) for. I've also updated the rules! So make sure you take a look through them! There is a whole new section regarding the lots i have up for sale!
Click here or the banner to shop!

I've finally obtained all of the kuttaris! I know they are supposed to be stackable, but they are EXTREMELY hard to stack because their heads are big and their bodies are so flat so nothing supports the ones on top from falling back. xD I literally had to squish them all up against the walls in my shelves to stay like that. x.x The ones on the bottom still occasionally slide forward letting the ones on top fall back.

I have so many kutas already! *o* I feel like ive been really lucky because most of them (excluding elekid, togepi, pikachu and snubbul) are MWT. And i mean minty mint. I've never felt such soft terry cloth fabric before! They are so cute! I think smeargle, bulba, eevee, wooper, and miltank are my favorites! >w< I can't pick just one! I also have a quagsire, totodile, and cyndaquil still working their ways to me!

*wipes sweat from forehead*
I thinkkk that that is all i have today! x.x

~ Thank you all for looking! ~
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