Judith (inu_no_kokoro) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated Auctions, Sales, and 1:1 Plush!

Hi everyone! Just letting you all know that I've done some small updates to my auctions post, including adding another Shadow Lugia Pokedoll and lowering the starting bid on the original Flareon zukan piece!


Go to Auctions Post!

But the biggest reason I'm here is to announce that there are several of the older 1:1 plush on my sales post, and all at VERY low prices. Click on any of the links or images to see!


These guys are all very old and not in top condition. Meowth has some whisker damage that's photographed on the sales post itself. Pichu is in very good condition but lacking tags. But BELIEVE ME when I say that I am willing to part with these guys for very low prices, because they're probably going to be thrown out if I can't sell them. I just don't have room for them anymore (Meowth is 16" tall!), but I would really love to find them good homes! Please go check out the sales post if you're interested! You'll be able to find all my rules and shipping details there as well. :) 

Go to Sales Post!
Tags: auctions, lugia, meowth, pichu, plush, sales, togepi
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