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Lips Don't Lie

Hello everyone, I wanted to share the latest and one of the most exciting gets of my collection for a long time.

A sign that progress is being made, and now I only have 3 Pokedolls left to obtain! :D

Now who could this new arrival be, eh?


Since I've saved the best for last, I would like to share the former gets before we get to the main event <3 I have recieved two parels in the mail a couple of weeks ago! Now what could they be?

One of these boxes were from SMJ, and contain 2 things inside! You can see a small bit of blue...

The other box as you can see here was from ebay, since I've had my eye on her for quite a while...

Everything in bubble wrap!

After removing the bubble wrap, we see a Lapras Kutakuta. Not only Mint with tag, but Mint in bag xD

What was inside the box from SMJ was my lapras KutaKuta and these tomy Latios/Latias finger puppet.

Inside the box from ebay was my Secret Base Chikorita Pokedoll! Now Swablu is the only one left to obtain.

Ah, he's adorable <3 I love making him sit like this. I'm debating on what to name him though.

While I was at worlds, I was meeting comm members here, and at the same time I was watching the bid for Lapras XD I was expecting competition, so I put in a high bid, but it closed with me being the only bidder. I found it suprising. Well, weeks later here he is!

My small kutakuta collection <3 I'm not really collecting these guys tbh. There's only one kutakuta I have my eye on, then I'm done with kutas.

My Secret Base Pokedoll collection! Chikorita fits in just fine ^^

My bff and I's order came in from skdarkdragon! My bff's order was the Pikachu's. She's got a pikachu costume collection going. The rest are mine!

The Mudkip kuttaris. I'm only slightly disappointed with one thing, which is this...

The head to ody ratio doesn't seem to add up xD They look like chunky kips that ate too much. My only complaint is that the heads are too small for their bodies. They are still cute though!


I fell in love with him at first sight when they were announced! I'm normally not a huge fan of open mouthed mudkips, but this... THIS!


Mega Altaria! She's so fluffyyy!

These pictures don't do her justice! She's so soft that it makes Charmin toilet paper look like a joke. :P

Now for yesterday's gets! Another large box arrived after being in storage for a while.

Some yellow and blue here...

Now what could these fuzzy pikas be?

And Mudkip looks like it's a tiny battery in packaging!

These Sekiguchi Moko Moko Pikachu couple! Man, the softness... THE SOFTNESS!
They sit pretty well too, since they have beans on the butt!

I also randomly found the Mudkip grabby figure with a for BIN cheap when browsing the Mudkip section. At least, I think it's a Mudkip grabby figure.... is it? ;_;

Oh, this little baby does not want to let go <3






I've literally waited 2 years to make progress on the final 4 pokedolls to complete my collection, but honestly, with how many Tufty's that shown up this year, I thought he'd be my next one, but no... it was Smoochum. SMOOCHUM!



After losing an auction for one, I decided to go after the Moko Moko Eevee, then a day later I got a PM from eevee_trainer, asking if I'd like to buy Smoochum from her. After seeing the price, I budgeted to see if I could pay it off in 3 weeks.

But here's the thing, I was able to pay her off in 5 days.

I decided to open art commissions in dA, and I haven't done that in years. Normally, I get one person, and that's it, but this time I was quite shocked on the number of commissions I was getting, and literally worked nonstop for her, (I did have sales, but they were only a fraction compared to the commissions). By two days, I had more then enough for payment 1, then 3 days later, my paycheck came in for the remainder. I literally worked on some of the best (IMO) artwork I have done in a while, other then pokemon comics.

I really worked hard for Smoochum here, and honestly, it helped me realize that I really shouldn't have held myself back because I didn't beleive my skills were good enough. Now everytime I look at Smoochum, I can be reminded that my hard work helped me get one of the rarest pokedolls in my collection, and I shouldn't beat myself up for it... Honestly it really feels gratifying.

It really does.

Thank you so much eevee_trainer, Just thank you! Smoochum will be forever cherished <3


Oh btw Eevee decided to show up today too :P

Haha, but in all seriousness Eevee is fantastic XD man he was a hassle to search for! I've had my eye on one of the only 2 listed on ebay.

And also because zigguppafu wanted a size comparison...

They're the same size! :D


Now back to Smoochum XP

One thing that I ADORE about her, is that she's literally the size of the 2004 Mini Charmander Pokedoll! I was expecting her to be 2 inches taller, but no XD

She's had to be this awwdorably petite!


Time for work gets from the past weeks or so!!

People left these pikachu figures on my desk XD I also got another pokeball plush!

I did not save this moldy set. it's cringewothy to see a rare item be in this poor condition, needless to say it got tossed.

But I did manage to save one thing that was in great condition as you can see...

The Eevee coin, original 1999 one.

These popped up too!

Unfortunately, half of the cards were fake, and in poor condition minus the worlds 20007 ones.

Gold card pikachu was in good condition and even got the COA inside too!

Platinum guidebook, and McDonalds stuff, and another pokeball plush xD

Also another pikachu gold card! This one went to my bff!

These were todays rescues! I found chimchar in a bag about to be thrown out, and pulled him out with the rest. I didn't find piplup until they were throwing the plush bags away, then he fell out. Something told me that there was a piplup around, since I had the other two starters. :P

And here they are at the secret base, safe and sound!

There were also pokeballs and more pokeball plush as well. I'm drowing in plush pokeballs. save meh.

One of the plush pokeballs has a hole in em when it was handed to me at work. I decided to take it and fix it myself ^^

My bff decided to keep pachirisu, one pokeball plush (the one in fantastic condition), and the two plastic pokeballs!


Well that concludes this collection update. Thanks for reading everyone! :D

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